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Eryka Eckert Von Saarbrucken

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Birth Name: Eryka Eckert Von Saarbrucken, commander of the 20th Siegreich armoured regiment.

Gender: Female

Age: 30






Eryka is, for the most part, unremarkable as a human. She’s muscular, well-built and a good six feet tall, sporting tanned skin but that’s where the normalities end. With short grey hair and gold eyes, her appearance is definitely easy to describe as...out of the ordinary. Contrary to the above reference image, Eryka’s missing her right arm with it replaced by a prosthetic.


This prosthetic is an important part of Eryka’s form. Sleek and elegant it looks to be an advanced piece of technology, greater than what exists inside her world but in truth? It is purely magical, little more than a chunk of metal in the shape of an arm obviously animated by magic.


Clothing wise, Eryka is lacking in variation. The only outfit consists of rather simple clothing in the form of black jeans, a grey tank top, a plain black jacket and boots. She wraps this all up with a woollen hat just in case things get cold or wet.







Eryka is a...thorny person to put it simply. On the outside she’s tough, emotionally restrained and polite but by no means “warm” or friendly. It’s not that Eryka dislikes people, but she doesn’t like them either. Following the events that lead to her deserting her post she has lost a lot of her faith in people, now struggling to open up to them and put faith in people.


However, while she has trust issues Eryka fundamentally believes in doing good. A strong moral compass is what drives her and has always driven her. She may believe in might makes right and that the strong, in many senses of the word, should lead, but she also believes those with power of any kind have certain duties; protecting those who cannot protect themselves being one such example.


However, while she believes the strong have the duty to protect and help those who can’t help themselves…. She also believes the “weak” should seek to improve themselves and resolve their own weakness. Involuntary weakness she accepts as an unchangeable aspect of reality but those who refuse to better themselves? Those who bemoan their own worthlessness while doing nothing to rectify it? That she hates with a burning passion. To her it is an unacceptable and utterly irredeemable sin.


Loyalty is a big part of Eryka’s personality and core beliefs. She is utterly loyal, even to a fault, sometimes. However, her loyalty is not to those who commanded her. While Eryka was once grateful to the man who dragged her country out of the slump it was in, Eryka’s loyalty is ultimately to peace and the people of her land. After all, to her a country’s location is determined where its culture and people are. Geographic location be damned.


Generally Eryka can be very hard to approach or hold a conversation on account of the fact she sees no real point in it. She doesn’t see the point in talking to people for entertainment, companionship or to solve her problems. If she wants entertainment she reads or trains. If she wants companionship she goes to work. If she wants to solve her problems? She wouldn’t bother talking to people about them. She’d just go out and resolve them through her own efforts where possible.


Now, one may think Eryka is an immensely honourable warrior which honestly she is but her idea of honour? It has changed immensely. Once she considered the pinnacle of honour to fight fairly, to be fair in your dealings and acts but that no longer fully holds true. She knows when to keep secrets, she knows when to arm one hand while offering an olive branch with the other but most importantly? Her view of deceit is what has changed. Once, during times of war she viewed trickery and deceit as the ultimate insult but nowadays she considers not using every tool at your disposal to win an even bigger insult. Idealistic naivety has paved the way for pure pragmatism.







Eryka was born in a world utterly different from that of Valcure, separated by time and space, in a crippled country. War, the costs involved and the treaties forced upon her nation by the victors meant life was hard for lots of people. Costs for basic goods, such as food, soared due to the country’s total lack of industrial infrastructure on account of having been destroyed during the war.


Another factor in the general difficulty of living, as well as the horrible state of the nation, was how a lot of farmland had either been taken or ruined due to being used as a battlefield which in conjunction with the lack of industry meant unemployment soared. It was in this world that Eryka was born to her parents and as one might expect, things were not easy.


Unlike many other children Eryka was slightly luckier in that her mother, having been a school teacher before the country went to hell, was able to provide her a much better education while her father, one account of being an army mechanic who was discharged due to injuries sustained, managed to at least impart on Eryka some practical skills. It was fortunate he did so for as Eryka aged and life became harder, she had to start earning her keep by fixing her village’s vehicles.


However, as Eryka grew up and got older a new power had risen to the top of her government. A political party that promised to return the lost territory, revitalise the economy and rebuild the crippled infrastructure which, amazingly, they succeeded in. Ten years after the party came to power the economy was booming, sustaining its population’s lack of food production through raw industrial power and trade.


However, despite this apparent change of fortunes not everyone was content. Many people wanted some good old revenge and to take the stolen lands back hence why the prospect of another war was such an easy sell and so people went to war. Of course, Eryka had no real investment or interest in joining the army and so for a few years she, now age twenty, simply continued her life as she had instead now she worked on making vehicles for her nation’s war.


Five years later though, once casualties began to mount and as things began to be an actual fight and not the steam roll they had been, conscription was more heavily enforced which resulted in Eryka being drafted. It was fortunate she had an engineering skill set which resulted in her joining, you guessed it, the engineering corps. She did incredibly well and swiftly rose through the ranks until one day, five years after she was conscripted, Eryka was caught in an ambush of the tank convoy she had been assigned to.


To make a long story short the tank in front of her got blasted to kingdom come effectively beheading the entirety of the convoy’s command structure and destroying their long range radio equipment in one fell swoop. In the initial attack Eryka lost her arm, it being cut clean off by flying wreckage. You may have expected her to simply lost consciousness from shock but no, she grabbed the nearest bandage and stemmed the bleeding before taking command. Where it not for her swift decision-making and being mentally tough as nails the convoy would have been killed to the man.


Eryka got them through that hell alive and for her service? She took over command of the regiment, was giving additional training and medals for her service but best of all? She felt further pride and loyalty. After all, how could her own nation reward her for saving lives and not be paragons of moral fortitude? It was this pride and loyalty that blinded Eryka to many of the subtle clues that things were not as black and white as she naively believed.  


Skip forward to the waning days of the war and things had, yet again, turned against Eryka’s people but compared to the last time? Eryka discovered, thanks to the increased authority granted by her rising through the ranks, that her government were not as noble as they presented. She found files upon files of evidence detailing atrocities, inhumane experiments and the truth of just why her country had been embroiled in war. Suffice to say upon discovering this total break of trust she was furious.


For the first time in her entire life she had felt genuine rage and anger at one of her core values being betrayed. However, she also learned that she, and her tank company, had been used to unwittingly facilitate these atrocities. Sadly, while she thought the entire regiment had been unaware of how they were misused? She discovered that, when she brought the proof to her entire regiment, a fair percentage of them revealed they knew everything. Some of her closest and most trusted friends in fact.


This betrayal rocked Eryka, shaking her to the core. It was bad enough that the nation she served to make great, through a genuine sense of patriotism and a desire to improve the lives of her countrymen, had betrayed that trust but now? Ninety five percent of her regiment stood opposed to her order that they should turn on the government, turn themselves over to the rivals of their nation and put a stop to these atrocities. Sadly, this turned out to be an unpopular choice. Eryka, along with the crew of her tank who stood with her choice, were beaten half to death and dumped in a river.


Half dead, angry and surrounded by the corpses of those whose loyalty she had failed to preserve she flowed down river ending up in a very strange place. Once her eyes opened, they were bombarded by the flash of sparks, the bright light of heated metal. The rotating of gears, the hammering of metal and the hiss of steam assaulted her ears but still she staggered on, drifting between the land of the living and the dead. It was only when she spent what felt like an age stumbling through this endless factory that she found any sign the factory was occupied.


Bursting through the door before her, Eryka found herself in a room at odds with the industrial roughness of the factory. It was a study, warm and comforting heated by a crackling fire, the scent of charcoal permeating the environment. Before Eryka was a man who invited her to sit down before Eryka collapsed, she was still suffering from being beaten to death after all, and gratefully she did so. Collapsing into a chair she was too exhausted to do little but listen as the man offered a deal.


Feeling angry, lost, hurt and desperate to just...right the wrongs she had uncovered Eryka accepted the abstract deal. She would be granted a body of steel, only as strong as her conviction with which she could make enforce her notion of justice in return for never seeing what happened after. Without fully understanding, but desperate for a solution and half-dead, Eryka accepted. The room burned white, and she clamped her eyes shut, screaming in agony as she erupted into flame...only to awake in an abandoned house.


There was replacement clothes, weapons, food, after and a note on the table next to her. The note read “the deal is struck. Your body is of iron, your heart of fire and your blood carbon. Do not forget what you were fighting for” reads the note not that Eryka had not forgotten. At first, she was fighting to help her nation, to restore its might and improve the quality of life for those she cared for. Then she was fighting to honour the trust of the men under her command. Now? Now she was fighting for what she felt was right. To put an end to this misguided war she had foolishly helped.


Grabbing the supplies Eryka staggered out of the hospital, surprised to find her wounds healed and her body mostly restored...well except for her missing limb anyway. However, it was when she stumbled out of the deserted war hospital and found a tank, her tank, parked out front she was amazed. How could it be here in the capital? What was even more surprising was how the rivets holding the tank together burst, freeing the metal plating and innermost workings of the tank letting them fly free. They flew towards Eryka, painfully bolting themselves to her body, forming a purely mechanical limb to replace what she had lost.


After a few days of getting used to this limb and discovering, much to her amazement, it could form weapons out of itself, Eryka set off towards the seat of government. One may think this was when the returning spirit of vengeance slaughtered all who stood before her and saved the day but sadly this is not that story. Upon arrival Eryka found her own regiment waiting for her, serving as guards of the government offices and...she died. Turns out one woman, even with a fancy metallic arm that can make weapons, is no match for a drilled tank regiment regardless of just how many enemies Eryka took with her.


As she lay there dying in the rain Eryka found herself back in that factory, the man who sent her on this suicide mission scowling at her. Sadly, Eryka’s failure was simply an unacceptable reality. Then and there she was thrown into a furnace, evaporated by the heat and died screaming or, so she thought. Once the pain faded Eryka, much to her surprise, found herself in the land of Genesaris. She had no idea how she got here, but she knew one thing: She needed to get home and fulfil her side of the agreement. It would take more than death to stop her from doing what needed to be done.






Close-combat training As one would expect given how she’s a soldier, Eryka can fight VERY well in close combat. Obviously, given the fact Eryka is from a totally different world the martial arts she was trained in are highly different to what we have, both in terms of names and content. However, I can draw comparisons to those of our world.


The martial arts she has been trained in is a combination of Systema and Krav Maga. From the Russian Martial art of Systema, Eryka’s training teaches her resourcefulness, practicality and adaptability but also great self-control. In all honesty, Systema is a more mental discipline and process of thought used to enhance CQC performance rather than be a set school of moves designed with a specific goal in mind.


However, this lack of a rigid and formal structure of moves is where the comparisons to Krav Maga come in. From this Eryka has developed great situational awareness, her senses and reaction speeds sharpened to quite easily exceed those of the average person. When it comes down to actual fighting? Krav Maga relies on pre-emptively attacking or counter-attacking to neutralise a target as fast as possible. It relies on employing simple, and easily learned, but effective patterns of attack while incorporating usage of environmental objects.


The most scary aspect of this martial style is what areas of a target it prioritises. Many martial arts are more about simply neutralising the threat posed by a target but in the case of Krav Maga? It’s about targeting the most vulnerable parts of the enemy (such as eyes, solar plexus or the throat) with the intent to kill. Every soldier in the army Eryka served in was trained to kill, to crush their foes with inventive and practical offensive moves.


It’s the emphasis on situational awareness and resourcefulness that makes Eryka so highly skilled with knives, swords, batons as well as the usage of small arms during CQC combat. You may think that while she’s locked in CQC fighting she won’t be able to use her gun to take down ranged targets but oh boy, you’d be VERY wrong.


Military training

Eryka’s military career, and the training she has received, has resulted in her developing a very impressive skill set. Firstly, she’s a highly competent tactician with engagement upon engagements of experience to draw on especially when it involves the command of armoured columns. She knows what makes tanks so effective, when to use them and when to not.  However, while her speciality is the command of armoured regiments she can rather effectively lead infantry units as well.


As she was, and as far as she’s concerned still considers herself one, Eryka is highly skilled in the usage of firearms. Small arms, rifles and machine guns (all kinds at that) are all weapons she has a lot of experience and training in. She’s also, as one might expect given how martial arts training, highly skilled in knife combat. Lastly, she can give surprisingly good speeches to raise the moral of those under her command thanks to sheer badassery and bravado.


I’ve mentioned this before in her history but Eryka was once a military mechanic, and she has retained those skills to this very day. Give her enough time and a decent assortment of tools, and she can fix pretty much any vehicle you throw at her….provided it isn’t an aircraft or boat. Her skills are primarily in that of ground based vehicles such as cars, tanks and bikes to name a few.


Prosthetic arm Eryka’s prosthetic limb is a purely magical thing, granting her the usage of the limb she lost but also a pretty significant range of other tricks. Firstly, it is greater in pretty much ever area than any normal human limb except speed. Speed wise it is only as good as a regular human’s but strength wise? It can crush concrete easily. Durability wise? It needs to be blasted apart or removed from Eryka’s body to prevent it from functioning.


It is on the topic of her arm’s durability that we’re brought to the most impressive aspect: it can control metal and reforge it into a variety of shapes albeit simple ones. Complex mechanical devices, like guns are impossible for Eryka’s arm to make but things like swords? Spears? Clubs? Easy. She can even repair her own arm which, due to it being animated by magic rather than mechanical genius is exempt from the previously mentioned weakness.


There is one other weakness to Eryka’s limb. It can not create something from nothing. In order for it to make, let’s say a spear, it has to remain in physical contact with a source of steel specifically. Yes, the arm can use itself as a material source to make weapons but given how that’d result in the arm being reduced in mass and ultimately losing total functionality? It is not a good idea.



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