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I want to make a STEPPER'S ROLEPLAY!!!!


If you don't know HOW TO STEP, then this RP is PERFECT for you!!!!


You can YOUTUBE anything about how to STEP!!!! CALLING ALL PR-Steppers and beginners and anyone that wants to DO this RP.


Ben is HOSTING a STEPPER'S set to help gather MORE people to be CHANGED into DAICHONS.

Now here is the thing; your character will STILL have his or her abilities ORIGINALLY, no doubt, but if things get TOUGH for them, they can chant a little spell and change INTO a DAICHON for certain abilities to get them out of certain situations. DAICHONS are MIGHTY and powerful, yet cute and wise.


I can't post up on the abilities that you would HAVE, but I think the concept would be COOL. I won't FORCE IT. YOU MAKE that fucking decision.


The Stepper's set is made to improve on y our RP Writing....

Can you do a Cross-over? Can you do a double-time step?

LOOK it up on YOUTUBE and jot down some notes on notepad......


This will be so FUCKING cool!!!


I want everyone to get BACK to me and let me know what you think about this RP idea. It would be FUN!!! Just give it a THOUGHT!!! K?


Love you all....



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