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First name: Tolok
Surname: Sur
Nicknames: None
Alignment: Chaotic good
Race: Human
Marital Status: Single
Gender: Male
Age: 23
Role: Battle-Mage, Adventurer, Vigilante.

Voice: Deep
Eyes: Around the pupil, golden, with an orange floral structure. The rest of the iris is emerald green.
Complexion: White
Height: 178 cm
Weight: 90 kg
Build: Athletic-muscular
Hair: Dark, short, smooth hair
Tattoos/markings: None

Demeanor: Friendly but cautious, confident and energetic. He is always prepared to fight, but he lays his guard down when he meets someone whom he might trust.
Hopes: Knowing the truth about the roots of his family and magic; fighting the dark, whatever the cost, to have a better world.
Fears: Voodo magic.
Likes: Trusting people, experimenting with his magic and not adventuring alone
Dislikes: Necromancy, dark magic, loneliness.

A chain mail hidden under his clothing, as well as visible greaves. He carries a small backpack, where he puts his supplies.

 A one handed sword, forged by his father, with the signature of his family on the handle. 
An orange kite shield, with hues of yellow and red, forged by his father. On it, it is written “The Fire shall cleanse the impure.”

Inherited the magic of his bloodline, allowing him to fight in many different ways than before.
Three-Dimensional thinking: Due to his ability to use magic, he uses verticality to traverse, confuse and engage. 
Excellent stamina. If he ever gets tired, it's due to using magic for an extended period of time.
Admirable speed. He is already able to run fast, due to his build, but he can enhance his power by using his magic.

He can be quite the cocky person. Magic taught him that he is able to fight better than others, turning him slightly bold.

He can get fatigued because of extended use of magic.

It is difficult for him to be fight when outnumbered. He may be good at fighting on a 1 to 1, due to his shield, but he cannot defeat many enemies, unless he is far and uses his magics.
Wielding both his sword and shield in a talented way, thinking his moves before striking the enemy.
Abilities to use magic as a part of his weaponry: 

Wall of fire: Tolok smahes his shield in the ground, creating a larger shield, able to deflect incoming projectiles and types of magic, until it breaks. He is not able to run, but to push towards a direction, slowly.

The Anger of the Brothers: Tolok enchances his sword and shield, casting purifying flames around them. This allows Tolok to hit the undead harder or from distance. Though, the fire cannot burn the enemies.

The Echoes of the Brothers: Tolok is able to swing his sword in the distance, while a flame takes the shape of the sword's swing. It is able to fly for 35m before it disappears. The shield is able to charge itself from the kinetic impacts. At a full charge, Tolok can send a flame taking the shape of the shield.

The Challenger's Arena: Tolok throws his shield in the air, casting a dome around himself and a few enemies. Thus, he is able to cast The Sword's might.

The Sword's might: Tolok draws the inner power of the father's sword, turning it into a two-handed sword, extended by the flames taking the shape of the sword. 

Fireball: A simple spell, which is only strong on a one to one situation. It disappears after 50m.

The Ledge: Tolok can cast a platform around him. He is able to jump on it, making him able to use verticality.

Flame Dash: Tolok is able to dash a short distance, in order to avoid incoming attacks, projectiles or magic.

His father, a blacksmith with a passion to fight, is the person who passed his magic to Tolok. 
His mother taught Tolok how to control his emotions, how to read and write and good manners., wanting him to become a mannered person, regardless of the way he chooses.
His parents are declared dead, because of “suicide”. 

Tolok’s childhood was different: he was unlike his friends, doing small tricks, like casting fire on his fingers and scaring the people around. He lived in great conditions and he never thought he didn't have something he ever wanted.

Tolok Sur always wanted to become an adventurer. At the age of eighteen, his father gifted him a sword and shield, to aid him in his journey. After the gift and the kiss of his mother on the forehead, he left his parents. After three months, he came back to see them. But the house where he lived was different; the house was raided. As he checked it, he found his parents dead, in their beds. When the authorities came to investigate, they went to the conclusion that they commited suicide, even though the house was ruined. 

Fast forward five years later, he is now looking for the origins of his magic and ascendants, His adventure has ended as he found his parents dead. Instead, he chose to fight for a greater good, whatever the cost, to save others from a terrible death, while striking down his enemies.

Though he will never admit, he wants to have as much power as possible. As it might corrupt him, he wants to protect the world.

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