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Amraphensbane - Killer, Detective, and Security Adviser at your service.

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FOR HIRE: Amraphensbane - Killer, Detective, and Security Adviser.

Looking for intensive work which can be fun or challenging for employee. Excels at investigation, tracking, organizing your defenses, and assassination. A free risk assessment will be made upon taking any jobs. Should payment not meet risk standards, an adjustment will be requested on completion of any risk assessment, which does mean should a job prove more dangerous than the initial risk assessment, such a request for adjustment will be put into letter should the employer not have taken the initiative. Work will always be done to the letter, and handled quietly and efficiently. You can hope for a scandal free job when hiring Amraphensbane, one in which necessary cover-ups come happily and free of consultation. Most risks can be bypassed by giving them a quick death and the ease of such will result in a discussion on retroactively reducing payment.




"Silence is golden."



Reason/Meaning for Name: One whose words are dark.

Character's Nickname: Amra

Reason or Story Behind Nickname: Feeling no attachment to his name of old, he allowed another to rename him "better."


---------PHYSICAL APPEARANCE----------

Age: 24

Weight: 190 lbs.

Height: 6'0"

Eye Color: Blue

Iris Structure: Almost canine in nature.

Body/Build Type: He has a lithe frame, with wiry muscle for feats of dexterity, though even those are difficult to discern beneath his clothing.

Special Note, Facial Features: His appearance has been witnessed by a handful of people and often reported to be different, even his hair and natural skin color.

Is s/he Healthy? Incredibly.

Clothing: When not actively on a job, he is adorned in an eerie skull-mask with milky white cloth covering the eyes that clearly belongs to no normal beast. Particularly, it is the head of a dead, shifted lycanthrope with the jaw tweaked to hang open ever so slightly as though it were a terrible smile full of the void. In combination with this mask, he is dressed in plain, black robes with the hood up.

Beneath this are his work clothes, though the billowing form of it keeps them well-hidden before a job as well as synced with his grimoire. Meaning in an instant, the skull he adorns may be swapped with his black mask that covers only the top half of his face, primarily the eyes, a steel crusader helm, or nothing at all based on his preferences for combat or a job.

His work clothes begin to reveal his basic forms of protection. Plate mail appears to protect his shins from the world of his grimoire at the beckoning of a thought, and he is revealed to be wearing chainmail beneath his black robes. Under is a long-sleeved black shirt, primarily for comfort beneath the chainmail. His source of warmth is oft the robes themselves. The chainmail can additionally be banished and recalled from the world of his grimoire.

His utility belt features leather satchels, writing implements, a pair of kamas, throwing knives, a three concealed vials of poison, and a few copies of his business card.

Held Personal Item: A strange, black grimoire that bears an emblem of a decomposing werewolf skull. A golden tassel that contrasts his attire either hangs from it or is used to wrap it to his belt.

Aura: Cold malice is carried with each of his movements, in protest to his quiet.




Favorite Color: Black

Least Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Music: Rock, Metal, and Rap. He enjoys a contrasting outside stimuli to his thoughts.

Least Favorite Music: Classical. He feels that he is already calm enough.

Food: The flesh of warriors.

Literature: He reads for information, or for high-fantasy romance. Primarily vampire novels.

Expressions: He does not.

Mode of Transportation: Preferring to stay within the system to move under its radar, he goes between cities and continents as though he were a civilian. He rides trains, warp-rails, boats, caravans, and taxis.



Good Habits: He has a very well-maintained schedule, with downtime and open spaces left available for him to merely consider his thoughts or allow the moment to take him. Such a thing is an invitation for fate to strike while he's not busy. Meaning, he is a lot more likely to get involved with something trivial if he is on his 'downtime' between jobs and self-care. He often smells of a recent cleaning, the signs of such in the herbal scents that come off of him from time to time.

Bad Habits: He has impulses that he allows to dictate his actions; a simple hunger for a bit of fun that is left without too much thought. He hosts the image of perfect health, but his mind is far from it. His hobbies are entirely nonexistent, he does not attempt to build relationships with other sentient beings, and he has no emotional ties whatsoever, leaving him disconnected from the very idea of humanity.

Hobbies: Work.

Daredevil or Cautious? /Why? Both. He doesn't like the idea of compromising his reputation as having a perfect work ethic, always devoted to doing the job to the letter, and cleanly at that. However, if a job requires he risk his life to complete it, there is a very short internal debate about the thrill versus the value of losing his life right now, and that usually leans in the direction of thrill-seeking.

How do they spend a casual day alone? Cleaning his tools, spying on his marks, and sometimes reading. Amraphensbane prefers to work and do these things inside a schedule, however.


---------------IN-DEPTH THOUGHTS---------------

Life: "There is nothing to it." He gave a simple answer, one that the director didn't know how to respond to at first. He asked him, if there is no meaning to life, then what of death? It had been a long time since Amraphensbane had laughed.

Theology: "A right to power. We the chosen have been given it as a gift, of love, of charity, and self-benefit. To all the chosen, it is bliss. Those whose faith is lacking in their gifts are exterminated."

Romance: This question provoked a long pause from him, which the director took note of. "I don't think I have time for that," He simply replied.

Pedigree: A question of blood. Thought it could not be seen beneath his helm, he smiled. "It can mean everything. To no one has my noble lineage meant anything, but in the world, I have been forced under a boot-heel in acknowledgment of another's blood. Thus, I think that some people are worth more than others in this world as a fact the god's made."

Humanity: "My fellow humans? Elves. Orcs. Gnomes. Those with the ability to love and hate at the same time. Sentience. This is the meaning of humanity."

Bureaucracy: The director then asked him how he felt about paperwork. Another dry laugh. "I love it."



--------Main Abilities: 

His is the body of a natural born werewolf, enduring and regenerating nigh impossible wounds for a normal human. This features the powers of full and partial transformations, bloodlust, and heightened natural senses of hearing and smell. His incredible discipline keeps his lycan urges at bay.


-------Secondary Abilities 

The black grimoire hanging from his belt allows him to enact far range communication, instantaneous personal item translocation, self-transfiguration, and the ability to petition magical favors from his patron. This tends to be his answer to complete dead-ends on nigh impossible investigations, acquire various resources, and magical tools both through the book and delivered to set locations when need be.

-------Combat Technique: Speed is death. He is trained seemingly in a monastic discipline, wielding a pair of kamas or fighting hand-to-hand, priding himself on exceptionally accurate blows and exploiting weak points in his target's defenses, whether there originally or created through the course of a battle. In pursuit of this, he is a master of stealth, tactical misdirection, and spatial awareness.



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