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[Open PvE Event] Nightmare Descends (Yh'mi, Furthest Point Part 2) - Combined OOC

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Murray and Deckel will still be there, and I'll be refitting their infamous SQUAAAAD with some new crazy misfits.

If it fits, I could also have a squad of Norkotian regulars (or a group of engineers) present to bolster the defense, can say they came in with the second wave.

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Gormaric and Eri will be returning! I'll also be bringing along a reasonable number of Aligorian troops this time, though specific composition/numbers will be under discussion. I'll be bringing at least one of the war elephants in any case, if not both. ?

Also, I'm interested in constructing a nightmare realm. (We express our interest in that here, yes? lmao) Suffice to say that Gormaric has experience with such a thing, interestingly enough...

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@Fierach  @Thotification

Welcome back! Let me know how many characters are rolling the dice this time round. 


@HollowCipher @sorainvoked

Good to have you back!


@Tyler @EpicRome23

Yep, you can have more people joining at the Furthest Point with the second wave of people, but please also let me know how many dice you are rolling! And Epic, yup, express nightmare realm interest here too!


@Grubbistch I am planning for the enemies you've created to appear in the third (and final) thread though. ? But you're definitely welcome to join this one!


@princeben07 I'm a little confused by your reply.. does that mean you want to join, or that you're contributing music and beer? ?

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