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[Open PvE Event] Nightmare Descends (Yh'mi, Furthest Point Part 2) - Combined OOC

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Eh, one die with the Aligorian reinforcements serving as flavor, unless you want to give something fun to the elephants xD

That thread immediately coming to mind upon seeing the nightmare realm premise, and is exactly the one I referenced when I said Gormaric had experience in thst kind of thing! 

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10 hours ago, P.N.See said:

Nightmares? Psychic trauma? At times when no one would give Vlad a freaking gun?


Sounds gay, I'm in.

Wait.....P.N. See is HERE?





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14 hours ago, jaistlyn said:


This is hard. This is so f-ing hard. Am I going to die here?



Location: Yh'mi; Furthest Point, fledging battlement.

It has been weeks since we made it to the Furthest Point. We have been holding well, better than I expected. The group that arrived a week after us brought fresh supplies, which alleviated our desperate state. We have managed to retrieve a smattering of building supplies and tools from the two wagons that had been destroyed, but a lot of them are damaged, and all the food and has been stolen by our enemies. 

The creatures of Yh'mi made scattered attacks, but we have managed to hold them back. There have been casualties, those who had been taken down by surprise in the dark. A low wall has been built, reducing the chance of surprise attacks. But we cannot rest. We are vulnerable until the fort is completed. There will be many more gravestones on the ground before we reach our objective. May Gaia fold those who have fallen and will fall for the cause into her warm embrace.

-- Fidelitas, paladin of the Order of the White Hand.


Claiming the Furthest Point Thread 2: Nightmare Descends

Background (for context, optional reading)

  Reveal hidden contents


Context: Hey everyone! This is jaistlyn, board leader of Yh'mi, the land of fear and horrific monsters. Yh'mi is located on the southern end of Terrenus, and its borders are held back from the rest of Terrenus by a small order of paladins, the White Hand. A year ago, one of their own paladins was corrupted by Yh'mi's influence and led an army of Yh'mi's monsters to attack the White Hand's encampment (Inns'th). Deciding that they needed the rest of Terrenus to recognize this threat, the Head of the Order attended the Allied Nations of Terrenus forum to appeal for aid. With the increased manpower pledged by other nations signed in the treaty, the paladins decided to embark on an endeavour that they have tried and failed multiple times in the past - to build an outpost at the hill of the Furthest Point, a day's trek away from Inns'th. The hill would give them vantage across the Broken Plains: a large bare expanse of broken stones, as well as serve as a secure base for them to explore further into Yh'mi to discover its secrets and combat the evil.

Claming the Furthest Point thread part 1: A few weeks ago, a pioneer team had been sent out to bring the first wave of supplies to the Furthest Point, and to set the foundation for more people to arrive. They were ambushed along the way by Yh'mi's creatures, and two out of four of the supply wagons that they had been bringing with them were destroyed. Nevertheless, they pushed on and made it to the Furthest Point.


Plot of this thread

A group of adventurers, warriors, mercenaries as well as fearless builders have been building the foundations of the fort at Furthest Point. However, the next wave of attacks are coming, and this time, the attacks are not merely physical. Expect to be plunged into a realm of nightmares, hopelessness and despair. You will be fighting nightmare monsters, and trying to escape from your greatest fears.

Broad Mechanics (Read this carefully!)

  • There will be dice rolls for fights. Similar to the first Furthest Point thread, I will be using the Roll12 system, but enhanced with changes. (You can see the Roll12 rules of the previous thread here, but some of the rules will be changed.) 
  • This thread will be based on nightmare realms. Some players will get the chance to create their own nightmares that the rest of us play in and try to escape from. There will be monsters.
  • Death can happen to your characters, but maybe not in the way you expect. I promise there will be no permadeath (unless you wish it to), but your character runs the risk of having perma damage, like lost body parts or madness etc. When you join the thread, you are agreeing to this!
  • Characters continuing from the first Furthest Point will have a perk, that will be announced later. This represents their experience gained from dealing with the first wave of monsters.

Who can join?

Any player can join, and I will take any number of players, but take note that your character should not be expressedly evil, or undead (if they are in disguise, or don't act outwardly evil, that's fine). The Order of the White Hand are Gaianists after all, and they will not work alongside characters who are evil or Unnatural. Mercenaries, justice heroes, anyone from the ANT nations are good examples of characters who would fit in nicely.

Thread Pacing and Length

Each round lasts 2 weeks (sometimes extended to 3, over holidays and stuff). If you don't post by the end of the round, you will be skipped. Our last thread lasted for 4 months, I expect this to go on for a bit longer than that. 

When will the thread start?

End of March or beginning of April.


There is IC gold given from the Order of the White Hand, but there are also opportunities for loot and weapon/armour upgrades if you stick till the end.



This is still considered an initial interest check, I wanted to see how many people will be joining, before I finalize the dice roll mechanics! So if you would like to join, comment! If you are interested in being one of the players constructing the nightmare realms, do let me know that too! I might select people (to run the nightmare realms) if there are many of you interested in doing this. It will be selected based on activity and reliability of posting. I would not like to have to pick up GMing from someone else who disappears halfway. There is no limit to the number of regular players though.

Let me know if you have any questions! ?

Tagging everyone active from the previous thread. New players are also welcome! Please explicitly let me know if you will be joining!: @HollowCipher @Thotification @EpicRome23 @sorainvoked @SelenaNichole @Dolor Aeternum @P.N.See @Tyler @ChaosLord @Lawman @Akiris @Fierach @notmuch_23 @zackrobbman, and also, since you expressed interest, @princeben07



1. jaistlyn (Fidelitas)
2. Thotification (Sera, Khaki)
3. Fierach (Sheryl + 2)
4. Tyler (Murray and Cap Guy + numerous)
5. Grubbistch
6. HollowCipher (Dan)
7. EpicRome23 (Gormaric & Eri + numerous) [Interested in nightmare realm constructing]
8. sorainvoked (Aryssin)
9. princeben07....?
10. bfc (Hensch men)
11. Roen
12. P.N.See (Vlad)

I'm DEFINITELY In jazzy!!!!! I'll read things over and go by YOU to see if that's okay for me to bring in a character. Things look BAD, so I'm here to help stop the BAD guys/demons/ect....




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11 hours ago, jaistlyn said:

@Fierach  @Thotification

Welcome back! Let me know how many characters are rolling the dice this time round. 


@HollowCipher @sorainvoked

Good to have you back!


@Tyler @EpicRome23

Yep, you can have more people joining at the Furthest Point with the second wave of people, but please also let me know how many dice you are rolling! And Epic, yup, express nightmare realm interest here too!


@Grubbistch I am planning for the enemies you've created to appear in the third (and final) thread though. ? But you're definitely welcome to join this one!


@princeben07 I'm a little confused by your reply.. does that mean you want to join, or that you're contributing music and beer? ?

I'm bringing music, Beer and SLAUGHTER!!!!! You have NO idea WHO you are recruiting to join this thread!!!!



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Charlie's greed (and superhuman libido) ensures that hes gonna stick around.?? 

So...if I'm not mistaken, anyones hp that reaches zero this round are knocked out for good then? I ask because of the permadamage and/or death thing.

And I'm interested in creating a nightmare!?

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45 minutes ago, zackrobbman said:

Charlie's greed (and superhuman libido) ensures that hes gonna stick around.?? 

So...if I'm not mistaken, anyones hp that reaches zero this round are knocked out for good then? I ask because of the permadamage and/or death thing.

And I'm interested in creating a nightmare!?

When HP reaches zero, you're not out yet, something happens. I'm not revealing what yet! You will still be in the game. Also yassss for nightmares

38 minutes ago, Grubbistch said:

Sorry I meant more of IC contribution, namely the troops from House Uldwar. Wasn't sure if they were being used after I left or when I'm not here for the next phases of the operation 

Oh sure! I haven't done any other Yh'mi threads besides this one, so they're just being NPCs in Inns'th right now. It will be great if you can play them!!

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