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bunch of jackasses, standing in a circle [CoP Hub]

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This thread will act as the Cult of Power's official hub thread. I won't promise it'll last forever, but should last for a good long time. The start of this Hub Thread is after the Cult's adventures in Genesaris and Renovatio are momentarily over (after the obtainment of Asteria's Crown, the Cornerstones, etc). As any hub thread, your characters can come and go. Some cool things might develop in this thread and require a storyline, or it'll just roll with the punches. Who knows!

There is no required post length or posting order. 

Location: Delcore, Terrenus. 

Delcore is a medium sized city a few miles east of Hell's Gate. The Cult has a Lunar Castle taken from another group they absorbed called the Fallen which is another few miles east in the Forbidding Hills. We might go there but this thread will start in Delcore. The city itself is controlled and regulated by Paragons, but it's down in a shadow mannerism where Lilith is not involved. Many of the ruling Paragons don't even know she's in the city. What Lilith is doing in Delcore is anyone's guess.

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It was a weird sort of feeling, being back in Terrenus after so many months in Genesaris and Renovatio. For so long she'd been focused on accumulating power. Clawing and climbing her way to the top of the world. To a place where no one could so much as reach to the top of her toes, metaphorically speaking of course. Now, however, she was there. More or less. It didn't matter what continent she was on her what foe stood in her way; she was the peak. In a way she always had been but now she absolutely was. The gauntlet of Zengi. The soul cornerstone. The crown of Asteria. The millions of Paragons bearing her mark. The raw, bottomless well of energy constantly stirring through her very being. 

She'd reached the goal. 

Now what? Get rid of my past lives?

Perhaps. Easier said than done though, or at least one of the previous Lunar Daughters would have already done it. Instead it was almost like they feared the possibility that she'd break the link. As if they had never even considered doing it. Which was probably true. Lilith was a monster even among monsters.

Leaning back she crossed one leg over the other and released a sigh, tapping her index finger on the rim of "her" beer mug. One of the men in the tavern had brought her a drink. If she understood correctly, he was hitting on her. It was almost funny, really. Put a whole new meaning on flirting with death. 

The large man had taken a seat next to her, not put off even a little by the red gleam of her eyes or the stink of death that stuck to her like bad karma. Probably that she was a vampire. Or some sort of undead. Maybe he even knew she was a necromancer and just didn't particularly care. He certainly didn't know who she was though. What she was and who she was, though intrinsically linked, tended to have much different impacts on people. 

Still... maybe this was what was next for her? Now that was a funny idea. Even the voices of her past lives chuckled in the depths of her mind. 

Yeah. Right.

"So pretty lady," the man slurred, reaching out to sling a hand around her shoulder. "What can I do you for?"

A question. A fucking question. Why did mortals ask so many questions?

"You are either an absolute fucking moron," Lilith answer with such venom that the man blinked and nearly physically recoiled, "or your inebriation makes you an extremely horrible judge of character."

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"Extrav.. Extra.. Extravagant?..."

He made a pause. The Dreamer was practising his word knowledge so that he wouldn't forget as many things when using his powers as easily.


It was his first time he went in Delcore. A city of his taste. Medium, not too many but not so less people, people of all kinds. He didn't care who is gonna stumble upon him and start talking with him. He really didn't care, as long as his starry eyes didn't scare anyone. But this city doesn't look like a place for the light hearted.

He was feeling a little thirsty. Maybe a bit too much. He realised that, as young as he is, he barely drank any alcohol in his life. He checked his stolen pouch from a dead bandit. 

"One, two..."

It took a bit to see how many coins he had. The pouch was pretty small and it couldn't stretch.

"Twenty eight, twenty nine, thirty."

He had enough money for a beer and for having his own room in an inn. He felt better than before. He put his pouch back and continued walking towards a tavern in front of him.

As he approached the tavern, a hard smell of booze hit him. Drunk people all over the place, singing and shouting were being heard from the entrance.

"I will just enjoy my beer. What could go wrong?"

As he entered the tavern, the music could be heard from a corner. It was... "Piano? That is the word for that huge musical instrument, right?"

He was afraid to lose his memories all of a sudden. So afraid he started doing this brainstorming so he made sure he didn't forget.

In another corner, there was a woman. A woman with brown to red hair, red eyes and a mark of a crescent moon. He felt an intrigue as he analysed the person with his starry eyes, eyes of a celestial being he wasn't. But he kept going towards the barman, to order a beer. As he looked at her again, out of curiosity, she was angry at a man who was spooked by her feelings. "I wonder why. She doesn't seem too bad."



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From what Ankou understood, the Paragons in the city probably didn't even know that their leader was in the city; a serious lapse in their security as far as he was concerned. As the ones who ran this city from the shadows, it was their job to know everything that went on here. If they couldn't even realize when their own boss was in town, how could they be trusted to keep track of anything else? He would have to have a talk with them; make them realize that more was expected of them. Once upon a time he would have simply killed them for their failure, but he felt that he had softened as late. Now he would at least allow them the opportunity to atone for their mistakes before he punished them more severely.

The ancient necromancer walked into the bar, clad in the more contemporary clothing that he had been wearing since Mercury picked them out for him. It took him only a moment before he spotted Lilith, who was currently being hit on by some trash who had no idea the danger he was in. He found himself tempted to kill the man, but they were trying to keep a lower profile than usual. Still, bar fights happened all the time, so he walked over to the man and put his hand on the mans shoulder.

"Get lost."

The other man turned and sneered, "You got a problem, asshole?!"

When the drunken man lunged forward with a predictable right haymaker, Ankou merely stepped inside and shot a quick hand into his throat. The drunk sank to his knees, clutching his throat as he coughed and sputtered. Still, there was malice in his eyes, and the man attempted to charge, only to have is face impact the necromancers knee. All the fight went out of the man after that. Ankou glanced at the bartender, who shrugged and motioned to the bouncer to drag the unconscious man outside. The lich then sat next to Lilith.

"You've chosen an interesting place to meet."

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He watched the fight from the beginning to the end, when the drunk man fell on ground. "From what the pale person looks like, I thought he might make short work of him or something. But he spared him. Impressive."

He was looking at the inconscious man being dragged by the bouncer who was sighing. His face gave him away that he was tired of these people, as he looked around them screaming.

"Drunkards these days... What would you like to have, mister?"; the barman didn't seem to care about his eyes, to his relief.

"I would like some beer. Not too much, please."

"Not too much? Can you be more precise? The barman was looking a little confused.

"A third of a pint?" He was unsure of his decision.


He nodded. The barman picked a transparent pint up and started filling it. The Dreamer was looking at the golden beer flowing from the barrel, pretty satisfied with his decision. As the beer filled a third of the pint, the barman stopped and put it on the board.

"There you go" said the barman.

"Thanks." He didn't drink from the pint yet. As he looked towards the lady with red eyes, he saw the person who knocked the drunken man out next to her.

"Well, I guess they know eachother." He thought, as he sipped a bit from the beer. He liked it, but he moved it a bit away. He kept looking at both of them.

"I wonder what is their purpose here. They don't look like they are going to drink. Maybe there will be more coming? Who knows."



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The expression Lilith made as Ankou diverted the male mortal's attention was hidden, unseen as all watching eyes no doubt flickered to the physical combat. But, though unnoticed, the look of murder deepened the red of her eyes and contorted her visage into something inhuman. There was that urge again. For a moment she pictured what would have happened if Ankou hadn't stepped in. Her smooth, snow white fingers straitening. Plunging into the arched brow between his eyes. Feeling the warm red blood of mortals spilling out as she grasped what little of a brain there was. 

She'd been a fair bit amused at the bravado, or rather the ignorance, but that hadn't meant she was going to spare the man's life. Ankou's presence in the situation both saved the mortal from her wrath and annoyed her. Lilith watched without emotion as Ankou's knee hit the man's face and said nothing. There was no need. If anyone spared her a look they would understand why. Her silence wasn't a peaceful one. It was silence of cold rage, born of dark thoughts. 

He doesn't think you're capable. Or perhaps he does but disapproves of you're killing. 

No. False. It had been her to command the Paragons to avoid the spotlight within the city. She needed to think. To plan. To-

He thinks he knows what's best for you because you're just a little, pathetic girl. You power is nothing but the artifacts of others. Without the relics and us, what are you little Lili? Nothing but-

"You've chosen an interesting pla-"

Not thinking she growled toward Ankou wanting an outlet. Needing an outlet. The voices in her head distorting her thoughts, messing with her emotions. She tried to shut them out, but it wasn't enough. Her eyes narrowed at the necromancer and her lips curled into a warning snarl; a cool breeze of ominous death like a thread on the edge of a sharpened blade. 

"Do not assume to know my desires, ancient one," she hissed waving a hand in the direction of the drunkard only to have the life drain from those frightened eyes. His soul, gone. Sucked out by Lilith for nothing more than because Ankou had taken the chance away. But her voice hadn't been solely hers. The drawl of her voice and the calmness of her tone hadn't been there. Only the overlay of her past lives, jeering and chuckling at her momentary lapse of control. 

Though not apologizing Lilith sighed and motioned for Ankou to take a seat next to her. 

"It's the noise," she answered his half spoken question. "It... drowns them out. A little." Of course being as old as he was, Ankou would know what she was talking about. Still though, it wasn't something she enjoyed discussing. She was the Commander. She could fight the voices. 

But it was getting harder to tell when she was fighting off their questions and when she was fighting off her own in fear it was theirs. For one of the only times in her life, Lilith reached out and drank some beer; her eyes scanning over the other drinkers to land on a man who'd been casting her glances for a while now. She only stayed on him for a minute, momentarily curious about his eyes, but let her gaze continue over him after the curiosity passed. 

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He couldn't hear the anger of the girl with blood red eyes, as he was paying attention on something else, especially his beer.

"Should I really drink the whole beer? Well, I think that's what one would do."

As he slowly led his hand to the pint, a drunken man was also lunging towards his pint.

"Yuhr stuhpid man! Leavhing the beer..." Hic! The Dreamer was smiling a bit as he heard the hiccup of the drunkard.

"It's my beer, don't take it." As he looked at the drunkard with his starry eyes, hoping to stop him.

"Ahnd whhhho are YOU?!" The drunken face who once expressed calmness became as red as fire, almost feeling like steam was coming out of his ears. As the drunken man let a jab towards Dreamer's cheek, something happened.

"AHH! What-chu-dhid?"

A white, slightly transparent floating shield suddenly appeared, covering the Dreamer's cheek and blocking the drunken's punch. The force of the jab was directed at him, instead. He felt his own pain by hitting the shield.

"I say, don't do anything stupid." The shield disappeared.

And then, he could hear the rage of the drunken man leading another punch towards his groin. He dodged the punch and summoned a white, floating sword which was aimed at the throat of the drunkard. The man smelling like booze gasped and hiccuped at the same time, his face becoming white because of sudden realisation he might die. Everyone was watching them.

"Now, if you leave me alone, you can go. Please, I am not in the mood." The Dreamer said, as the floating sword was touching the man's throat a little bit, also rotating like a rotisserie.

"Y-yes! Sohrry for... Hic! This!"

As he heard this, the sword vanished and freed the way so the drunkard could go back where he belonged. The people were watching him, scanning him, but he didn't care. The barman just shook his head, smiling, while the Dreamer came back to his beer.




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Hazel eyes stared forward in disinterest, almost as if the viewer were living in another time or realm, as the door of the tavern opened swiftly. The eyes shifted downward, the viewer's shoulder angling backwards as member of security dragged an unconscious patreon past them. A new ruckus within the establishment drew their diverted attention, the multicolored eyes watching as a short scuffle ensued.

It wasn't the scenario Allric had anticipated upon his arrival. In all reality he hadn't actually predicted any scenario before reaching his destination. Still, walking into a violent environment with no clue as to why it was as such was never ideal. Nevertheless, he wouldn't be deterred. Even without his normal ensemble he was well equipped enough to quell any simple bar fight that he may have been confronted with.

He walked forward across the flooring of the tavern, carrying himself with an air of confidence. Allric's gaze moved over the other characters that inhabited the establishment, though briefly. A lingering stare could seemingly call someone's question into honor, as he knew all too well. Reaching the bar he paused for a moment, observing the seat he stood behind. Sticking his foot out he hooked his ankle around one of the legs, scooting across the floor to reposition it so that the back would face away from the doorway and towards the wall.

Seemingly satisfied with the new placement, though not outwardly expressive of it, he took his seat. Leaning forward on the bar counter, careful to only lean on his forearms and keep his elbows off of the surface, his stare landed on the bartender. "I'll take an ale." Allric finally spoke, his eyes switching between the bartender and doorway briefly. "A strong ale."

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Ankou didn't flinch at Lilith's reprimand, partially owing to his stoic personality, and partially due to the tone of her voice. He knew that it was as much the hive mind of Lunar Daughters speaking to him as it was her. Lately they seemed to be trying to exercise more and more influence over the Commander of Death, and he feared that they were approaching a turning point. The current center would not hold much longer. Soon she would have to choose whether she would be a slave to her bloodline, or her own woman. It frustrate him that there was nothing he could do to help her, not yet anyway. Once she had made her choice, he would support her with everything he had, but for now he could only try to offer some distraction.

He gestured toward the barman and ordered a very expensive bottle of whiskey and two glasses. Pouring one for himself and for Lilith, he slid hers over to her with a small smile.

"Beer is fine, but I think this is more befitting one of your station."

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As it turned out, the whiskey turned out to be a good idea. More so than the beer, in any case. While the ale tasted similar to how Lilith imagined piss would taste, the whiskey flowed down her throat with a dull burn. So she filled her glass and drank another. Due to her body being inhuman in terms of its inner functionality, the alcohol was not particularly useful when compared to how hard it hit others in the bar. 

Still, it did quiet the voices in her head. If only marginally. After a few minutes of silent drinking they'd finished nearly half the bottle and Lilith was finally feeling something she assumed was what mortals called a buzz. It wasn't just the past lives which were silenced, but her own thoughts were partially blurred. Like they were on the tip of her tongue but she couldn't quite grab ahold of them. Based on what she'd heard of alcohol from others, the poison diluted the mind and released restrained inhibitions. If she kept drinking many mortals would probably die. 

She closed her eyes drank again, finishing the half filled glass in a single go. It burned, stronger this time. 

When her eyes opened they would be a noticeably lighter red, little hints of blue appearing in them. The color she'd technically been born to. Her mind may have been muddled by the alcohol, if only a little, but for some reason Lilith felt as though her mind was more clear than it had been in a very long time. 

Her eyelids flickered and she blinked, almost confused for a second. Then they closed again and the blood red engulfed them once more. Lilith turned to Ankou, her index finger unconsciously sliding around the circle edge of her glass. The clarity had been fleeting, momentary, but Lilith knew the thought she'd silently whispered to herself had been completely hers. "I know what I'm going to do next, Ankou," she said silently. Quiet but determined.

No, you caaaan't.

We are you, Lilith. You are us. There is nothing without the other.

You're power is nothing compared to ours, little Lili.

Lilith's jaw clenched in resistance but her eyes still focused on Ankou. "Not right now, since the time isn't quite right and I have no knowledge of how to do it. But soon, I will rid myself of my past lives. The chain will be severed." It had to be lest she lose her hold on it. As quick as a whip Lilith's hand struck out and slapped the circular table they sat at. Why she did, she didn't really know. But it felt needed. "In the meantime, I'm going to scout for more potential Paragons. Nu Martyr took it's toll on the combat orientated ones." And though she didn't say it outright, the death of Venus was making Lilith extremely unhappy. The Risen's death had won her the Space Stone but had also severely reduced the strength of her Risen. 

That, and she had rather liked Venus. Her first undead that had maintained its relative sovereignty. 

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The quick slap of the red-eyed girl on the table caused the Dreamer to wince. He was paying attention at the drunkard who wanted to steal his beer, but went back to his table, his friends who didn't drink as much as him laughing at the stupid mistake he made, pointing towards the Dreamer and then at the drunk man, making gestures, such as him hurting his fist or the sword at his neck. They found it funny and had enough to tell to other friends about it.
He grinned and drank the remaining beer in the pint, as the barman finished filling another pint with a "strong ale" for the man next to him. "A rather strong man, I would say. I think he went through many battles.

He got up and, as soon as he almost turned his back to the barman, he would hear him saying "Sir, you forgot to pay. Two coins, please."

He felt embarassed. His cheeks turned red, a pale tone of red, as he checked his purse and got two coins out. "Sorry. I keep forgetting things." It was, somehow, a rather basic description of himself and his bright mind, which would forget whatever memory he would have. As long as that memory wasn't important, he wouldn't get angry on it. He just disliked losing his memory, due to the headaches he started enduring. He remembers his second time he forgot his memory. It was of a house, probably his, but he doesn't know. As the lines covered his memory and turned it into ashes, he started crying, suffering and weeping, as his headache would destroy him mentally. But he went back on his feet after leaving the house he woke up in.

He came back to reality and inspected the tavern, again. He heard the piano singing again, a rather slow song, which would make him think about himself. "I guess that's why I remembered that unfortunate event, right now. The human brains are so wonderful."

He slowly walked towards the door leading to outside. Although the red-eyed woman was rather intriguing, based on her quite uncommon looks and her friend, it wasn't his deal. Unless one of them would cross paths with him, but that was unlikely to happen.

Or so he thought.

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Allric watched as another male began to vacate the tavern. He had taken note of the man's eyes as his own continuously roamed the room. They were certainly unique and stood out more than perhaps any other pair of eyes Allric had ever encountered. It was almost as if behind those eyes there was another world altogether. They were intriguing to be sure, yet Allric had learned long ago to kill his curiosity as it was born. After all, the starry eyed man was not the only person of interest within the establishment.

Within the typical rubble of drunkards two others almost demanded attention just from their sheer presence alone. They had an air of power that encased them. Even from where he sat he could smell that that air was contaminated with the stench of death and decay though. When he was young he would have been enamoured by them. There was little doubt he would have approached them, unable to quell his thirst for knowledge.

He wasn't that young and full of optimism anymore.

The last of his ale poured down his throat before his mug slammed onto the bar counter, his hand gripping the handle tightly turning his knuckles white. That thought made him realize how naked he felt. It wasn't because of his armor. No, he hadn't donned his battle garb since he had become disgraced. It was his arm, his spear and sword. They were hidden a mere thirty seconds away, yet it felt a much larger distance. They completed him in a way he understood, but didn't know if he could explain.

His mind wondered to the last words he had heard the unique eyed man speak, I keep forgetting things. A novel idea. His index finger tapped the rim of his mug as he stared towards the door. "Stronger."

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The girl had seen the destruction of her home. The barony was left nothing but a shell. She was a princess of nothing. And all she did was follow temptation. In a sense, she did fulfill that one desire to travel. Mette Diotrephes was a somewhat of a shell as well, having lost love and home. All in all, she was that wayward orphan who lived in the snow. However, her travels took her off the path she had pounded away at with her feet. This was new to her. She walked into the city, dazzled by the lights, but nerves overtook her. Delcore was entirely new to her. Her lower lip protrudes slightly as she thought of the last city she stayed in, Casper.

Her eyes closed and she took a deep breath. Some food and drink would be nice. The wild one entered the establishment and debated with herself. Her voice had been unused for so long. The girl that entered was dressed rather sparingly in the ripped hides of various animals. Had she not worn a large cloak fashioned from a goat that she had hunted, there would be little left to the imagination.

The red-head sported a wild hairstyle, shaved on both sides and let to freely grow atop her head in unruly curls and waves. Her footsteps were soft as she walked in and took a look around. Hell’s Gate wasn’t a far walk from the site of her devastated homeland. And Delcore wasn’t a far walk from Hell’s Gate. She just looked at everyone in wonder. This one was too young to be in a place like this. With her mind focused on survival, she managed to keep, so far, from contact with others to only focus on one thing. She needed food and water.

Her pouch held little currency, but she hoped it was enough for something. She sat at the bar. Her feet didn’t even touch the floor. She was incredibly short. In a thickly accented voice, she caught the attention of the bartender. “I would like some food and water.” But she wasn’t sure what she wanted and she also didn’t want to waste more time. “I do not have much to give.” Despite her wild appearance, Mette was educated. Her father believed highly that she and her other siblings be educated. However, she rarely got to see her father and her mother was dead. She placed a hand upon the bar counter and spoke without turning to the person she sat next to. “It smells of decay.” Her tone was quite frank. And Mette smelled of flowers. She always smelled of flowers. Even in the cold wastes outside Shawnee Glacier.

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So she had decided to fight. The declaration made him feel hope and dread in equal measures; for though he was proud of her, he also knew that what she aimed to do was no easy task. To his knowledge, no Lunar Daughter had ever managed to break free of the influence of the Hive Mind. Given that the cycle had been going on since before even he had been born, that spoke to how daunting the task would be. But she had made her choice. Now he would do whatever it took to make sure that she succeeded. 

But first they would need more soldiers, and as he watched the battered looking child asking the bartender for food, he suddenly had a touch. He called to the bartender that her meal was on him, and then gestured for her to join them. 

He looked at Lilith and gave a small smile, "Potential dwells within all of them; even... no, especially in the lowliest wretches."

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Dreamer didn't want to leave, yet. As he stood around the bar, more precisely, around the door of the bar, leaning on a wall, was thinking of nothing much, while watching the visible crescent moon in the sky. It was afternoon, in a warm day.

"The red eyed girl with the crescent mark on her forehead, as well as this moon, as a crescent? This must be a coincidence. But, what if it is my destiny to find out who is she? What if I will work with her, or her friend who bought a very expensive drink? Although they seem like necromancers, they don't look as bad as I think. At least, that's what I hope.

The Dreamer was rather bored and he summoned a a couple of keys in a keychain, to play with them. They didn't have to be precise for a job, but rather vague, as he could just play with them and make noise. He loved the sound of the keys striking eachother in a keychain. Spinning around the keychain, he was thinking again about what could life give him now. A new path to take? A new him? Maybe he will find out what happened with him in that first dream, which led to everything until the present moment? All of them could happen if he looked deep enough.

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Allric drummed his fingers on the bar counter in rapid succession. He noted that the starry eyed man had opted to remain in the tavern. He briefly pondered the decision to do so, then scrapped the thought. Curiosity was like the plague. It kills people. The wild haired red-head that entered the establishment had drawn his attention and he had watched from his peripheral vision as she placed herself next to the two individuals whose aura reeked of death. It wasn't that she was oblivious to the fact. No, she outwardly expressed that she sensed it to. It made her decision even more baffling.

It wasn't his business though.

His fingers drummed the counter harder. The air of power they exuded was familiar in a sense and it was beginning to force him to do the opposite of what he had planned when he set the tavern as his destination. It was forcing him to remember. To remember why he was disgraced. To remember the faces. To remember the voices. Voices that no longer existed... except to him. Voices that he once found solace and comraderie in, yet now found nothing but guilt and sorrow.

Allric's face kept a visage of indifference, yet his fingers continued to drum against the surface, seemingly of their own accord. His eyes stared forward, but his gaze was obviously looking into another time. The voices were taunting without trying to be because they were from a time when he was happy... or at the very least content.

Allric downed his mug buy it did little to drown his thoughts. His body was far too accustomed to alcohol for it to take affect that quickly. The voices were calling him back. Back to his armor. Back to his arms, his connection to them. He shook his head slightly. There would be a time for him to bare arms again. When he had discovered a new purpose in his life.

His eyes glanced over everyone in the tavern. The drunken patreons. The starry eyed man spinning keys. The wild haired woman. And then they lingered on the two whose power he had felt since entering the building. He entertained the thought that maybe, just maybe, those two could give him the same feelings that they had.


He doubted anyone would be capable of accomplishing that feat.

His eyes cut to the bartender.

"What's your policy on weapons?"

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