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kick names, take ass [Airship]

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Through some clever maneuvering of his magibike, Winter had managed to put some distance between himself and the wyrms, and then mounted a stony outcropping. From there, he killed the motor on his bike and hopped onto the ground, kneeling and placing both hands on the ground. It had been many years since he'd had to use any of the fieldcraft he'd learned as a youth, but fortunately the skills had not been lost. With a relatively small effort of will and manipulation of mana, he was able to obscure his scent and the signature of his aura, and reduce the heat of his skin to match the surrounding air. That took care of heat-sensing, scent, and magical detection; thankfully the magibike didn't run hot. If his gamble paid off, he would now be effectively invisible to the eyeless wyrms. He stayed as still as he could, and waited.

The wyrm that had peeled off to chase him suddenly burst from the ground, but it was several dozen feet to his left, and did not turn towards him before plunging back into the earth. The elf grinned triumphantly.

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It was an off sort of happening, having Winter drop almost completely off any radar she had. Other than what her eyes told her, it was as if the white haired elf suddenly ceased his existence. He didn't go invisible or play dead- she could sense the dead in the same way she did the living- Winter's existence just essentially vanished. There was, quite effectively, no difference between him and the air next to him.

Despite herself, Lilith couldn't help but find the stealth ability particularly fascinating. And, much to her surprise, extremely impressive as it had fooled even her senses. If she focused extremely hard on spotting someone in the area, perhaps she'd have noticed a discrepancy near where her eyes said he stood. 

Still, though she could see him, her mind struggled to accept what her eyes told it. How could she see something that her senses said didn't exist?

For a moment she paused and lip twitched in something reminiscent of both a smile and a frown, giving the Wyrm chasing her just enough time, a fraction of a second, to catch up to her. It burst from the ground under her feat obviously aiming to swallow her whole.

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