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FOR OUR HOLLY LAND! [Soldier Acquisition Quest]

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Vintovka Rozovyy did not expect that she would one day swim in a sea of mud, sweat and tears. Unfortunately for her, such a fate just became reality. 

She did not see it coming. One second she was plodding through the muck left by the earlier rain, and now she's swimming in it. It was a very gradual transformation. One could see her footprints slowly grow smaller with every step she took until she can no longer fit inside her boots.

"I can't do this! Somebody! Anybody! Help!" she screamed at the top of her lungs but it seemed like a squeaky squeal. Her frantic cries for help were all drowned out under the screams of all the other soldiers around her.

"Help! Someone please-" her words were cut off as her body began to sink into the mud.

Then something lift her up. Something wrinkly and powdery. She opened her eyes to this weird being. It was a giant mushroom. With arms and legs!

"Gaaah!" Vinny screamed or squealed in fright. "Wha-wha-wha-wha"

"Vinny, it's me! Ludmilla!" the mushroom man or woman spoke. The voice coming from that out-of-place shroomy mouth sounded similar to Ludmilla's.

"Ho-ho-ho-how?" the poor tiny person girl stammered.

"This is probably the power of the Cursor. The Komandir is searching for the villain as we speak."

Sure enough, Holly's loud booming voice can be heard in the background.



Holly Soldier guideline…

Four more days of marching
One day for making armor
One day for flight practice
One day for weapon making
One day for shooting practice
One day for helmet creation
Reconnaisance training
One day for organizational training
Open sea trial run


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Day Two

The second day was full of twists and turns with the cursor being annoying as always. I would have eliminated for good but damn it. The man is too slippery to catch. Someday I will definitely find him again. When that happens, I will have my revenge.

At least the curse wears off after a few hours or so. Beaten and exhausted, I had my soldier wannabes rest for the night. Tomorrow is another day after all.

As for the promising recruits, I have yet to find some. The march is too fresh, too green. The recruits have not been punished enough. More rough training is required. Only then will they all be ready.

That's it for tonight. Holly out.

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Holly eyed the fresh patch of land. It was a good morning. A great morning for her recruits. A great morning for exercise. They are still jogging though. Even now. She was meticulous who she would pick as part of her first batch of soldiers. She will whip them out nice and good. For now, she will settle with weeding out the unfit ones.

There are still six more days of this hard work and then she'll have her fresh batch of soldiers. New, green and barely even capable. Just thinking about it makes her head hurt. It feels like she's giving herself a handicap. Not that she ever needed such a large group of armed individuals but it's better if she has a standing army. There's no telling when other houses are going to take advantage of her lack of security.

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