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Public AFV Thread

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From now until oct. 3rd gonna be really slow. Don't have much hotspot or mobile data to last that long. 

I'll throw up a few posts inbetween. 

Apologies in advance 

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Not really afv AFV, but just a notice that 1x1 threads will be slow for me due to other social commitments taking up some of my posting time. I might still post at leisure, but will take more time than usual. This will probably last till the new year. No change to my group threads and Feast of Blades.

Affected threads:

Alignak Simulcrum @amenities

The Crucible Study @supernal

The See-All @Dolor Aeternum

Serphus Alumna @Rin

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Hey everyone, long time no see.

Sorry I vanished; I didn't intend to go AFV, it just kind of turned out that way. 

If anyone was worried, I apologize! 

I just have to take a couple steps back for a while. Real life is rolling on over me.

  • enrolling in college,
  • trying to find a new apartment,
  • trying to find a new part-time job that I can work while I'm in college
  •  I've gained a girlfriend
  • I've broken up with a girlfriend (of course the same one! What do you take me for? You jerks!),
  • successfully wrote 50k words on a novel for NaNoWriMo (and it's still only half finished, so I'm doing it again in December too),
  • went halfway across the country for Thanksgiving to see the grandparents I haven't had a chance to visit in literally 20 years
  • and more that I'm just not remembering at 5am.

So yeah, it's been hectic, and a lot of things have fallen by the wayside as I've tried to keep up. 

I fully intend to be back; this place has been my internet home for years and years at this point, I couldn't abandon it even if I wanted to. I just don't know exactly when everything's going to settle down for me and give me the space I need to get back into RP.

Wishing everyone the best, and I'll see you again soon!


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I'm going to take a small break from Friday, January 3 to Tuesday January 7, 2020. (Putting the year and dates so no one gets confused)

Apologies  ❤️

Edited by Rin

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My next semester starts in a few days, which means reduced activity on here for me. I'll probably take a week (or more, if needed) away from Valucre to fix my class schedule and dorm stuff, BUT I'm sticking to my thread/lore commitments. I'll be slower, though. I won't be starting/entering any new threads and posts may come later than the three-day rule of thumb.

Feel free to hit me up on discord if needed -- Caljhin#3214

Thread commitments:



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