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Just Dali things - tangled webs

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This is the OOC for the IC thread (yet to be made) which will feature the newest Dali members Token and Minuet

IC thread: https://www.valucre.com/topic/42134-what-tangled-webs/

Overall / loose structure

  1. Go to Casper to setup a favorable transport with the casper shipping company. For the transport of goods and a cruise type travel route on the way to and from Aspyn
  2. Go to Aspyn after and since we are stimulating the local economy ask for grants / subsidies to support the expansion of the business venture 
  3. Hobnob with nobles (in Aspyn or elsewhere) to cement the Dali vineyard as a Martha's vineyard / Napa valley, high-falutin' type of vacation destination

General character motivations

  1. Ampelos Spiderwalker= achievement; expand Dali's glory and his own as a consequence
    1. Increase Dali's transportation network and professional credibility
  2. Icarus Moontraveler = nobility; seeing House Dali's goal to fruition and the protection of his family
    1. Protect Ampelos and learn about business negotiation for future endeavors
  3. Victra Goldcourt = achievement and adventure; proving her worth to her family and meeting new and powerful people
    1. Leverage existing contacts to facilitate business goals and make new contacts
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12 hours ago, Token said:

If I'm understanding: Icarus= Seeing House Dali's goal to fruition, the protection of his family


8 hours ago, Minuet of the Nightingale said:

Victra// Proving her worth to her parents and the rest of the family; Meeting new and powerful people to fill out her contacts.

If either of you have character sheets let me know and I'll link them in the first post. Note that anything I put there like this isn't meant to reduce your character's complexity, just provide a handy reference as we look back over however long the roleplay takes to unfold

That said I also know Icarus's specific motivation here, because me and Token discussed that, and it'll be something like being security detail for Ampelos and also learning more about negotiating business agreements

Would Victra's be something similar? Less on the security, more on the hobnobbing, maybe able to provide some specific family related boon? Like if she's a Goldcourt maybe she has some pre-existing contacts we can tap later on in the thread or something 

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Victra is the second profile, I believe. Profile is still missing some odds and ends, but it might give a bit of an idea. 

And yes, I'm going with Goldcourt as she is the type to have a few contacts under her belt already. She's a people person, and while she's not exactly the typical 'cunning' political type, she has a mix of charm and luck on her side for making the right allies. 

So previous contacts paired with her ability to make new ones are the reason she was probably allowed to join this little mission. Her personal reasons lean more to proving herself - she's young and proud.

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I imagine that the dynamic is that we will know some broad details about one another, the family name/field gives a lot of background all at once and at this point we may even have heard some specific details of one another's accomplishments (or not; and it's fine if not) but those details would be broad strokes and leave plenty for our characters to uncover about one another 

I imagine that they are all cousins and so will be addressing them as such but feel free to change this up on me 

I'll have the IC thread up today, or tomorrow at the latest, and we will take it from there! 

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I was thinking they could be cousins or second cousins as well. Based solely off appearance, I'd say Icarus and Ampelos probably come off as better cousins and then have Victra a little more distantly related, but not by much. 

I'm also going with her father being a Goldcourt, but her mother was initially from the Titansinger branch of the family (if that helps sort out how and where the relations come in)

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