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The Consequences of Those in Powers

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~*~ Ten miles outside of the boundaries of Tia ~*~

Kyra looked worse for wear as she walked into her tent only to find several people sitting with in the tent waiting for her. It looked like the whole Nichole Family were sitting in chairs and watching. Each of them looked rather tired as if they have not slept in days, which was partially true.

Kyra recounted how they took a stand outside the gates of their school. They opened up the school and took a stand against the darkness that was plaguing the city of Tia. However it was overwhelming and more powerful than Kyra could ever imagine. On top of that, a deadly virus/infection was weaponized which caused the deaths of countless Tian brethren. Perhaps it was the goddesses watching over Kyra, but she knew it was time to leave, and thus the school fled through the underground tunnels of the school. They accepted as many refugees as they could before they sealed the entrance doors. The group composed of students and refugees fled for what seemed like hours, running at a quick pace. Behind them they heard hard thuds and shifting of the earth. Not knowing what it was, the adrenaline kicked in and the fleeing party ran faster fearing death.

Once they reached the open air, the refugees did not stop, for Eleria, Daughter of Selena sprouted her wings and flew forward, becoming a beacon in which the group could follow through the darkness. It wasn’t until another ten miles that they finally stopped in order to catch their breath. Ironically as the massive group of people traveled it seemed as more people who were fleeing the city began to intertwine with the traveling party and nearly doubling their size. Kyra set up several medical stations and began running magical tests in order to clear new applicants to their groups. Those who were infected where frozen by magic and reinforced by protective spells until they can find a cure. The problem however was no longer the virus, but the logistics of the situation. Kyra did not have a way to feed this many people. Sure they had supplies that several hundred people carried, but it could not feed tens of thousands of refugees. They needed help. Kyra had ordered several dozen of search parties to travel out into the night to hunt wildlife for food and forage as much as they can. The students began utilizing their magic and created homemade shelters for people to sleep in to provide some protection from the outside weather.

However their magic was limited and soon they grew tired as well. Something had to be done.

“Kyra. If we don’t decide our next course of action, many people will die. We cannot allow this to happen. If what the reports say are true, it is possible that we are the last of Tian culture as we speak.” Natalie did not make eye contact as she leaned back into her chair and closed her eyes. Kyra could tell that Natalie, for a powerful as she was, clearly was spent. Her mana levels were extremely low and even her reserves were becoming scarce.

“I understand that cousin. The people need to rest, and while they are doing so, we need to come to a decision. Where do we go? Who will take us in?” Kyra looked around and waited for some suggestions.

“How about Last Chance? Sure it is a town of dangers but a town none the less.” Eleria said softly as her tired eyes focused on the task at hand.

“We cannot go there.” A familiar voice spoke as a Drow entered the tent. Nim’Ruin was a mage of considerable talents, and was the only male to be recognized by the family. He however held an annoying personality but Selena found him to be as loyal as Drow can be. “The Black Witch is within Last Chance. With as tired as you all look, perhaps it isn’t the best thing to have to contend against her magick when we aren’t one hundred percent.” Nim’Ruin spoke in a rather direct tone.

Eleria countered as she smiled at Nim’Ruin. “No one has seen the Black Witch in years. We cannot head to Hel’s Gate either for Shekinah is there hiding. Even if these women are family, I rather deal with the Black Witch over that Lich.”

“Be respectful to your elders Eleria.” Nim’Ruin said softly as he waved his hand. A map of Terrenus laid upon the table. “Last Chance and Hell’s Gate are off the table. We cannot subject these people to the ways of Last Chance and we won’t be able to protect them against the powers lying dormant there. Yh’Mi is also off the table. The Matron is there as we speak, and there is some interference with her magic. She is weaker there, and thus the rest of us will be extremely weakened as well. I say we start looking to the west. There is Casper, Ignatz, Dougton, and Weland.”

“All of those places are heavily guarded and we have no idea if they will even take our numbers? True, they are all Terrens but as we travel I am confident we will pick up more people. We need somewhere far from the center of politics and somewhere where it is safe. Perhaps Baizo Isle?” Kyra said curiously as she touched the top left portion of the map. “A town called Aspyn seems to be the further port from where Tia is.”

Nim’Ruin nodded slightly. “Aspyn from what I heard is a newer city. That however is a long way to travel We will lose many people.”

“We will lose many people with us standing idly by. We will announce our intent and those who wish to travel with us can stay. Those who wish to go to other cities are free to leave. I however think that people will opt to stay then to venture the wilderness alone. We can stop by Dougton on the way and rest, and then head to Weland and then proceed north. We can send emissaries ahead and inform them of the fate of Tia and ask for aid while we are passing through. Until then, Cam’Mia can travel to Biazo Isle with Nim’Ruin to inquire about if they will accept us.” Kyra turned around to look at everyone but it was Nim’Ruin who spoke up again.

“Shall we offer them our school?” He said softly as he met eyes with Kyra.

“If they will have all of us, then yes, we will offer to relocate our school and knowledge there. We cannot betray the trust of the people who are with us. We have to find them a home. Thousands of families depend on it.” Kyra said in finality as Nim’Ruin merely smiled.

“I suppose our Matron was wise to leave you in charge Kyra. You are sometimes the best of us.” He said quickly as he bowed and stepped out of the tent with Cam’Mia following right behind him.

“This is going to be dangerous and long.” Natalie said in passing as she stood up, stretching out.

“We cannot leave these people to die.” Kyra said as she stared towards the tent’s exit.

“No…No we can’t. Get some rest Kyra. You will need it tomorrow. I’ll head out to secure the perimeter. Hopefully the hunters come back soon. “Natalie breathed deeply as she left the tent, leaving Kyra behind to her own thoughts.

Kyra, the woman in charge of the Nichole School of Magic sat by her cot and nearly placed her hands over her face. In all of her years alive, she had never felt so much burden upon her shoulders. She had been to wars upon wars but never was she in charge. She could help but wonder what will happen if she failed? What would happen to her students? Almost all of them held massive potential and if she led them to their deaths, it would be horrific.

Kyra definitely needed help and soon.


Summary of Past Events:

The Nichole School of Magic fled Tia via underground tunnels after helping thousands of fleeing citizens. They are looking for a home.



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Behind the fled inhabitants of the school and it surrounding blocks, the tallest towers of Tia cracked and fell. Everything seemed swallowed by the center of the once great kingdom; taken without consent from its people like a force of nature. It had indeed felt like nature, cracks bursting in the most stolid foundations, cursed flowers spewing from within and spraying infectious chemicals that turned the majority of the population in on itself. More than the erasing of Tia, the fall of this industrial titan symbolized the cracks in the very foundation of Terrenus itself.

What could be done?

This was the question the powers that be were starting to wonder. As supposedly good men and women followed protocol and rose through the ranks only to expose themselves as evil and manipulative tyrants, who could be trusted? Nica— no, Cain— had dragged people from the streets, their homes and beds, to feed Tia a peaceful lie while vampires bathed in their blood behind the curtain. Even the genuinely innocent Nica, unwilling slave to Cain, was unable to escape the vortex of guilt spiraling around the cadre that had blemished Tia with its rule.

When Nica was prisoner to Seraphino, free from Cain’s control if only for a year, he had set his sights on freeing himself and then freeing the rest of the city. Organization by organization, group by group, he had planned for their escape.

That was when the wretched Dead, who escaped the ordeal largely unnamed though entirely responsible, reared their skull-shaped masks. Maleficence was the name of the drug they infused with the malicious invasive plant that swallowed Tia whole. Now a medusa of enchanted foliage, Tia would be uninhabitable for a decade without serious and unified intervention. In all of it, one thing was certain: the repair would take years.

The Nichole group, led by Kyra, had wisely kept traveling west of Tia. Without the will to go that extra 10 miles, they would have been caught up in the peripheral of monsters and infected who wandered out before consuming and destroying themselves with violence; they would never survive as far as 10 miles out. Now a new problem lay before the caravan of escapees. Survival through the elements— or so they thought.

“No…No we can’t. Get some rest Kyra. You will need it tomorrow. I’ll head out to secure the perimeter. Hopefully the hunters come back soon.“

Just as Natalie left the tent, the caravan’s outermost guards began raising the alarm that somebody was coming; only they weren’t coming from the direction of Tia. They were coming from the west. Instead of gunshots or spells, however, orders to stand down spread through both the ranks of defenders and whoever was approaching.

Setting up a line on the western perimeter of the caravan, it appeared (based on the insignia many of them bore on their arcanely camouflaged chests) a squad of Terran soldiers parted way to allow a physically short but experientially qualified individual to lead the scan for Tian survivor. Barrett, First Lieutenant of the Terran military, had been sent at the behest of Peacekeeper Michael Commager who presides over Aspyn in Biazo Isle, just one of the locations they had discussed.

See, Michael Commager had an answer for the question, ‘What could be done?’ His answer was to save the innocent and crush the evil underfoot with cold prejudice.

“Who is in charge here, ma’am?” asked Barrett to the nearest instructor-seeming woman. “We are here to help.”

His ears were pointed, eyes black as night, skin green, tail forked. He wore a boonie cap that morphed to the shadows of the terrain, masking the top of his head except for the ears poking out from under either side. His uniform was the same regularly, but he switched the button-up jumper to a tan color as he approached Kyra. It appeared as if he sauntered, shoulders back, with some swagger. The truth was, he had to lean backward and post his tail behind him when he walked upright- the creature was naturally quadrupedal.

“Hi there, friendly neighborhood disaster relief squadron! Can we help you?”

It was clear why he was running disaster relief. Barrett was, both in stature and tone, a very comforting and non-threatening presence.


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Kyra had been told to sleep, but how could she? Their home was destroyed and remnants of that poison elk was running rampant with in the city. Kyra had spent hours while traveling focusing on finding a cure for it. She no doubt would eventually do so, but she was tired and had to save her energy on ensuring her students and those who fled with them stayed alive.

Out of the Nichole family Kyra was left with Natalie, Eleria, and Cam'Mia.  

It seemed that their cousin Ehlan left to head to Yh’Mi at the behest of Selena. The Matron needed reinforcements, but only decided to ask her personal body guard. Kyra understood why, but it meant that their defenses here in the camp were much weaker. Ehlan was a beast of a warrior, an android with a considerable amount of attack and defensive capabilities.

Nim'Ruin on the other hand was a Drow wizard who always seems to come and go as he pleases. Kyra could not gather whether he was still in the vicinity, but she had no will to use her magic to find him. He would show up when he was needed. However Kyra felt a little vulnerable without both of them there. From what was left, Kyra knew was still a force to be reckon with, if they were to find themselves surrounded by a horde of those blood thirsty infected people.

Natalie was the younger sister of Selena. She was a frost sorceress, who also excelled in close martial combat as a Knight, a Calorian Knight of old. Long forgotten, and long erased, Natalie was purely a one of a kind woman. It was odd to find a magic caster who excelled at close range as well as long range. Even beyond that, the woman was a force to be reckoned with.

Eleria was the daughter of their Matron Selena. Few knew this, but Eleria was imbued with the blood of an angel and upon her birth was taken high up into the heavens. Kyra had remembered the day long ago when it broke Selena's heart to give her child to a sect of angels, but she did so in order to save Eleria from her father, a vicious man but powerful. It was only until quite some time had passed that Eleria was cast out of heaven and became a fallen angel. Kyra never did know why, but she had summed it up to Eleria's pure love for mischief. Beyond that Eleria still housed quite a bit of knowledge on the realm of light. She had shown limitless potential and hopefully when their school was up and running Eleria could use that knowledge to enhance the minds of students everywhere.

The remaining Nichole forces was the ever stoic Cam'Mia. Kyra loved her dear cousin, but Cam'Mia scared her. Armed with weapons that made casters useless, Cam'Mia was the very shadow in which followed everyone. She was an assassin, an expert tracker and scouter. You would not know Cam'Mia was there unless she allowed you to sense her. Kyra always reminded herself to thank Selena, for if Cam'Mia turned against them, majority of the family wouldn't live past one day. However Kyra knew that Cam'Mia ran on loyalty and her love of her family was always number one. There was no question about that at all. For that Kyra was eternally grateful.

Kyra merely smiled as her thoughts rambled in her head. What an odd family they had. Just as Kyra was about to continue her meditation it was interrupted. 

“A visitor.” A voice spoke softly into the night as Cam’Mia appeared to speak only to disappear back into the shadows. Kyra picked herself off of the ground and stepped out of the tent.

It seems their cousin Ehlan left to head to Yh’Mi at the behest of Selena. It seemed that the Matron needed reinforcements, but only decided to ask her personal body guard. Kyra understood why, but it meant that their defenses here in the camp were much weaker. Ehlan was a beast of a warrior, an android with a considerable amount of attack and defensive capabilities. It hurt them, but Kyra was a resourceful woman.

Kyra walked towards the middle of the camp as she watched a woman point the visitor in her direction. Kyra watched the creature silently as she walked towards it. She approached the party and nodded her head downwards in a very humbled style.

“We are a group of survivors from the fallen city of Tia. We have no elected leader for Tian folk per say, but I am the head mistress of the Nichole school of magic. My name is Kyra Nichole. I promised to protect as many people as I possibly can. We have doubled in size since we’ve fled and we are in need of help.” Kyra’s voice was soft and as she looked around she could see everyone nearby stepping out of their tents and sleeping places. Kyra did not know the exact number of people who were traveling, but it was in the number of tens of thousands. Rumors were even abroad that there were close to the high hundreds of thousands of tians who managed to flee.

Kyra had noticed the symbols and recognized Terran soldiers. When her matron was mayor of Tia they had many dealings with the Terran Military. It came with the territory.

Kyra felt like she had to reiterate. “I will accept any help you are wishing to provide to the people of Tia. We are heading to the north west looking for somewhere safe to live.”

Natalie and Eleria came walking slowly from the darkness as several hunting parties and gatherers followed them. Before Natalie could speak Kyra merely held up her hand. Natalie understood and just stood there, her magical armor disappearing only to reveal her  long dark blue dress. Eleria said nothing but her wings slowly faded from her bad. Their stories could be told another time. 


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“Do you know if you were followed?” One of the Terran soldiers asked a scout for the Nichole caravan. Together, the two groups established common ground and began working together quickly to make sure the wake of the group was clear. It wasn’t that the Terrans didn’t trust the Nicholes, it was just policy. The Terrans were armed, but as quickly as their comradery, the sense developed that these were the sole purpose of fending off any threats from the still simmering Tia. Meanwhile, inside the camp, Barrett and his men had carried no weapons.

People were always polite and just plain helped when they could where Barrett came from— well, Barrett was the only of his kind. His origin was as of yet unknown to anybody, but the always extraordinarily polite First Officer was in fact a collection of sentient, super-reproductive algae. Though you would think he was an imp with pointy ears, cute alien eyes, and a two-pronged tail, the binomial nomenclature of this flawlessly impesque algae was barrettia chorophyta. Barrettia’s renderings of hands were held before him in genuine innocence.

“We are a group of survivors from the fallen city of Tia. We have no elected leader for Tian folk per say, but I am the head mistress of the Nichole school of magic. My name is Kyra Nichole. I promised to protect as many people as I possibly can. We have doubled in size since we’ve fled and we are in need of help.” 

Having headed this disaster relief squad not just voluntarily, but entirely full of desire, Barrett studied Tia from head to toe in preparation. As such, he knew the school in question and its leaders. He even recognized Selena Nichole’s face when it emerged from the darkness.

“Understood Kyra. My name is Barrett, it’s nice to meet you.”

“I will accept any help you are wishing to provide to the people of Tia. We are heading to the north west looking for somewhere safe to live.”

“As it happens,” said the impish figure, turning toward the lights shining from lamp crystals held by Terran soldiers, “my men and I are from the northwesternmost point of Terrenus; Biazo Isle.” 

The small First Lieutenant turned away from the Nicholes as he spoke, pacing back toward the Terran soldiers as he spoke. His silhouette pointed a finger expressively upward as he spoke, wagging matter-of-factly, but softly. His voice, without bass, was amplified for all the encampment to hear. As it turns out, his pacing back toward the Terrans was an indication to erect a sound barrier between the camp and Tia so as not to alert any nearby assailants.

“This is First Lieutenant Barrett of the Terran military. I have good news for you. I know Biazo Isle is far away. I know there is the nearby Bi’le’ah; but there is another place, a powerful place in Biazo Isle that vouches for your safety with its own life. In fact, there are two. Aspyn, with the backup of Biazo Abbey, invites you to come stay with us. Come plant your lives in a beautiful place around which the world’s greatest defenses coil.”

Barrett was a First Lieutenant of the Terran military. He need not bow before any creature on Valucre. But as he turned back toward the heads of the encampment, the meager but amazingly authoritative figure lowered himself to one knee, dipping his chin so as not to besmirch his sincerity with the cuteness of his gaze.

“Might Aspyn suit your denizenship? It is there I and my men wish safely to escort you.”

@Selena Nichole

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“No sir. We scanned the area and we were not followed. The students of magic sealed the escape once we were throw the tunnels so that no one could follow effectively.” A soft voice was heard in the background as a young Tian woman who assisted Lady Cam’Mia on her scouting missions spoke up.

It wasn’t long before the whole encampment was filled with First Lieutenant Barrett voice, who offered up a home for the refugees. The offer was grand in its design and Kyra could see the hope light up in the eyes of the refugees. It was like a starvation for purpose and for safety. Kyra knew that she could only protect the people for so much and so far. She could not save everyone so the offer seemed to take a large burden from her shoulders. When Barren dropped to one knee Kyra glided forward and gently touched his arm to aid him to his feet.

“First Lieutenant Barrett. There is no need to humble yourself before us. The idea of salvation is far too strong for us to deny and we accept with ever fiber with in our soul. We are the ones who should be humbled before you. We will graciously and thankfully travel to Aspyn.”

Kyra lifted her head and looked at the rest of her family, Cam’Mia, Eleria and Natalie who stood behind. They all nodded as well and walked off, beginning to help the refugees begin packing up.

“As for the school, I have over five hundred students with me. Once in Aspyn I do ask to have an audience with its leader so as to see if Aspyn can accommodate our School and how we can incorporate ourselves with in their society. We do not want to step on any toes or to assume anything.” Kyra said softly as a student rushed up to Kyra’s side.

“My lady Kyra. What will we do with the sick? Moving them that far will be very hard on our group.”

Kyra nodded and looked at Barrett to explain. “We managed to subdue five civilians who were infected by some kind of drug. We bound them in a sleep magic while we dissect the drug that is influences their body. Typically I could already break down the effects and find the cure, however I haven’t had the time to be that effective. The magic is holding the drug at bay, but we are limited based upon where we are. I have suspicions that whatever this is, may be used again so it may be important to find a curse as soon as we can.”

Kyra nodded at the student who moved away quickly. She wasn’t sure how Barrett would react, but Kyra was a woman of mercy as well of knowledge. She was a healer and servant to magic as well as her students.  


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Barrett's eyes were like what one would imagine if they were to think of the classic cartoon alien. His bulbous head and bulbous eyes blinked up toward Kyra in a manner that couldn't help but appear perpetually awestricken (and cute). The congealment of sentient fungus that was the impesque First Lieutenant didn't process emotion the same as others, but through highly redundant practices of human emulation, he had mastered the ability to summon an almost exact imitation of any capacity of interest on demand. The Terrans were in distress. This Barrett knew; and, being an old compadre of PK Michael Commager, he was an unwavering agent of the light; so after a moment of gazing upon the bedraggled refugees he extended his four-fingered hand.

"You are safe now." Two men in white togas approached from the ranks, which cast glowing light into the forest around them, on either side of Barrett. Their bodies were soft, untrained by battle but not unfit entirely; simply enough to be entirely unthreatening. "These are some of our best healers. Will you lead us to the infected you captured? We wish to understand more without nearing the city for fear of contamination. Perhaps, especially when we get back to Aspyn, we can work together toward a cure to this disease."

Kyra and the rest of the Nicholes' encampment gathered their things as the Terrans made a barrier of men between them and Tia. None infected by Maleficence came, but the precaution as always better than none. When they were ready, both groups headed Northwest. As they walked, the sound of a million footsteps the only thing pattering in the prairie night, Kyra would notice that Barrett had been looking up at her for a while. When she looked at him, she would see his gentle eyes emulating wonder. They looked almost.. sorry. Then his calming voice came in the cool dark.

"What did you see in Tia?"


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