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TALES OF REDEMPTION -- Valucre's Spring Writing Contest is now open!!

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It's time, ladies and gentlemen and others!

Tales of Redemption is Open for Entries!

Here's a refresher on the definition of "Redemption" we'll be working with:

Redemption (noun):

1) an act of redeeming or atoning for a fault or mistake, or the state of being redeemed.

2) deliverance; rescue.

3) Theology  deliverance from sin; salvation.

4) atonement for guilt.

[Then a bunch of stuff about coupons and mortgages, which doesn't apply here]

Redemption doesn't have to be big or totally transformative, but it does imply a moral shift in behavior or perspective. Your main character doesn't have to go from being a devil to an angel in 2000 words, but someone should probably become at least a little less awful for at least a small, significant moment. 



PM me with "Tales of Redemption" in the subject line, along with the title of your story and a word count. I will respond when I have received it, but please give me 72 hours before poking me; life things happen to me with a disturbing frequency (see: intended contest opening on April 1st). 



1) Submissions will be accepted from now until midnight on April 29th! NEW DEADLINE: MAY 15th! The entries will be posted in random order on April 30th MAY 16th!, and voting will open May 1st MAY 20th

2) Maximum length is 2000 words. There is no minimum word count.

3) Stories can have any tone, from grimdark to flight-of-whimsy, as long as the central theme is redemption.

4) Entries must be original, unused work. Do not plagiarize, and definitely don't plagiarize yourself. I will be checking.

5) YOU ARE SWORN TO SECRECY!  Your submission must be known only to you and to me. Do not give anyone any information that they could use to easily identify your entry. 

6) One submission per participant. Revisions or substitutions will be allowed up until the deadline, but only one entry per contestant will be posted.

7) Please double-check your formatting. The only editing I will do to an entry is to fix any errors that happen with the copy/paste function.   

8 ) Entries MUST HAVE A TITLE. I refuse to post a dozen stories all named "Untitled #1", "Untitled #2", "Untitled #3", like happened in Spinal Chills a couple years back. That was maddening as a participant, and probably would have been maddening as a voter, and in any case it's my contest so it's my rule. Give it a title. 


Prizes depend on the number of entries received by the deadline.

Five or fewer entries:

1st Place: A custom user title, courtesy of @supernal! (if the winner already has a custom user title, then we'll come up with something different and cool, but I just now at this very second thought of this problem, so that's my bad.)


Six to Ten entries:

1st Place: $15 Amazon gift card, courtesy of @Veloci-Rapture!

2nd Place: A custom user title!


Ten to Fourteen entries:

1st Place:  $25 Amazon gift card!

2nd Place: $10 Amazon gift card!

3rd Place: A custom user title!


Fifteen or more entries:

1st Place: $50 Amazon gift card!

2nd Place: $25 Amazon gift card!

3rd Place: $10 Amazon gift card!

Honorable Mention: A custom user title!


[NOTE! Gift cards require a valid e-mail address to send them to, so be prepared to provide one!]



Finally, if you've got questions of a general "how do I write stuff goodly?" variety, come on over to the Spring Contest Workshop Thread! It's been pretty dull so far, but I'm hoping we can give out lots of advice as the timer ticks down! Don't be afraid!


Let's have a great contest! Give Valucre your best shot at a TALE OF REDEMPTION!

Edited by Veloci-Rapture

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I added the RP Discussion tag to this. Although not strictly roleplay related, and more generally writing themed, I think it fits the bill enough and deserves the little widget placement for increased exposure 

Can't wait to see what the community has in store


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3 minutes ago, supernal said:

Damn the cat’s out of the bag! And you know how hard it is to catch a cat 

It's easy. Just put a Precious Moments figurine on a high shelf. The real trick is picking the cat you want to catch out of the horde that appears in response to your bait.

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Due to some extenuating circumstances, I'm EXTENDING THE DEADLINE for the contest! 

The new deadline is MAY 15th! That gives anyone who still hasn't entered another two whole weeks, and lets me keep my own personal slate clear for proper, professional contest management!

Apologies if this is inconvenient for anyone; stuff just comes up sometimes and rather than half-ass two things, I'll be whole-assing one thing at a time. Thanks for understanding, and hopefully this will give a couple of people some more time to get in a great entry!

@supernal, could I get an announcement on this, whenever you maybe get around to it?

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