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Personal To-Do List

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- > Begin city expansion

- > Exodus Journey (create an outpost Hot Spot)


- > Prepare Faction War set up; get with Grub

Port Kyros

- > Kirena guest appearance post for Twitter; Follow IC thread aboard the Nautilus; Update the Nautilus lore

- > Siege Part I setup

Crystallo Stella

- > Update Noble Houses


- > Outpost set up


- > Set up Hot Spots

Port Thea

- > Set up Hot Spots

- > Update lore for Thean Consulate (Create an outpost hotspot)

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Also, because one RP list was not enough, I now have one for each territory. These will be used to help me prioritize threads per area, whereas the action list will help me organize structurally.

The original template provided by Avvercus has been modified and condensed for pertinent information.

Anyone who wants this temple for their own use, just lemme know! Eventually a read-only version of this will be made for anyone who wants to look and check updates to see where progress is.


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Port Thea is complete.

Stonehaven is next.

*Update: Stonehaven is 99% complete Tossed confetti

I had a landing page mostly done ages ago and for some reason I couldn't find it in my drive, my old laptop or my new one so I ended up redoing it from scratch in one go tonight. Considering it's largely finished despite some minor additions and adjustments, I say not bad for four hours of work.

I think my favorite bit is the Devonshire Institute of Magitech--A school that teaches applications of biotechnology to mages studying magitech in various fields. Super great opportunity for aspiring THRIVE operatives to show off their specialization. 

Looking forward to getting this screened, approved and posted.

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Port Thea and Stonehaven are linked on the Genesaris  lore page.

Tossed confetti 

Aeldra is complete and just needs to be refined before submitted.

Crystallo Stella's revamp is in its planning stages!

All of my Hyperion city lore articles are done! Those will go up in due time.

I'm le tired. Probably taking the rest of the week off.



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Landing Pages

  • Initial rounds of formatting Landing Pages has begun.

- This includes: Minor editing, inserting links, and testing images.

- This will help me decide what is important enough for the page

- Anything scrapped will be added to the Kingdom, Rising article

  • Heavy Editing will occur for Hyperion after I finish initial run through.

- Biggest and bestest shoutout for CSL for setting up the perfect template!


Lore Articles

  • Finishing Bhokuli and Doji
  • Starting Hului and Binaad
  • Revise Kingdom, Rising for entire Hyperion Empire
  • Revive AMA pages - Individual? Separated? ??? What is life???



  • Hyperion Pantheon Artifact Project Initial talks
  • Stonehaven Artifacts Scrapped < Moved to Aeldra >
  • Alethea Artifacts Scrapped < Focus on Civil War >
  • Aeldra Artifacts Final Review - Four Treasures
  • Port Thea Artifacts Brainstorm - Spelunking
  • Port Kyros Artifacts Brainstorm - Nautical?



  • Hyperion Quest Revision Final Review - Implement Rubric
  • T.H.R.I.V.E. Quest Update - Interest Check Review
  • Santado Island - Bestiary - Dragon - Interest Check Review
  • Alethea - Civil War - Faction Creation Brainstorm

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I did a thing. @Infernal This is all your fault! xD

Since I am super into being as organized and efficient as I can be, given the heavy load of loreing (that's a word now) I'm about to take on, I took a page from Infernal and did a thing to help me streamline the process and stay on task with my editing process next week. One week for Heavy Edits, one week for Lore, and one week to work on Quests, etc.


I'm beyond excited about this. To keep myself sane (and because of my potential school schedule) I'm splitting this up into weeks.

My schedule for August (2nd week onward):

Week 1: Posts owed

Week 2: Lore (M, W, F)

Week 3: Posts owed

Week 4: Lore (M,W,F)

I replicated this process for every board except for two (Crystallo Stello and Kasnivale) to help me sort through err'thang and/or keep track of what others are doing there.


Anyone who becomes a regent will have access to it as part of a team so that they can add and edit accordingly in their respective boards if they so choose~ >o< I am too excited about utilizing this. It will effectively take the place of my spreadsheets.


Anyway, that's all. Thought it'd be a cool thing to show off and a nifty tool to utilize. If anyone has questions, wants to know more or needs help--just PM me!

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