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On 8/29/2019 at 6:22 AM, Venus Sprite said:

I'm happy to set it up. It won't be hugely complicated, but I have an idea of what the salamanders might be doing down there. That said if anyone has any bright ideas along the way feel free to throw them in! I much prefer unpredictability than everyone doing what I dictate.

Also, once this quest is over and we're heading back to town, should we advertise for one or two more players? I think that would be fun ?

Sorry I didn't get to  you sooner! 


We may advertise for more folks later, yes. That could be a worthwhile effort.

I am currently all for letting you take the reigns on the dungeon experience, but if Vetanoob has ideas of their own they should offer them as well.

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All men from age 18 onwards or have finished their diploma or 'A' level studies have to be conscripted mostly in the armed forces (but there are some who serve in the civil defence and live too). We serve full time for 2 years and then part time ranging from 1-2 weeks every subsequent year. 

The ministry of defence sorts everyone into categories depending on your health and fitness levels. So every man is able to serve in some capacity (except for the mentally unstable or severely physically handicapped).

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