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Give me your web comics

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On 4/15/2019 at 9:42 PM, Wade said:

I've always liked Shen Comix (used to be called Owlturd Comics)

That’s actually the same as the blue chair guy. I guess owlturd was what he was doing outside of WEBTOON before they snatched him up 

Funny stuff 

On 4/15/2019 at 10:40 PM, The Hummingbird said:

Wilde Life

What’s this about / what do you like about it? 

The first is just a google away I know but I don’t want to risk even the hint of spoilers and want the straight dope from a fan 

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Basically, a supernaturally-attuned man lives a fairly normal life, except for a friendly ghost. But when a werewolf shows up in his bathtub, things quickly escalate into mysterious and sometimes frightening encounters with all sorts of equally mysterious people. The relationships the mains have with one another is believable and sometimes even kind of touching. Every page is in full color, which, while not necessary, a cool bonus. It moves at a steady pace, kind of slowly at times, but it's never really actually boring. I haven't read all of it though, so I can't say too much. 

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In order:

1. UnOrdinary

2. Solo Leveling

3. Returner's Magic Should be Special

4. Release that Witch

5. Legendary Moon Sculptor

6. Soul Land (all of them)


Most of these are based on wuxia novels tho, so that's cool if I really wanna know what happened lol



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No one's mentioned lore olympus yet so I will scream LORE OLYMPUS

It's a retelling of Persephone's story but it's fresh and the art is to die for.

It's also getting turned into an animated series ?

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Going to add some more because I realized I haven't mentioned some of my favorite, kinda lesser-known ones.

1. The Property of Hate

A kid gets invited by a person with a TV for a head on an adventure. Gorgeous artstyle and the type of mind-stretching worldbuilding I like + a children's storybook vibe.

2. Ava's Demon

Sci-fi/science-fantasy story that revolves around Ava, who has a demon, but also it's in space, but also there is magic. Hard to explain.

3. Colorless

Eye candy. The author of this one is one of the colorists for Ava's Demon. Synopsis reads: Colorless is a dark fantasy webcomic that follows the story of Joki, who wakes up in a supernatural city called Aisho, with no memories of previous events. He learns about the creatures lurking Aisho city’s streets and just how unwelcome humans are.

4. Vainglorious

When the small dragon Rei decides to challenge his Queen for the throne, he does not expect to get exiled and cursed into human form. Little by little, Rei searches for a cure in the big world outside his nest - making friends, adventures, and headaches along the way.

This comic is hilarious and a great example of a simple, cartoony art style that manages to be super expressive.

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