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Valucre humor (and memes) thread

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@Csl Very awesome! I was wanting to make a meme thread at some point, but I just didn't have images for the phrases I was wanting to meme. Still, don't, so I decided to make one into literally just text.





Meaning: A one-size-fits-all explanation for doing something in a completely spontaneously and sudden way. Or just as a general explanation to anything that needs it in general.

Credit to @Die Shize


Make sure to copy that image link and spam it all across the board!

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Shoutout to @Wade for a blade that both controls shadow and throws mad shade.

On 5/24/2019 at 2:41 AM, Wade said:

It’s following us.”

Crowley looked up. The same crow from earlier still hovered far away, little more than a black dot in a blue sky, caw-cawing to its heart’s content. He steered his horse to the left, down a dirt road marked by yet another signpost. Andelusia eventually rose past the trees, just beyond a stone bridge and a heavily-manned gate.

Orenmir retreated from the horse’s shadow, quietly nestling in Crowley's own. Its voice faded from an audible whisper to an oily tremor only he could hear.

You don’t find it strange?”

Crowley slowed his horse to a lazy trot. A few of the guards ahead straightened, watching him approach through helmeted stares.

“It’s a crow,” Crowley said, careful to keep his voice to a casual murmur. “I’m a Crowley. I think it's only natural that we’d attract each other.”

I don’t like it.

“Stop being paranoid.”

Maybe it wants to eat you.

Crowley snorted. “Why would it want to do that?”

I hear they like trash.

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