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Khakina's Whispernight Adventures....

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It was perhaps by chance but somehow it seemed that Khakina's recent adventures within Whispernight may have somewhat tainted her abilities. The portal with which she and Arashi were sucked into had somehow brought both fighters high up in the sky of the ruined city of Kaurilia.

The two are hundreds of meters above the air, plummeting to the ground at a lethal speed. Khakina did not have time to worry about falling to her death as her sights are only trained on Arashi.

I should rough her up a bit so she'll give up chasing the Madame.

Snarling, Khaki wrapped the winds around herself, slowing down her descent and then sent a harsh gust towards Arashi's falling figure.

"I'm sorry half-breed. I need you gone for now." @Metty

Meanwhile, somewhere nearby a roar was heard. It was one of the undead dragons that plagued this poor city of Kaurilia. Will it interfere with this fight? Who knows? One thing is for sure though, it seemed to be waking up after sensing one of its kind nearby.

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Guest TheMinecrafter

You're going to die if you don't do something, who am I going to use after your death? That's right, I'd just die and I don't want that. You've been holding back this whole time, would your ancestors be proud of you? The dragon inside of her head said to her.

That's right. I'm pathetic. I don't remember anything, but why does that matter? The dragon is right....I've been holding back on my power the whole time. I shouldn't be. It's holding me back. Now it's my time to show everyone what I'm made of. Arashi thought.

So here she was, falling down to the ground at a fast speed. Not like that matter, cause she would able to tank the fall, if she did something quickly, she wouldn't fall to her death so suddenly. Noticing the harsh gale coming towards her, Arashi held out her hand, surrounding it with blue lightning, firing a powerful blast of blue lightning at the wind, hopefully, letting the electricity going through it to harm her foe. Surrounding herself in electricity, she attempted to slow her fall.

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Well electricity is fun an all but Khakina had seen all it can do and her opponenet barely knew anything about it except shock people. It was a sad day for lightning-themed powers but Khakina still needed to dodge. Khakina's slowed descent meant that her position was higher than Arashi. If so, then the lightning blast was approaching at Khaki in a upward angle something she had expected. Her solution was to drop her flotation devices and let gravity save her. 

With no more wind to maintain her altitude, Khakina's bodly plummeted at breakneck speed thus allowing her to dodge Arashi's attack. However, there's no time to debate if the fall will kill her first or Arashi does, because she needed to make her own attack before gravity does its shit and squashed her like pancakes.

Only problem she can already see the undead dragon looming at Arashi's back. In frantic hurry, Khaki instead unsheathes one of her bastard swords. Perhaps it is time to unleash her new skill- Wave Manipulation. With a grunt, her plumetting figure faced Arashi and made a vertical slash. Through the use of wave manipulation, Khakin was able to propel her slash forward until it reached Arashi's figure.

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