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[Relic] Highwind calm seas

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Location: The Golden Coast, Brummagen Bay

Brief: Mission from Proteus and Hunter’s Association has hired Grenseal to find the missing Highwind as well as search for any clues regarding Gaereth Kain’s disappearance.

Item: The Highwind

The lance was built for a legendary warrior of the Proteus Merchant Guard, Gaereth Kain. Renowned for hunting dragons and other winged monstrosities, Gaereth disappeared on a mission, never to be seen again. The lance was designed to be ridden by the user whilst airborne to further increase it's devastating descent. Rumors of a schematic that added airborne missiles and bombs have hovered around Proetus Enterprises for years, but nothing has ever been found.

Characters: Grenseal, [Open Slot], [Open Slot]


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