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Jakutai-ka | The Weakening

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Between Koji's own ability to sense the supernatural, and his colleagues of similar qualities, something they had never yet experienced in their time spent on Genesaran soil was the infamous Magestorms the region had to offer. He had heard stories, and had known them to happen on the continent since his arrival, though for a great season they were spared from the storms effect. The storm coming was said to be a strong one, it was reported that this specific type of Magestorm was referred to as The Weakening. Thanks to it's projected path of travel, the storm was predicted to last over the New Union Frontier (The Midlands) nearly twice as long as it's neighbors. The Weakening being a storm that weakens anything in the nature of the arcane, it only made sense for Koji to evacuate his family. With one, possibly two of his wives expecting, his two beautiful children, and his beloved Empress, their departure for the next couple of months only made sense. Lest the storm pass over sooner than anticipated. Preparations had been made to facilitate the transition, in which he left his Imperial City of the capable hands of his Seer, his Imperial Advisor, and the General of his Military. @Akako Akari @Mag? @Etched in Stone (Shuyi, Dove, and Kenshinobu)

Over the weeks that had passed since the Empress' coronation, the sites of the Datsuzoku brand had been busy at work fortifying structures and bolstering defenses for the storm to come. While the storm wasn't worrisome, the threat of invasion was far too great. The arcane forces of the Imperial Army and the Lurid Inquisition would find themselves in a weaker state during the storm, in which they would be left to hibernate in shifts to bide their energy. The hybids, humans, and some undead were to be the driving force of defenses while the Imperial family was away. Outside of Jigoku and Union City respectively, the bases and smaller towns and villages worked together to supply all with approximately just what they needed to survive the storm if things went too awry. As for the communities still hosting Trees of Evil and the abominations that flocked to them, they were left to stand on their own with what little population remained drawn to each respectively, the other creatures migrating away from the storm just as the Emperor was. The first tell-tell sign he should temporarily relocate was the sudden migration of the gore crows that had been breeding throughout the region. Koji wasn't quite ready to reveal the monsters breeding in his lands, though nature even in this sense could not be stopped. Whatever scourge and chaos spread to the surrounding nations was inevitably wrought, he would just have to hope that the creatures could return in the wake of the storm without witness or question; Or, that they had all been dispatched or otherwise prevented from returning in the first place. Regardless, more would come to replace the lost, and more would come in general.

The final task before leaving for Nehalen was the placement of TENNO in Genesaran airspace. The weaponized satellite shifted in the orbit of Valucre, positioning itself over Genesaris. Over Jigoku as a middle point to be exact. Should cause for concern arise in his absence, this tool could be used as a defense as well as to send a message to anyone foolish enough to try and invade them during a weak moment in existence. Koji himself would've been foolish enough to stay if it hadn't have been for events in his history that bothered him to this day. So long as he was at his best, and surrounded by those he loved, he had no worries of survival. While the mysterious Nana was still uncertain on his mind, Koji too chose to bring her along. His words had with Shuyi weighed heavily on him, in which he would have to harshly consider them before passing ultimate judgement. Perhaps by the time he returned, his mind would be made up.

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The very atmosphere grew thick as the calm before the storm progressed towards the inevitable. Already the lesser clouds of debris fled from the much larger, singular one on the edge of their quaint little country. Powerful gusts alluding to gale force winds brushed over the lands; building both in severity and duration. It didn't take long after the endurance of these events to be met with the squall. Violent winds harboring the largest cloud of debris anyone had likely ever seen, as wall as torrential walls of waters, began by hurling said debris into the structures erected all about the Imperial City, beginning in the eastern most point of the city's limits. Maverick waves of destruction licked down upon their beloved city, raking it thoroughly as if it sought the seed the Emperor had planted in it's very essence. While some areas were undoubtedly protected by magics and fortifications facilitated by the Imperial Military, and the Wolves of Jigoku themselves, even the Emperor's Empty pagoda's the the town's square were left rather vulnerable in his absence. The proof of this storm might left in it's wake to the east. 

Likewise, that strange feeling of feeling one's prowess siphoned from them grew severe ever more the closer the storm drew. And evermore sever it shall become until the passing of the eye of the storm.

@Etched In Stone

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