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LEGEND | Alterion

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  • Cosanastre
    • Lessertown
    • Daius Industries
    • Proteus Enterprises
    • MaGNUS Corp
    • Aureus Labs
  • Arkadia Prime
    • Proteus Enterprises
    • Proteus Merchant Guard
    • ARMADA
    • Alterion Space Program
  • Izral
    • The Free City
    • Home to the ruling body of the Merchant Princes.
    • Home to the Rebellion.
  • Xaengri-La
    • The Spirit Realm.
    • That which lies beyond the veil of life, Xaengri-La is home to those souls who met a tragic end and various other celestial and demonic beings. Given that it inhabits another plane entirely, Xaengri-La is massive (possibly limitless) in size and impossible to quantify.
  • Lands of Alterion
    • MaGNUS Forest
    • Devla Desert
    • Kageroth Mountains
    • Vysroth Peak
    • Kuten Syndicate Compound
    • The Grindstone



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Canon Events

(From most recent to further in the past)


  • Ain't that just the way
    • Short Summary
      • Jericho, Matte, and Levi infiltrate the prince of Izral, Velleh's estate and assassinate him. Retreating to a remote city called Minaiki to go under disguise and wait for Velleh's men to give up on finding them, Jericho and Matte wait together for a week and a half while Matte creates blueprints for a tracker to find the other gauntlet. Michael's reasoning for wanting the gauntlet pertains to Terrenus defense, the other of Zengi's gauntlets being traceable to the Casper plague. Although the pair's cover is blown in Minaiki, they are able to change disguises for the remainder of their stay. Finishing the tracker blueprints undercover, the two drop off the schematics to be completed by an artificer in Manaiki and part ways.
      • Players: @supernal @Ace @amenities (summary provided by amenities, for the Full Summary please look HERE)


  • Quick, wash out the blood!
    • Minor Summary
      • Following the events in home of the brave, Jericho uncovers information vital to the successful operation of the human trafficking racket he has uncovered. Jericho joins forces with a powerful witch to enact a plan of violent justice, crippling the slave ring, and providing him with a path for an even more effective attack.
      • Players: @supernal @Lady Gilaen (summary provided by supernal, for the Full Summary please look HERE)
    • Notable Consequences
      • Massive disruption to a primary trade route used by human traffickers
      • Not detailed here, but happening as an aftereffect – Jericho will publish the mafia's information so that the local police force as well as competition from non-human-trafficking traders adds further complication to his target
    • Opportunities
      • Bad – Some of those lesser criminals see an opportunity to climb the ranks
      • Good – Continue to disrupt trading routes and damage assets for criminal organizations


  • Home of The Brave 
    • Minor Summary
      • Jericho, a member of Justice, organizes a raid with two locally sourced mercenaries, Will and Middy. The raid includes not only the destruction of a major brothel, but the displacement of its slave labor into greater Alterion, helping them find their way back home or safe passage and the potential for gainful employment.
        Players: @supernal @Thotification @aesome (summary provided by supernal, for the Full Summary please look HERE)
    • Notable Consequences
      • A major brothel in Izral is destroyed and the slave workforce is set free, dealing a two-pronged blow to the business
      • The displaced slave labor is given means to escape Izral and get back to their homes and families through a cult-like operation calling themselves the Brothers and Sisters
      • Those servants and slaves without homes are given safe passage to Terrenus and connected to Justice satellite offices, as well as Middy's Black Head
    • Opportunities
      • Chase down the Brothers and Sisters of Justice
      • Contact supernal if this is taken up
      • Build a new business in the area that the brothel was destroyed


  • Kings Feast
    • Our top hunters are: of the fourth ranking, Epheren Tempral; of the third ranking, The Daemonslayer; of the second ranking, Dazkar; and of the first ranking, Dan Palmer.



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