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Black butler, Kuroshitsuji, Snakeascytale


Ascytale lets the words the demon speaks to him fly into one ear and out the other; they are not for him, not really, though she does not know it. The Voice sneers but does not retort. Perhaps it’s found the conversation altogether beneath him. Perhaps.

Unheeding of the cold shoulder Rev is giving him, the boy strides forward off the lift and trails after his companion, his gaze flitting over the sights and scenery the village sees fit to present to all those who have come to it for the very first time. Their journey through the path is halted when a female demon moves forward to block Rev’s path, a rather impressive expression of disgust plainly showcased on her face.

As the two begin to talk to each other in barely-concealed revulsion, Ascytale takes the time to carefully map out in his mind the roads they’ve taken, the twists and turns of the village within the giant Tree. One can never be too prepared to deal with sudden mishaps, and judging by their past record of nearly running into trouble, he rather thinks knowing an easy escape route would do him no harm whatsoever.

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