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Ben Meets Cotton!!!

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The patrons were busily moving in an out of the rickety set of doors to the small but neatly-designed tavern. Plates and glasses clinked back and forth for sounds all around. Voices, laughter and even deep conversations could be heard about in this quaint place. She stood over six feet tall, and had pink hair with hues of black, purple and blue in some places. She adjusted her hair, checking in her old mirror to make sure that she looked to be presentable for her meeting. Many men smiled, waved but did not engage in any conversation with such a beautiful woman. A waitress was to bring her two menus, only to stare in wonder: Where was her company?

"Uhm, are you expecting someone else miss uhm…." Asked the Waitress nervously as she was to hand the young lady the menus to look over.

"Alternate commitments will render my company late by a few minutes. Mother spoke highly of the dedication and the etiquette that I should show whence he is to arrive here. For the time being, I would require a large bottle of Ambrosia for him to consume once he arrives. Our alcoholic choices to refreshments are congruent; he will be elated and yet full of questions to ponder for me. There may even be emotions or even tears at the Pinnacle of our conversation, which will not be very detailed. Oh, I sincerely ponder on if this was a wise decision from mother unit."

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