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Acrophobia (Nightmare Realm 2:2B)

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The notion of mating was ridiculous, but the structure of the bridge put them at a severe disadvantage. If only they were fighting on flat ground, then they could clinch an overwhelming victory. However, as it was now, the harpies just had to cut the bridge and there would be no way for the full numbers of their forces to reach their enemies.

Murray’s suggestion was bravado, but it was just a quick way to ensure all of their deaths.

“I accept your proposition. We will discuss who crosses and who stays,” Fidelitas said loudly, his gaze never leaving the lead harpy, although the words were meant for Murray as well. The harpies had no objections to that, so the paladin tore his gaze away and levelled it on Murray. “We go back and let the rest know.”


((OOC temporary note: the below paragraphs may be edited if people on the bridge resist going back to the plateau))


The harpies did not molest them on their way back, and Fidelitas was at least a little glad when they finally set foot on the solid ground. He was not able to take much of a breather however, not when so many eyes and faces were fixated on him, expecting explanation and instruction.

“There’s a door on the other side,” he said. “These bird ladies will let three people cross-“ he paused here “-If three will stay to become their mates.” The second condition sounded even worse than the last one. “The rest will have to stay on this piece of land and look for another way out.” A longer pause here, as he let his words sink in. He hoped that there weren’t anyone dishonourable among them who would attempt to push anyone off so that they could be the ones to cross safely. “I will be willing to put myself among the harpies.” He was sure the harpies themselves were listening to their discussion, so he couldn’t be blatant. But if he lived among them, he would have a chance of tearing them apart from within, therefore opening up the plateau for the rest of them to arrive.

The three who would be moving through the door risked not knowing what lay ahead, but if they selected the correct people, perhaps they could bring help as well. There was still a chance they could all survive.

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Barristan pulled Fidelitas aside as they were all issued back. Usually Junia was the more social of the two, but right now she was more liable to stick a crossbow bolt in the man then anything else. 

"Are you insane?" he hissed in an undertone, lifting up his helmet's visor to look Fidelitas in the eye. "You trust these creatures of darkness to keep their word? We were close, we had a chance to break through! Now we have none, and you condemn a few to... ensure the safety of the rest? You have not ensured even that."

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"I reckon we're all gonna regret this." Murray spat.

But, much as he wanted to, Murray wasn't going to shoot his way through their commander in order to get at the Harpies. Reluctantly, he directed his men to pull back, until everyone was back where they started. As they reached the edge of the plateau, he stepped aside to where Ricky Shea was still posted on one knee, with his single-shot carbine at the ready.

"If a single one of 'em gets too close to the bridge, blow 'em back tuh hell." he directed, "Thanks tuh our leader, we ain't got much way of keepin' 'em from cutting down the bridge and strandin' all of us now. Rest of ya, if they start 'tackin' the bridge, light 'em up with whatever ya got."

As he looked back to Fidelitas, he saw that the knight had been pulled aside by another of the numerous people armed with archaic weaponry. Not caring if he was intruding on their conversation, he arrived in time to to hear the last couple of sentences, which was enough to know that he and the human tank from the Order of Force Majeure were on the same side of this matter.

"Naw, he's done for us a bit worse." Murray cut-in, "Before, we coulda charged their nests and forced 'em to devote their attention to defendin' those. Now they can try an' cut the bridge and we ain't got no one out there to stop 'em, save whatever men here got weapons that can reach tha' far. They got all cards now."

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