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There And Back Again

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The alarm put an end to Leo's solitary time after the women had separated from him, in fact he had been heading back to his cabin with the intention of taking a short nap. Things never went as planned, and the shrill whine of the alarm signaled that it was Leo's time to pull his weight, his tickets weren't half the cost for no reason. 

Unholstering his revolver from the drop leg holster Leo stalked from below deck to the top, his normally soft boyish features replaced with a surprisingly intimidating expression. A quick glance at the sky allowed Leo's above average eyes to make out the small, fast air ship closing in. Deciding it best to convene with the Captain and his crew Leo went up the secondary flight of stairs, opening the hatch with his left hand since his right was occupied holding the old magitec death dealer. "I take it that ship heading for us isn't friendly." Leo said as a form of announcement, his cocksure grin and dead eyes showing he was slipping into the beginning of a battle high. 

"I gotta say, this is already worth price of admission." Leo added, his body visually shivering in anticipation of the upcoming fight. Leo had been trained well, been through dozens of scenarios, fought beasts and monsters - but this was the first time he would be fighting other humans with lethal rounds loaded. Frankly Leo was excited, he had dreamed about this moment for quite awhile and while he did his best to hide his true nature under the guise of an awkward, friendly Weland boy the reality was very different. Leo was a battle addict, and from a young age he had known his life would be spent betting his own against others in the ultimate gamble. 

And he couldn't wait to get started. 

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Minerva had finished her food, went back to her cabin and just a few seconds after she had gotten comfortable the alarm sounded. With a heavy sigh, she went into her bag and grabbed an odd looking dagger which looked ritualistic in nature and was all black save for a red rune on it matching the one on her eye. Quietly she made her way to the top deck, humming a tune she'd hum when the villagers at her home came to kill another witch. It was a pleasant tune and it always had her skip instead of walk but she opted out of her usual skipping. 

Upon reaching the top deck where the captain and few others were located. Quietly she made her way to the furthest point of this deck and spoke quietly. "Astaroth I'd like Nix here. You'll be taking him back soon after. I can't keep him here." The ancient demon just laughed and cackled knowing the hellhound he gifted the young girl was about to cause havoc. A few minutes go by a blood red hellhound leaps onto the deck through a portal and instead of being a ferocious beast of the underworld it was big Tibetan Mastiff puppy. The puppy stared at Minerva and wagged its tail, happy to see its owner. 

The witch sat on the floor of the deck, petting her 'dog' and watching the ship get closer. She really hoped that no one told her to go back to her cabin to stay safe seeing as she looks young. That's always been a problem for her. That and the pile of bodies that came soon after that. Looking at the gun the guy named Leo was wielding she eyed it with a look of confusion. 'What kind of gun is that? It looks like a cross breed of technology and... is that magic?'

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Grovel stepped forward into the engine room and nervously shook Jenny's hand, every machine much louder once through the door. "You are Jenny, yes. Chief mechanic? Chief? Such power!" Grovel took a knee before Jenny, "I am servant Grovel, pleased to serve the chief." rising from his knee he proceeded to look at the various machines.  Wandering around, questioning each and every dial. The various contraptions and gadgets pleasing his simple desire to learn more.

"Very interesting, and you control all this? Truly a great chief! How do you manage such great tasks all by yourself?"

Grovels dabbles were interrupted by a sudden alarm, the great noise making him jump out of his skin. In fear, he draw his sword. "WHAT IS THAT?! ATTACK! WHAT DID I BREAK?!" The sudden muffled cry of 'pirates' could be heard from outside, crew and passenger could seen dashing back and forth from the porthole. Crew attempting to divert passengers back to their cabins. Grovel turned to Jenny "What do I do now?"

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On 6/19/2019 at 2:36 PM, Vetanoob said:

"Ah, shit."

He turned to the red-headed woman. "You might want to go back to your cabin and lock the doors, miss. This ride's gonna get bumpy."

Immie didn't know what was going on, and all because she'd seen a speck in the clouds.  She did know that the captain was not happy about it.  He was cursing and advising her to go to her cabin with her doors locked.  She didn't know what about the speck would make the ride bumpy.  Was it a sign of bad weather?  She looked out again at the black speck, and noticed that it was getting larger.  An alarm was going off, and she was almost knocked over by a crewman who was rushing about.  

"Pardon me, ma'am," he barely muttered before running off again to do some task.

Immie got away from the edge of the deck, staying closer to the middle of the ship where some barrels were located.  Maybe bumpy meant that she was in danger of getting bumped into.  She could have gone to her cabin, as the captain said.  There was tension rising in the air.  She could feel it.  She didn't know what was going on, but she wasn't about to miss it.  

"Pirates!" she heard one crewman pass on to another as they raced to different positions on the ship.  She knew exactly what pirates were.  She'd read many books on the subject, and had been fascinated by them.  She'd never actually seen one though, and this was her chance.  There was no way she was going to her room now.  She'd went on this voyage to see new things, and experience new things.  She couldn't do a fairly good job of that if she was locked away in her room.  She crouched close to the barrels, hoping she could see everything from there and still be unnoticed and out of the way.  

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Image result for Drawingardís valkyrja


Ardís rather thinks she’s doing a valiant effort at keeping her eyebrow where it’s supposed to be and not twitching all over the place at Victor’s words. Not only is it rather strange that he is here on the only apparent premise of searching for someone onboard the ship, but the compliments he pays her are altogether unwanted. She is this close to tell the man in no uncertain terms that his advances are not very appreciated when the sudden blaring alarm saves the metaphorical day. That battle-honed part in her falls to attention at the sound, and she stands to her feet without so much as a warning.

“Excuse me,” Ardís tells the man with a polite nod, “but I believe that is the signal summoning me to the captain’s deck.” Without looking behind to see whether he’s taken it upon himself to trail after her, the woman strides out of the dining hall with brisk purpose in her footfalls.

Out of the corner of her eye, she sees the other speck in the sky moving closer and closer towards their vessel. Her pace quickens, and in a matter of moments, Ardís steps through to the top deck, swords tucked carefully under the cloak draped across her back. She stands at the ready, gaze passing questioningly over those gathered around before her eyes finally settle on Allen as she waits for instructions.



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Meanwhile in the dining hall...

9 hours ago, vielle said:

“Excuse me,” Ardís tells the man with a polite nod, “but I believe that is the signal summoning me to the captain’s deck.”

Victor frowned at his snow white brushing him off like that. But he didn't seem perturbed by the sound of the alarm. In fact, everything was going according to plan. He would continue this game of hard-to-get with her later. Now that everyone was in panic and the ship's staff was indisposed with emergency procedures, he set off to find his target with a evil smirk on his face. 

Oh, how wonderful it was when a plan goes off without a hitch!

On the Kingfisher's Top Deck...

"Attention all passengers! This is your Captain speaking." Allen spoke through the public address system. "Please keep calm, return to your cabins, lock the doors and follow all of the attendants instructions. Rest assured that we will do everything we can to ensure your safety. Security team, make your way to the armory and arm yourselves. Team One secure the lower decks! Team two meet me up top!

Slamming the mouthpiece back onto the panel, Allen and Sebastian strode over to a dusty cabinet and opened it. There lay their arms and armor which the duo quickly equipped themselves with and headed out the cabin. They walked over to the middle of the deck and could only watch and wait at the silhouette of the pirate ship became clearer. 

On 6/25/2019 at 5:25 PM, The Rabbit Emperor said:

"I take it that ship heading for us isn't friendly." Leo said as a form of announcement, his cocksure grin and dead eyes showing he was slipping into the beginning of a battle high. 

"I gotta say, this is already worth price of admission."

The pair turned towards the white-haired student and returned the grin with their own. "Huh... and here I thought you'd be disappointed at having to do some work." Allen exclaimed. "Let's just hope you don't get more than what you paid for.

Just then, the trio saw Ardís stepping onto the top deck to join them in her own battle garb and looking just as calm and determined as she was the first time they met. As Security Team Two rushed out onto the deck to join them, Allen counted his strength. There was twenty security personnel below deck which constituted team one. Now he had another twenty here with him plus Ardís, Leo, Sebastian and himself. 

The Captain frowned. This was too convenient. For a pirate ship to attack them right where the window of opportunity was small... he could not shake the feeling that somehow this was all planned ahead. 

Little did the defenders know they would have unplanned participants in the upcoming battle. One hiding behind a stack of barrels in the corner, and another at the rear of the deck.

Down in the Engine room...

As the klaxons of the alarm echoed throughout the ship, Jenny was nervous. What was happening? Pirates? Here? What would she do now? What could she do?

On 6/28/2019 at 3:46 AM, Rabbit said:

"WHAT IS THAT?! ATTACK! WHAT DID I BREAK?!" The sudden muffled cry of 'pirates' could be heard from outside, crew and passenger could seen dashing back and forth from the porthole. Crew attempting to divert passengers back to their cabins. Grovel turned to Jenny "What do I do now?"

"Everything's going to be alright, Grovel!" The chief mechanic raised her arms in an effort to calm down her sword-wielding guest. Jenny was a tad fearful of weapons. She tried not to get close to anything that would look like weapon, much less touch one. "Just... just put down the blade and stay here with me. We can get out when it's all over."

If what she heard over the PA system was right, then they were being attacked. But by who? Pirates? Hoping to get some sense of what was going on, she turned away from Grovel hoping that she would be less likely to panic without a weapon in her sight, and grabbed a telephone mouthpiece hung on the wall. 

"Hello? Allen, are you there? What's going on? Are we being attacked?" Jenny spoke. But there was no answer. She surmised that he must be out on the deck trying to take control of the situation. She breathed deeply as she put down the mouthpiece, trying to calm herself before facing Grovel again. 


Hard raps startled her out of her thoughts. Turning towards the Engine room's hatch, she saw a handsome, middle-aged man with a scar across his eye. 

"Hello? Is someone there? I got lost and I can't find my way back to my cabin! Could I seek shelter in here? Please! I fear I won't make it in time!" The man pleaded.

Jenny knew unauthorised persons were not allowed in the engine room. But there was Grovel... another person seeking shelter wouldn't hurt, would it? Eventually, her goodwill overrode common sense and she quickly opened the hatch. "Get in! Quickly! You'll be safe here!" The well-dressed man stepped in and Jenny quickly closed and locked the hatch behind her. 

"Whew... You're lucky that yo--GURKKK!" Jenny's eyes went wide as the very same impeccably dressed man quickly turned on her and grabbed her by the neck, clamping down on her windpipe. 

"Thank you, little lady." Victor Lynd sneered. "Now if you would just go to sleep, by the time you wake up you'll find yourself back into your family's arms in no time."

"I...grk... no... guh..." She sputtered as her mind went blank and her vision started to dim. Someone... anyone, Allen! help!

Back at the Top Deck...

"Everyone!" Allen turned to face his security team. "Brothers and Sisters of the Kingfisher. I'd rather fight beside you than any other crew of hundreds. Let no pirate, thug or thief forget how menacing we are or can be, we are lions! You know what's in that ship, waiting to throw whatever they have against us. Well, I'm going to tell you that we will throw them back from whence they came, or die trying!"

The band of militia roared and clanged their weapons. Sebastian let a small smile grace his lips. They may not have the best equipment or a professional army to protect themselves. But with their captain, they would do anything to protect their passengers, their ship and their way of life!

Turning back towards Sebastian, Leo and Ardís, Allen estimated the pirates to now be within cannon range. "Don't worry. They won't shoot us down. A crashed ship holds no loot for them, I know how they behave. They'll tether themselves to us with harpoons and board us with grappling hooks when they get nearer. But we're on home turf, and they won't know what we have in store for them!"

The pirate ship arrived moments later and pulled itself alongside the Kingfisher. Moments later, hatches opened from its side and cannons poked out of them with harpoons jutting out of the barrels. Explosions sounded as the cannons fired their salvo.

"INCOMING!" Allen roared, slamming a button on the floor with his foor. Almost immediately, boards of thick oak planks shot up in front of the defenders and shielded them as harpoons embedded themselves into the hull of the ship and grappling hooks soared over their heads and landed harmlessly on the deck; but not before they zipped back and clutched themselves onto anything in their path. 

Thunk Thunk Thunk! Went the harpoons and hooks as they hit the ship.




"OORAHHHH!" A warcry echoed that shook even the most hardened of men to their core. Scores of men slid down the ropes of the hooks as they leapt onto the deck and charged the defenders.

The battle was on!

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After watching everyone pile on the top deck and listening to Captain Allen she smiled and Minerva gave her hellhound a quick pat on the head. "Are you ready boy?" Nix panted happily and barked up at his master before turning to see the pirates pile onto the ship. The pirates attacked the Kingfisher's crew first before some of the pirates came over with their weapons trained on the 'teenager'. They obviously didn't want to hurt a child but one grabbed her by the arm and lifted her to her feet. "Come on girl. You're coming with us." The pirates hoped in the middle of the chaos they'd be able to take a prisoner but as the walked her towards their ropes the pirate holding onto Minerva felt a bite onto his leg. Upon looking down he saw the red puppy and kicked him off, the pup sliding towards the edge of the air ship. 

Minerva whistled loudly and the hellhound rapidly grew in size, quickly reaching nine feet tall and howled a deep, loud howl that would be heard over the combat going on. "Get them boy." The pirate had let go of Minerva as the hellhound bounded towards the pirates and latched down onto one, throwing the pirate over the side of the ship, the pirate screaming the entire way down until he couldn't be heard screaming anymore. "Oh Nix? Could you maybe go to the other ship and cause some needed havoc." The hellhound ran towards the other ship and leapt through the air, just barely landing on the ship which in turn lead to pirates attacking Nix and Nix attacking pirates. With a smile on her face she spoke quietly as she sat back down. "Good boy."

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Jenny managed to calm the panicking Grovel, his rapid breath slowing down as he sheathed his sword. He could faintly make out the echoing of combat up top, the firing of a gun rang throughout the corridors. A sudden knock came at the door, Jenny went to answer a pleading man. Her gentle nature showed, as she allowed him in. Grovel took a seat, trying to comfort himself with his own thoughts.

‘Breathe - Breathe - calm - Remember what master always said, you-’

There was a sudden choking sound, peeking through the pipes the slave watched as the man suddenly pounced on the girl. In a split second he had her by the throat, she tried calling out but failed. 


Self Curse - Blood Angel - Heal a target's wounds, but the caster will take on those injuries. 

He felt the sudden force being applied to his neck, the bruising starting to form. Immediately dashing around the corner and kicking the man, the pirate was sent flying into the door. Once his grip had been released, the pressure from his neck disappeared. Grovel unsheathed his sword and raised it above the enemy, the pirate tried to shield himself but failed. Bringing his sword down, Grovel sliced his left hand off. Blood splattered against the door, forming a small pool below. The pirate screamed out in pain before quickly passing out, his body going limp. Turning Jenny, he quickly attended to her injuries.



Self Curse - Blood Angel - Heal a target's wounds, but the caster will take on those injuries. 




“I deal with issue, now I’ll heal you.” Her bruising quickly faded, becoming part of Grovel existing scaring.

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On 7/4/2019 at 7:05 AM, Vetanoob said:


Immie heard the word from her position, and even though it was to prepare her for what was to come she would never be fully prepared.  She was not prepared for the sound of the blast from the other ship as it launched it's torpedoed hooks, nor the hooks scraping across the wood, splinters flying everywhere, and the final tug of the hooks in the sides of the ship.  It pulled the airship in a slightly slanted position, and Immie was hard pressed not to topple over.  The barrels beside her were made of heavier material than herself, and they didn't move.  She decided to hold on to one of them for support as her eyes widened in wonder.  This was what she was waiting for.  Adventure.

Soon she could see rough looking people sliding from the ropes attached to the hooks on the side of the ship.  They were shouting, "Aaaahhhh!" as they slid with one hand on the rope and other carrying a sword or gun of some sort.  She could definitely tell the difference in who was a person on her ship and one from the other.  The clothes, facial hair, foul language as well as foul stench gave the pirates away.  This was one of the things that the books failed to mention when she read about the sea scavengers... the stinky scent that followed them wherever they led.  One had come close to her, and she hid behind the barrel with her nose covered by her hand.  This was not romantic, as some of the books had tried to lead her to believe.  

The sight of the dead bodies were gruesome as well.  Some were of the pirates, but some were of her own fellow ship companions.  She soon closed her eyes tightly too, against the sight.  This was not what she wanted in her adventure.  It was not pleasant and in fact, intensely traumatizing.  With her nose covered and her eyes squeezed tightly shut, there weren't that many senses left.  The sense of hearing became more acute though, as she then heard a loud and strange howling sound.  Her eyes quickly opened to see a large and ferocious dog-like animal biting at the pirates.  Screams could be heard, shots were fired, blood spurted, and chaos reigned.  Immie had closed her eyes for too long, and she'd missed the fact that she'd been spotted by one of the pirates.  It seemed that there wasn't any logic to the pirates' methods.  They were just finding the weak and killing off as many as they could.  With the red head hunkering down among the barrels, she seemed to be an excellent target.  

He growled as he came forward, a scimitar in hand.  She let out a little shriek as he got closer, his stench seeming to waft toward her before he was able to even get close.  He grabbed a handful of her red hair as she tried to run around the barrel she was hiding behind.  The action pulled her back onto the barrel with enough force to set the heavy barrel off balance.  The pain was sharp and searing, but she had to keep her wits about her.  She knew she wasn't going to be getting out of this mess easily.  She wondered to herself for a brief second why she hadn't just gone to her cabin and locked the door like she'd been asked?  After wasting that second on the useless thought, she decided to use the momentum of the toppling barrel to knock it the rest of the way over into the pirate.  She used the force of her legs and her bottom to knock it over, along with the fact that the ship was slightly off kilter anyway, and it hit the pirate right between the legs before rolling away.  He bent down in pain, literally out of breath.  His hold on her hair loosened enough for her to pull away with a few strands less than she'd had before.  She turned and swung her leg up to kick the pirate in the face as he was bent over, and then she started to run.  She hoped she could make it to her cabin before more pirates came into her vicinity, but she doubted it.  


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