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Akako Akari

Hanami - Flower Festival [OPEN]

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"You're supposed to act strong for your people, vixen..."

A familiar voice was heard, confirming the presence he felt. Arthur was here, and with Tenkai he'd arrived no less. An odd pair to travel together if one were to ask Xartia himself. A year ago, just after Akako's prolonged disappearance, Arthur too vanished from Xartia's life. With he recent return, was it more than mere irony that had Arthur here now? As if he'd never left, he managed to not even speak to Xartia, or acknowledge him in any manner really. To add to his frustration, Arthur continued on with trying to coach Akako through a situation that for all intents and purposes was completely under control. He didn't understand why, though Akako did and for Xartia that was enough. Dare she explain herself to him? Not the Akako he knew.

"I'm sorry that I wasn't here earlier. I should have been next to you when that man arrived, but it doesn't change what you have to do. These people expect your protection, so please try and look like you're in a protective mood...Not that I know much about being a leader,"

"It's fine now, because I am here."

He mentioned as he stared at Arthur's face a brief moment, only to be distracted by the sudden approach of  a wraith. Thanks to his Wizard Eyes he was able to see it, as humans saw anything else in the mundane world. Less to do with his magical knowledge and more to do with his half demon lineage if one were to truly inquire. With the delivery of it's message in regards to some other unsavory visitors, it vanished as swiftly as it came to be. It's entire existence among them fleeting in and of itself.

"People seem to be really testing my patience today," Arthur's annoyed voice broke the silence after the wraith's disappearance, swallowing half of another eclair before turning to Akako again. "What's with these pushy guys whose attention you seem to be attracting?"

"Please, enlighten us."

He stated with a hint of sarcasm as his sparkling emerald eyes settled upon the mage once more. The nerve of some people. Annoyed at anyone deserving unless it came to themselves. Perhaps the Magician had been foolish to think he could have truly become friends with the Mage. Like all the others did inevitably, he left. Though in this case he returned as if he hadn't been mysteriously silent for the majority of the past year. Some things never changed, Arthur was still chasing after the Vixen after these several months. Perhaps he went away to find her. Obviously he had found her, which raised the question; How long ago did he find her? Khaliq on the other hand sat back and watched the curious case of his father becoming bothered, something he hadn't seen yet aside from his recluse reaction earlier over that Koji guy with the scaly arm.

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It was hard not to notice a man of the robe approaching him. Even more rare, Koji didn't typically recall Monks traveling seemingly alone with a sword and an eye patch. Though it was nothing like his own, Koji senses an immense pressure contained within the man approaching. Though his robes were large and somewhat loose, Koji's keen senses allowed him to perceive his rather impressive physique. While he had heard Katiya just fine, his entire demeanor shifted to the more recluse one he held in front of Xartia and Akako. He refrained from responding in anticipation of the approaching man to speak.

“Seems a bit hazardous to traipse about while possessing that kind of aura.”

"Then you understand why I keep it suppressed."

Initially when he was born, he was given a power limiter in the form of a color, just like the one his mother used to wear. Akako however, decided to grant him the gift of removing it; A feat he'd always view in a much better light than her history of torturing him, and his late Empress before his very eyes...Only to cast him into the infinite void and leave him for death. When the Monk spoke again his mask cracked, a cheeky grin reminiscent of his father's. Generally speaking, where he'd correct most on referring to him as Tenno, there was something musing about it coming from a Holy man.

“Still, I would say it’s an unmistakable aura at that. You are the Datsuzoku-tennō, Datsuzoku Koji, are you not?”

"I am...How might I be of service to you?"

His amusement could easily be read as a malicious, though he meant no harm to the Monk. Though he was a bit informal with his manners, Koji seemed to be much more tolerant outside of the image made for him in his own nation. Whether his entourage caught on to his veiled sarcasm or not was on them, but for those that did a laugh was sure to be shared. Still, his words were somewhat genuine. He was certainly curious as to why someone actually decided to approach them, in a place where they seemed to be perpetually shunned.

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5561096dd9f4825e93f7e4627ad21dfc.jpgyanaihara kōharu


It does not take long before someone takes pity on their plight and their lost pilgrimage about the expansive gardens; she would have never admitted to being lost before Jun had materialized before them and had ultimately guided their way at last. The party follows Akako’s second familiar, an avian yokai with glimmering feathers Kōharu finds quite distracting on the short journey through the estate to where the Regent has positioned herself in, overlooking the crowd and the performances on the lawn.

Amidst polite greetings and formal bows, Kōharu presents the gift they’ve prepared for the Lady of Port Caelum without further delay, and it is thus accepted with due haste as is proprietary. She does not dwell too long on the interactions that occur; it does not take much to understand that Akako seems—tense, if that is indeed the right word for it. She could venture to say that the Lady is unnerved, even, although Kōharu does not know why exactly.

Perhaps it is because the Emperor himself is here. That particular thought, she decides, is a rather dire one.

Shortly after the group had moved away from the Regent and her associates seated beside her,  Kōharu senses a dark presence flit by her, a disturbance in the natural order of things. It is beyond her ability to determine its precise nature, but the feeling persists: it heralds a somber omen she cannot quite easily shake.

Even in the midst of such revelry and joy in the day’s celebrations, the coastal air is cold and just a touch bitter—almost ominous, if one were to think upon it deeply. Kōharu wraps her arms tighter around herself as she leads her retainers towards the docks, and whatever sort of festivities lie beyond for the night. 

There is something that promises change in the wind, something heavy and tangible enough to be felt. All one can do is to be prepared for it, and in this, Kōharu decides, she will be ready.


exit right.

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"Seems like the show started. We should probably head towards Akako's place soon." 


“Yeah, I guess we do, hopefully she doesn’t try ter suffocate me with de pillow again.” He said with a nervous chuckle. It was a joke mostly in jest to their…acrimonious relationship. He wasn’t sure what it was but he was pretty sure Akako didn’t like him that much. At the very least she always gave mixed signals, at one point she’d chew his head off easily, at others they’d be just as close to family as anything else. It was strange, but not something Leon tended to worry about. Besides, she gave them the information on this beautiful flower festival and it was a great place for he, the wife and child to travel. He gave a relaxed sigh as he took sight of Crystal and Kyna.

It was something that made him feel…complete at the sight, for years he spent trying to find something to fill the void of missing camaraderie, affection, and just a pure sense of belonging. Fighting both physical and mental obstacles on the way through, taking a sight of Crystal as she stood feeding their child just gave him validation that at the end of it all it was worth it.

He gave a smile, not for any particular reason, just for Crystal to know that everything was right, and he was happy.

As she asked about Raven however.

“I don’t know, it’s been so long since I’ve seen Raven, I just kind of hope she isn’t mad at me for just going on my own way…”

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As the performance came to an end, Akako forced her lips to tilt upwards into a smile and clapped along with the rest of the crowd. Arthur's voice cut into the soft patter of clapping and Akako stopped, not looking at him but listening to the baritone of his voice. She wasn't surprised that he could sense her unease and the restlessness that she did well to conceal. While to others she looked stern, to Arthur she was uncomfortable and upset with the uninvited guest coming into her home. Perhaps it was a perk from their past intimacy, maybe he was more intuitive than most, or a mixture of both. 

The apology uttered stirred human emotions to the surface and Akako wondered if she had been around them too long. Her gaze turned to look at the mutant from the corner of her eye before looking back to the stage as another group of performers assumed a formation before the music started again. If Arthur had been at her side before Koji's arrival, would she have been less shaken? It was unlikely. It wasn't just his appearance that had sown the seed of discomfort, but the information imparted. Her human counterpart, the woman she'd done everything in her power to protect, had possibly been the cause of that night. The vixen knew that it wasn't intentional, but it didn't change the fact that Akako felt disposable to her. Perhaps it would be in her best interest to not grow closer to humans for the foreseeable future. With their short lifespans, their attention and affection seemed volatile and unpredictable.  

Before she could be given a moment to gather her thoughts to respond to the mage at her side, Xartia cut in. Her nose twitched and the scent of pepper burned her nose. The Cambion was not happy. It dawned on her that he might not know her relationship with the mage; though it hardly mattered at this point. Akako had stolen away one night and she hadn't spoken to the mutant since. Not really at least. They had shared a brief greeting during Heaven or Hell, but that was it. When her opponent never arrived, Akako made herself scarce to avoid the conversation she knew would follow. It was something of a surprise when he showed up with the others, but then again, she knew Arthur to be the persistent type. What was strange though was the fact that Xartia and Arthur clearly hadn't talked at all between the time that she was introduced to the mutant and now. 

There wasn't time to wonder why. Akako's ears twitched as they tingled sensing a force, an aura that was unnatural and dark. Golden eyes brightened, glowing as if a light had been cast in them and she saw the wraith. Akako knew that both Arthur and Xartia would be able to see the creature as well.  The Festival was meant for emissaries to meet the demoness, to build goodwill across nations. This visit was unexpected though and the threat was not appreciated. She was not given an opportunity to retort or to ask questions and so she huffed in annoyance before turning her eyes back to the stage and lifting a small glass of sake to her lips. 

"Strength means blessed with an enemy," the vixen spoke to the pair of them. 

Jun approached with another leader introduced as Kōharu. Akako accepted her gift and then watched as they left before rising from her place on the floor. Her golden eyes cast to the sky, she watched as lanterns filled the sky like fireflies.




Crystal arrived in the courtyard with the infant tucked into a wrap that held her close to her body, sleeping soundly even as the music continued. The fingers of her left were laced with Leon's as they navigated the crowd before spotting Akako standing and looking to the sky. The elemental smiled and tugged Leon closer before approaching the group. Her eyes then caught Xartia and she frowned. Of course, he was here, how could he not be. It had been a long while since she'd seen the Cambion and she had hoped that she wouldn't ever have to see him again. Unfortunately, their social circles were relatively small. 

"Lady Akako, I am sorry we're so late." 

The vixen turned her golden gaze to Crystal and a ghost of a smile appeared on her face before she stepped towards them. "It's no matter. How have you been, Crystal? Motherhood suits you." Akako then glanced over Crystal's shoulder at Leon and her brows furrowed. "And you... I hope you have been making yourself useful and giving your wife time to rest." As always, Akako was stern with the alien. 

Crystal giggled, the fingers of her free hand covering her lips as her shoulders shook, clearly amused. "He's doing just fine, mother." Crystal spoke the last word in jest and the corners of her eyes crinkled in mirth.  "We have been well, all of us. There have been adjustments of course, but we're well." 

"I see. Well then..." Akako looked back to Arthur, Xartia, and Khaliq and then back to the small family before her. "I suppose you know Xartia," Akako said with a bit of venom in her tone before continuing, "The other gentleman is Arthur, a close friend of mine. The child is Khaliq, Xartia and Red's son." Turning to the others at her back, "This is Crystal, Leon, and their daughter Kyna." Crystal's brows had shot up into her brows when Akako introduced Khaliq. Apparently, she had missed a lot. 

"You are all welcome to stay here as long as you need," Akako announced as she looked back to the trio again. The daiyokai then looked to the avian familiar and Jun stepped forward. "Show them to their rooms, please." Jun hinged at the waist then motioned for Crystal and Leon to follow. 

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"And you... I hope you have been making yourself useful and giving your wife time to rest."


Leon attempted to force a smile at the comment. Clearly, he was both angered and confused, what has he’s done to even have her think he wouldn’t give Crystal time to rest? Maybe he was getting to angry for no reason, maybe she was just being overly concerned for the lass she has raised since childhood.  So Maybe it was just her being protective. He sighed and gave a grin. Luckily it seems Crystal defended him and he would rather not speak over her in order to defend himself. Akako went back into business however, and began to introduce them to three men that stood before them.

Leon gave a smile but felt something was off when Akako had mention Xartia, but as far as he knew Akako was always angry so thought nothing of it. However, something did seem off and he wasn’t quite sure what it was. As Akako Introduced him, Crystal, and their child, he stood erect and gave a salute. It was mostly habit at that point, along with his stern silence during his introduction, it was almost the same when he met Akako and probably wouldn’t change that.

"You are all welcome to stay here as long as you need,"

That was something that Leon was actually relieved to hear. He gave a quick grin, but wanted to talk with Akako about something else. It would seem however they were already being led to their rooms To which Leon, with Crystal’s hand still in his own followed.

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The Festival came and went without much disturbance aside from Akako's brief meeting with Koji and the strange wraith sent by the leader of Legion. The Regent met with several emissaries, received gifts, and broke away before the nights' end to speak to the Emperor of the Carmine Empire. She was not the only one building political relationships, however. Many others mingled during the festivities, introducing one another in hopes to plant seeds that would blossom into an alliance down the line. 

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