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Long Way Down (Nightmare Realm 2:2A)

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"Well that sucked ass," Sera grumbled as the last bit of zombie was decimated before her very eyes. She was more wary about what's coming next for their little group than actually worrying about her potential allies especially those two dudes that somehow got stunned. Shrugging, she pulled Khaki and together the two tried their best to reach their downed allies. Unfortunately for them, they could only go so far.


Sera and Khaki = Move one square down, two squared left towards the stunned people.



"Interesting," the Mistress spoke, her eyes glinting with amusement. If there is one thing she thoroughly enjoyed, it is the sense of wonder in experiencing something new. The orange glow on her feet clearly indicated a sense of danger and she would have liked to stay longer just to see how dangerous it is but time is of the essence. Sighing rather dejectedly but not before she gave Vlad a kind smile, she moved away from her spot and towards one of her allies (Hensch men). Once she reached the individual, she pulled him by the collar and shook him awake in hopes of removing his stun. She would have helped the others but certain unknown factors prevented her from making more actions.


The Mistress - Move 1 step left, one step up and remove stun of Hensch men


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As the fight got intense, a powerful shriek was heard that drove even more darkness and fear.  However, unlike normal people, because of what he experienced, instead of falling prey and becoming vulnerable, he became more alert as a burning zombie attacked while the floor began to heat up.

"No way!  I wont be afraid!" he shouted, in possibly the loudest voice anyone there had heard the boy used, as he countered the zombie's attack, avoiding the damage as he zapped to the side and delivered powerful electrical slashes.  However, maybe because of the electrical energy he build up earlier, or maybe because of his own clear issues and background that seemed to drive him, his attack was unusually potent and cut up the Zombie, while avoiding the damage that was attempted upon him.

After that, he once again tried to calm himself, but the situation did not help.  But with all of his built up lightning, he ended up discharging it in a massive burst, avoiding all of his allies while hitting four enemies.  The zombie next to him, the Banshee up top, and both undead approaching from the other hallway.  Clearly on some level of rampage and energy, lightning seemed to swirl around him as he seemed to turn into lightning itself, the bolts moving around everyone rapidly and appearing just short of where the Banshee had been.  And he did not look pleased, at all.  

He then rushed on up towards the thing that had mentally attacked him, and then delivered to it a powerful electrical burst, annihalating it with extreme prejudice.


Noah's Actions

Free: Used Counter Attack, used Normal Buff to make it work, and used Special Buff to make it deal enough damage to finish off the burning Zombie (Noah seems to get agitated when attacked psychicly, huh?).  As both Counter Attack and Advanced Buff are Free Actions, and he still had the normal buff stored up, that was how he did that.

First: Used Meditate to restore Sanity, Successful!  Now back at full Sanity.  Is still at Full HP thanks to Counter Attack. Area Attack and dealt lightning damage to the various enemies he could see, including killing the damned Banshee.

Second and Third First: Moved up four spaces.  

Third: Ranged attack the Banshee to death.

Additional notes: He is basically surrounded by deadly lightning, and is taking various violent action.  Wouldn't be surprised if it occured to the Banshee that it might have done something that was ill advised.  lol

Banshee died now, cause from what I read it had 1HP.  No More Banshee, and lots of things are closer to dead if not dead already.


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When the skull began its horrific scream, the one who took it first was Grunt. But for some reason, the sound of screams did not seem to bother him the same way it did those behind him. Fittingly, it was the sanest person there (Jessie) who was most effected, for what crazed minds were only emboldened by the drive toward insanity, while those who were clinging so desperately to reason were the most vulnerable. And for a women who had long lived her life from a position of power, not political power mind you, but the type of power one has when they are the one holding the gun, when they are the one who has the drop, when they are the one ultimately calling the shots (and firing them too), being in a position where she no longer had control was maddening. More maddening was to hear the voices of the dead, those many souls she had murdered without mercy, calling out for vengeance. She could see their faces, even if the banshee skull itself was not conjuring them itself. No, the illusion was brought on by her own mind, a visual association with the auditory stimuli being force-fed into her brain. 

"You're all dead! YOU'RE ALL DEAD!" she screamed repeatedly.

Part of her knew this had to be an illusion, she had already seen many of these faces on the surface, before they had fallen into this hell. Yet, the apparitions now seemed even more terrifying than they did then, even with the knowledge that this couldn't be real. Or maybe it was? What if... what if she really was in hell?

"NO DAMMIT! NO!" she screamed, whipping out her machete and swinging it at the ghostly visages that only she could see.

She nearly took off Deckel's arm in the process.

"WHOA! Whoa whoa whoa! What are ya doin'!?" Scoot exclaimed, stepping forward to try and restrain the woman.

Only to step in to the path of the banshee's wail.


But ahead of them, Grunt started the skull down head-on.

"You can't intimidate me. I've made more people scream than you have bones in your body!" he snapped (as poor a taunt as it was, given the skull was just... a skull...), "CHAAAAARGE!"

He reloaded his launcher as he drove forward into a full sprint, an action which caused some of his companions to try and grab and stop him, but they only got drug along for the ride. Before they knew it, they were deep into the next room, while Grunt was firing his rocket straight into the skull. It exploded with a loud boom, sending shards of bone in every direction.

"Damn it boy!" Chief groaned, "Ya shouldn't go chargin' in like tha'!"

"That's what they said when I invaded Kargonsburg!" Grunt barked.

"Wuh, yer the one who attacked Kargonsburg!? That was a massacre! That town was just mindin' its own business!"

"Yes, but if fighting is sure to result in victory, then you must fight!" Grunt responded.

Chief's jaw slowly lowered in shock and horror, as Grunt added:

"Gun Schu said that!"




Health: 4

Sanity: 4 (still feels high)

Action 1 - Move (left to 11B, 18A): 10 = success

Action 2 - Move (down to 11B, 19A): 7= success

Action 3 - Attack (banshee skull at 11B, 21A): 4= success - target eliminated



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Group 3: 

As the group sought a path out of the inferno, they were assailed from both front and back. Sheryl narrowly avoided the ill attentions of two new arrivals coming in through a passage that looked like it would have led to safety, and she deftly darted away, keeping up defensive rearguard for the party, as the others pressed forth and smashed through the opposition on the other side. She could confidently take down the attackers, but time was not on her side. Judging from the way the room was lighting up, eventually the whole area would be embroiled in flames.

It was something she could use to her advantage.

"Come on, dark slave" she hissed. "Come on meat"

"Come perish like the foul thing you are"



Turn 3. Action 1

Move: Up 1. Left 1.

Turn 3. Action 2 (from saving last turn)

Taunt. monsters to the east.

Turn 3. Action 3

Defend next attack.

Turn 3. Action 4 (from saving last turn)

Move: Left 2.





Name: Sheryl Wainwright

HP: 5/5

Sanity: 5/5 (Sanity restored)

Normal skills: Taunt, Meditate, Defend

Special Skills: Mass Healing (3 uses), Counter-Attack (3 uses), Area Attack (3 uses)



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As Gormaric is making a beeline for what appears to be the only safe route from the room, the ground beneath him begins to rumble. Deeply, as if a large stomach deep in the depths of the hell they were in was growling, hungering for something. The rumbling increased in force until it seemed like the world around him was coming undone at whatever seams it had left. Or maybe it was just his world. It was hard to tell now, but whichever one it was, it had the same effect. The shaking seemed to freeze him, as if something impossibly heavy had replaced the bone and resolve at the center of his very being.

Suddenly, the floor underneath him began to crack. Before he could react, chains erupted from the floor and quickly wrapped themselves around his body. Tightly. The force at which they constricted him seemed to rend his flesh and threaten to shatter the bones within. They just kept tightening, like relentless and angry snakes. The air around them began to shimmer as they began to heat up, the chains beginning to burn him wherever they touched him. His grit would be tested, as the chains eventually began to glow with their increasing heat. The burning they inflicted upon him was no normal burn though.

Although they burned his skin, it was the burning they would cause within him that would bother him the most. Raw, feral, memories of his darkest moments began to burn as bright as the sun in his mind and heart, escaping whatever cell he’d tried to lock them in order to stand unshaken. Memories of his failures and wasted opportunities flashed before the knights eyes in a quick but agonizing sequence. The pain and suffering in his life that had made him as strong as he was…was now threatening to tear him down. All…the way…DOWN.

The floor buckled and gave way, sending his bound form careening into the infinite darkness below.



When he’d open his eyes later on, he’d notice that he was standing. Effortlessly, as if some unseen force kept him grounded and on his feet, refusing to let him falter. Perhaps some part of him that had always kept him upright in the darkest of times was to blame. Perhaps that was why he hadn’t already succumbed to the decay beforehand.

There’s always a part of a person that refuses to die.

Where he stood was almost the polar opposite of where he’d been before. Although he wouldn’t be able to see any ice on the floor or walls of the long, dark, hallway, he’d notice that it was now below freezing and that his winged companion was no longer with him. It was just him. And the dead silence. He wouldn’t even be able to hear his own heartbeat or the passing of air from his nostrils. It was as if he’d been suddenly dropped in a narrow, cramped, and dark vacuum.

The only source of light and the only thing making it possible to see, was a faint, dim, orange light far into the distance. It seemed to shimmer like a mirage, but there was no escaping the feeling it gave off. The feeling of something being there with him in the nothingness. Even more apparent was the ambiguity concerning the lights nature. Was it malevolent? Benevolent? He would not be able to discern for sure. But something was definitely there, and there was obviously nothing but darkness behind him. The fuse of what lay behind had already burned out, and there was no way to make it come back.

He’d feel compelled to walk towards it, the sound of ashes crunching beneath his feet filling the void. The sound was unstable and rickety, as if they’d give way at any moment and send him even further down. But he’d have to press on. With bravery? A morbid Curiosity? Fear? What stirred within the knights mind was of his own doing.


Dear Diary,


Auntie Tee said she’d be back in a few days.




The voice echoed throughout the hallway, but he wouldn’t be able to tell if it was coming from behind him, or in front of him. It seemed to have no origin, and it didn’t seem to be coming from his head. So where, then? It had sounded like the voice of a little girl, the chipper tone it had hinting at the voices innocence and bright out-look for the future.


She told me she got picked for a very special job in the city. She said that until she gets back, she wants me to stay in the house with uncle Gary. Uncle Gary is old, but he always seems to know exactly what to do. We should be okay. He also knows how to cook some really good pancakes! Yay, pancakes!


The ashes coating the ground now began to shift and fidget, as if the ground Gormaric had gained was a nuisance to it. A defiance that threatened its pointless, empty, rest.


Dear Diary,


It’s been almost a week now and Auntie Tee hasn’t come back. I asked Uncle Gary if he knew where she was and he told me that she wasn’t far and was still in the city. But thats weird. If she’s still in the city, why won’t she come home? Grown-ups take breaks at their jobs right? Why can’t she just stop by in the morning to have some pancakes with me and Uncle Gary? Uncle Gary keeps telling me not to worry since Auntie Tee is the best at her job, but I don’t know what her job is. I know that she works with the police, but she’s at home most of the time and almost never goes into work. She only goes when the man on the news is talking about the bad people that sometimes get into the city to do bad things. But not like regular bad people. Not like robbers and thieves. These ones always have really scary powers and stuff. Uncle doesn’t want me watching the news when Auntie goes to work, but I sometimes sneak into his room when he’s sleeping and watch it anyway. I did last night. I didn’t see anything about Auntie on it, but there were a few peoples pictures on the tv. I think there were four, and two of them had red X’s on them. One of them looked like the boy that got back my crutch when those bullies took it from me, but the TV changed before I could get a better look. I don’t think it was him though. He’s not bad. He’s nice!


Time seemed to dragand slow as Gormaric walked, bits of the ashes at his feet starting to rise into the air as the light ahead warped and shifted like large mass of water in a place where there was no gravity. It’d be hard to look at directly, but Gormaric would be wise to focus on it even harder. There was nothing behind him. The only reasonable action, would be to look forward.


Dear Diary,


 Auntie Tee came home last night when I was asleep! I was so happy to see her this morning! I hugged her and she hugged me and she tickled my nose like she always does to make me laugh! She looked tired and there was this big bandage covering the side of her face, but when I asked about it, she told me she was fine. She said she just had a bad fall when she was on the job and that she’d be able to be a better pirate when we playes pirate ship outside. I’m so glad she’s back! Uncle didn’t seem as happy as me, but he’s always grumpy in the mornings when he forgets to take his pills. He was even more grumpy than usual though. He took my Auntie into his room and I think I heard them arguing. But not loud. They were doing one of those funny whisper argues. It was hard to do because of my crutch and because Auntie Tee is REALLY hard to sneak up on, but I was able to leave my room to put my ear against the door to her room. Uncle Gary was calling her crazy for some reason. He was saying that she was going to t get us all…killed. But he’s just grumpy. My Auntie Tee is SUPER tough. She’s always doing push-ups and stuff around the house and my Uncle used to tell me stories about how she used to always beat up bullies in school. I don’t think anyone could hurt us with Auntie Tee around. Uncle is just grumpy and needs to take his medicine!


A force would seem to be pushing against Gormaric as he trudged through, the air becoming thick with ashes and something made his movement heavier. The more he heard the voice, the more difficult progress became. The more sinister the light ahead appeared. But there was nothing behind. No going back. He needed to move forward because it was the only direction that meant anything.


Dear Diary,


We have a new house guest! And guess what! It’s the boy that got my crutch back! Auntie Tee told me that I can’t tell anyone about him though or very bad things could happen. I asked her what bad things and she closed her eyes and took this really long breath, like she always does when I ask her about her job or why she has that weird drawing on the back of her neck. She then told me if anyone found out he was here, we’d have to move. I was confused though. When I saw him in the basement, he seemed really nice, just like he was before. He looked tired and he his clothes were all dirty and scuffed up, but he was still really nice. I asked him why he was handcuffed to a pipe and he started telling me all of these really funny jokes about handcuffs! I was laughing so hard! I don’t know if Auntie Tee would’ve liked the jokes though, and I don’t know if she’d be okay with me hearing them, but they were really funny! Then I asked him what his name was and he said he didn’t have a name. I asked him what name his mommy and daddy had given him, and he got real sad. He said that they were gone and were never coming back. I told him that it was okay since it was the same with my mommy and daddy. So I made up a name for him! I told him that his eyes kind of reminded me of my teddy bear, Mr. Charlie, so that was the name I gave him.



 @EpicRome23 End






Suddenly, he was back in the world of the sane, right where he’d been before he’d fallen into the abyss. He was also running right into an attacking ghoul. One that was duel-wielding large, menacing, hatchets that were impossibly hot. The zombie slung its arm forward with alarming speed, slicing down on Gormaric with an orange, bright arc of light. Because of the ghouls immense, mentally unrestrained strength and the heat of the blade it held, the blow would easily be fatal and gruesome if Gormaric didn’t react in time and try to move to reduce the amount of his inevitable harm. Not too far in front of them was another ghoul, winding up to sling another blade his way if he chose to stick around. Perhaps Frederick could aid in clearing the way.

The explosions behind him would only serve to disorient him further, causing everyone’s ears to ring. Selena, who’d been far too close to one of the skeletons when they went off, was blown backwards. She was about to hit the wall when something big swung out a massive limb and smacked her away. Her burnt, injured body collided with Hyacinth, knocking the Drow into a wall and bumping away the skeleton that had been about to strike her. If any of the defenders were able to recover and turn to see through the raging flames that now engulfed more than half of the room, they’d see something. Something big, shadowy, and wild stood at the back of the room, the floor beneath it beginning to turn into ash that fell upwards like reversed, sinister, snow. Staring directly at it would be difficult, for it would be like staring into a hungering, lively abyss that would seem to suck you into a permanent state of despair.

It loomed over Kingston, a mass of writhing, erratic limbs whirring about its hollow and dark form like the limbs of a dying spider. The sight would goad any smart man to run for his life or die a fool, but Kingston did not have either choice. He was standing far too close to it now, a layer of ashes beginning to creep up his legs. He would feel cold. Very cold. As if his skin were being flash frozen and trying to split. A sensation of dread would wash over him like a tsunami, paralyzing him with fear. The kind of fear you get when you realize you’re dying. Decaying. Succumbing to the natural order of what all things will be in the end. The kind of fear you try to refute by claiming you’re not afraid to die. But not being afraid won’t stop it. Not even a little.


Nothing stops decay.


The creature then grabs Kingston with one of its massive appendages and ferociously chucks him across the room. Kingstons body slams against the wall with a humbling boom and crack.




- 2 HP from Armed Burning Zombie. No bleed this time bud'. 



- 1 HP from Selena's collision



- 1 HP from Explosion

- 1 HP from The Decay's attack

- 1 HP from collision with Hyacinth



- 1 HP from The Decay's attack

- 1 Sanity from The Decay's aura

- PARALYZED: Unable to move unless a team-mate spends an action to remedy them. Will lose one point of sanity for each turn the player is paralyzed.

@EpicRome23 @vielle @Infernal @SelenaNichole (Hope that last one comes back at some point)



Ed’s quick thinking and possibly self-sacrificing spirit had reared its hopeful head just in time for himself, the Blackspears, and Leo. A wave of energy that blew outward from his form coated him and the defenders within the immediate area with a protective barrier. One that caused the ghoul that had been about to grab Leo off the floor to be knocked backwards instead. Almost as quickly as this happened, something rushed out towards Sera in blur of fire.

The buzz saw emitted a loud, metal, screech when it bounced off the barrier protecting Sera’s neck. The wielder of the roaring blades teetered back, but did not loose its footing or any ground it hand gained. Standing in front of Sera was…something horrible. It was humanoid in form, but that was the only thing that was normal about it. It was tall. Maybe eight feet. Both of it’s arms ended in whirring, bloody, buzz saws that were spinning incredibly fast. The devices seemed to be nailed to the stump of its bloody elbow.It’s legs ended at the knees, bloody, metal, blades jutting out from them to double as its feet. It’s body was on fire, its skin seeming to burn away before quickly regenerating where the flames had seared it off. The large, orange hot, nails that stuck in and out all over its body dripped with molten metal that sizzled and hardened on the floor. The fire that burned its body did the same to its head, making it impossible to identify the likeness of what had been there before it had been set ablaze.

 It’s eyes and mouth however, were easy to make out. It’s mouth hung open and it’s eyes were wide as could be, an opposing darkness within them standing out in the endless fire that marred its appearance beyond recognition. They were like endless pits, as if there were no soul inside of the being to peer into. The pitch black eyes regarded Sera with a look that spoke volumes of the pain it was in.

And only a fraction of the pain it wanted to give.

It scrapped its buzz saws together as it knelt in front of her like a tiger about to pounce. The sparks from its blades bounced off of Sera’s barrier, as if mocking her and everyone behind her. Possibly the most unnerving thing about the being was that although its mouth hung open in eternal agony, no screams were coming out of it. No grunts, no moans…not a sound. It had given up screaming. Given up talking. There would be no point to either, as it would do nothing to stop the suffering. It was too late anyway.

The pain had changed it. Forever.


The Norkotians to the south had effectively ended the grating screams of the banshee, Grunt valiantly pushing forward to do so. The screams didn’t seem to effect him. Whether this was because of his sheer bravery or lack of brain-power is up to anyone to guess. Unfortunately though, he and mercenaries with him had strayed too far from the others. They were out of the range of Ed’s barrier.

And they’d taken the bait.

The floor began heating up in large spots all around them, the blood that coated it beginning to boil in said spots. Then, all at once, burning ghouls emerged from the spots in a sizzling spray of blood and molten metal, howling at the mercenaries with great anger. Each of them wielded orange-hot blades, some of them already reeling back to throw them at the intrepid expendables. They were surrounded and trapped, but were they doomed?


@Tyler @Veloci-Rapture @Thotification @Akiris



BLOCKED one point of damage from The Suffering (Ed)



BLOCKED one point of damage from Burning Zombie





The cries of the banshee had unnerved Challara and the Hensch Men, causing the both of them to be unable to advance. Noah, however, wasn’t having any of it. Possibly angered by what dreaded memories and visions the scream brought to the forefront of his mind, he reacted violently. His body became charged with copious amounts of powerful electricity, immediately frying the ghoul that had tried to lay hold of him. He then zoomed forward and shot a bolt of electricity towards the banshee. The bolt blasted the burning skull apart, sending shrapnel of bone every which way.

The banshee’s screams ended, but it was far from over. Before Noah would have a chance to revel in his triumph, an armed ghouls rushed up to him and slashed at him with one of it’s super-heated blades. Although it shouldn’t have been able to hit him because of Noah’s transfigured state, it did. The blade would slice through the delusion of his power and cut into his flesh. In fact, if he didn’t brace himself, it would disembowel him on the spot. Although he was just a boy, the nightmare viewed him no different than everyone else. It sought to rend his flesh and grind his bones up with the rest of them. And it would be relentless. He would become ashes like others, and all ashes were the same.

He’d feel another sharp pain from his right, a thrown blade piercing into his thigh and cauterizing the muscle within. The ghoul to his right would be reaching into its guts to pull out another knife if he looked, already beginning to make its way towards him for a much deeper cut.

Vlad on the other hand was also in for his fair share of pain. He’d probably been expecting someone to block off the entrance to the room while he reloaded his gun, but his party had other plans. As a result, he was beset by two ghouls at once. The zombie he’d unloaded into faltered due to its wounds, but rushed forward to grab him nonetheless. It’s grab was unsuccessful due to its wounds or Vlads dexterity, but it’s burning hands still grazed him. He’d feel another strike of pain across his back when the burning skeleton would slash at him with its rigid, burning, bony fingers. Thankfully it wouldn’t hit his spine.

On top of all this, the geysers of fire that had erupted from the floor would soon fil the entire room. There was almost no room to maneuver now. Vlad was close to the only other exit, but even if he killed the zombie in front of him, he’d still have to worry about what lay behind it. It’d be defficult to see in the chaos, but something was approaching him. It’d look like a black, reddish tendril with the viscosity and look of blood. It moved smoothly but with fervent purpose, like a sentient string of water being suspended in space. The wriggling, finger-like appendages at the end of it seemed to move around freely, as if tasting the air and looking for something to grip. Something to drag away to is unspeakable origin.





- 2 HP by Armed Burning Zombie (Close Quarters)

- 1 HP by Armed Burning Zombie (Ranged)



- 1 HP by Burning Zombie (Missed Grab)

- 1 HP by Burning Skeleton


@P.N.See @Thotification @bfc @ChaosLord @Fierach





 Armed Burning Zombie - 3 HP Move - 4 Ranged Attk - 6


Like the regular burning zombie, but armed with a weapon. While these zombies can not grab you, they can attack both close up and at range. Once within range of a defender, (six squares) they can throw their weapon and cause one point of damage. If they attack you from an adjacent square, their attack will deal two damage, so avoid close quarters with these things as much as you can, and have a plan with your team if you plan on going on the offensive against more than one of them.



 Banshee Skull - 1 HP Move - 2 Ranged Attk - Inf


Once a defender appears within its line of sight, (anywhere perpendicular to its position without obstruction) it will let out a horrifying scream that causes the victim to lose one point of Sanity and has a chance to stun. Stunned victims will lose one action unless another non-stunned defender uses one of their actions to snap them out of it. Can not cause physical damage, but should probably be completely avoided or killed ASAP if retreat is not possible.


Burning Zombie - 3 HP Move - 4


Has a 50/50 chance of grabbing defenders when it attacks. Once grabbed, defenders can not move at all unless the afflicted uses two actions to free themselves or the zombie is killed. If the defender is still in a grabbed state on the next turn, they will suffer a burn effect that will cause one damage each turn unless remedied with healing. (If you wind up getting a burn effect from a grab, your team probably hates you or needs to read a ‘For Dummies’ instruction manual on teamwork. Or I’ve let my old, embittered mentality take over and I want to hurt you all.)



 Burning Skeleton - 2 HP  Move - 4


Once HP reaches zero, it will enter an immobilized state where it will then get ready to explode on the start of the next 2 turns. If damaged passed 0 HP, it will explode immediately, covering a 5x5 square area that will cover it in flames that damage a defender if they traverse through them. Explosion has a high chance of inflicting an INJURED state on defenders that limits their movement to one square per action instead of two. The explosion will also push defenders back three squares relative to the direction the explosion hits them. If said defender hits something when being pushed back, they take an additional point of damage and damage any other defenders in their path as well. (You mess with these guys without an escape plan, you’re asking for a fast coffin.)




Move: 4  Attack: 2  Damage: 1-2  HP: Invincible


- 3 x 3 area around it will paralyze defenders, disabling their movement and costing them 1 point of sanity per turn. The paralyzed state can only be lifted by another team-mate. The Decay is also capable of causing physical harm, its blunt attacks able to knock defenders backwards. It’s long limbs enable it to attack from a range of two squares. The Decay cannot be killed or harmed by traps, but three points of damage can halt its movement. This will not, however, stop it from attacking. While its attacks will not damage a player if said player is using Defend, it will still knock them back. So watch for traps. The 3x3 area around it counts as a trap square, meaning that The Decay’s paralyze affliction can not be countered or defended against. Swallow your pride and skedaddle.





Move: 6  Attack: 3  Damage: 1  HP: Invincible


- The Suffering is impervious to harm and can move just as fast as the defenders. This coupled with the fact that it can attack up to three times on top of its movement make it a very serious threat. It’s ferocity and strength give it the ability to pass through players, damaging any it runs passed. If it is blocked off by a wall behind a player or would end up stopping on a square a player is on, it will not do this. It’s attacks will cause a bleed if they land, meaning that the player will take one point of damage for each turn it isn’t remedied. Attacking it will not slow it down, but if it runs into a player that is using Defend, it will halt its momentum and stop it in its tracks. If it is stopped on a players square, it will merely be pushed back until it is on a square that a player or enemy is not occupying.



New*  THE VISE ?


Move: 7  Attack: 1  Damage: 1-DEATH  HP: Invincible


- This being will send out sinister appendages to grab defenders and drag them away. Once grabbed, players will only be able to free themselves by using two actions, or another player using one action. I roll for whether or not it drags the player 1 to 4 squares towards their doom. If they aren’t freed, the hands will squeeze and begin dragging them to their source, causing one point of damage for each turn the player is still held. If a player is dragged all the way to the source, it is an INSTANT DEATH. Same applies if one of ya’ll tries to run up to it and attack it or something. So don’t. The tendrils can be countered, but not defended.



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The world shook. The ebon knight tried to move, tried to dive forward and press on, but find his body unwilling, unheeding of his commands. Then, the floor cracked open, and chains wrapped all around the knight. Oh, how valiantly he tried to struggle, to break free. He would not be bound. Never again would he be bound, he would let death take him first in a heartbeat. But it was all to no avail, the chains just grew tighter and tighter. The physical pain was nothing compared to the memories that the chains dredged up. Memories locked in a dark corner of the mind, to die out slowly and one day be forgotten. A young swordsman trying to fend off the king's guards before being overwhelmed. The overwhelming feeling of helplessness as he was bound and carried to the great abyss beneath Sagate Dungeon. The sensation of falling as he was thrown into it, the wave of intense and unbearable pain as he finally hit ground far below. The early failures that had started him on his path. Then the later failures, of failing to stop the mad sorcerer's de-aging curse on Ocelia. Regret that he had never confessed his true feelings to her. Then, the floor gave out, and he was sent falling once again.

Landing in ashes. No way but forward, no way to restore what had been left behind. Forward through the ashes. And... memories of another? A girl... a crutch... even through everything else, in the moment, he recalled the ghostly form in the ashes from when they had first arrived here. Wherever here was. These were her memories, they had to be. He listened, and he continued moving forward, toward the light that grew more sinister. There had never been any other choice but to continue forward...

... and why did the name 'Charlie' bring forth a vague spark of recognition?


Almost as suddenly as he had been dragged down, Gormaric found himself back in the same spot where he had started. As he was trying to process the... had that been a vision? Whatever he had seen, his gaze suddenly registered the incoming ghoul in front of him and swinging dual, red-hot axes with murderous intent. It would take an inhuman reaction time to dodge or fend off its blows without incurring hefty damage.

Luckily for Gormaric, he had a loyal wyvern and a sword with a will of its own. Eri leapt forward with a short flight through the air to headbutt the ghoul towards it center of mass, reducing the momentum and thus the subsequent damage of the attack were it to land. And of course, Shadowfang flashed forth from the ebon knight's hand, parrying both of the axes before they could make contact with its disoriented wielder. Even through the power of the blows and the great heat, the dark blade remained strong and undamaged. A testament to its craftsmanship, to the dark powers woven within, or perhaps both. Before returning to Gormaric's hand, Shadowfang slashed through the air, slicing through the right arm of the ghoul and sending its forearm falling to the ground, one of its hatchets still clutched tightly in hand.

As explosions and other sounds came from the room that Gormaric had left behind, the ebon knight finally recovered his wits and bearings. He extended his senses for a moment through the Inanis, conveying his gratitude to his sword and to his wyvern before clutching Shadowfang firmly in hand and moving onto the offensive. He drove his shoulder into the ghouls chest, throwing off its guard and leaving it open to the ebon knight repeating his blade's earlier trick, cutting off the ghoul's left forearm and leaving it weaponless, though perhaps not defenseless. He slammed his blade and his free arm onto the ghoul's shoulder, the force of the blows forcing the ghoul to its knees. Then, with one swift and forceful slash...

... the ghoul's head was separated from its body. Gormaric eyed his slain opponent for a few moments, then looked around, satisfied. He spotted movement across the room from him. After a few moments, he locked a wary gaze onto the second ghoul, that he could see lurking just beyond the room's opposite corner, in the hallway leading off to the left. Not moving his gaze, he directed his voice behind him.

"... Sir Frederick. Take your men and grab the attention of that fiend lurking in the next hallway. We'll bait it into position for me to cut it down, and we'll clear the way into the next room in case it becomes necessary to exit from this one."

As he finished speaking, he carefully advanced forward and slightly to the right, holding Shadowfang firmly in hand as he watched the second ghoul.


Gormaric Warmoon (& Eri)

HP: 4/5

Sanity: 5/5

Normal Skills: Attack, Meditate, Buff

Special Skills: Area Attack (3 uses), Counter-Attack (2 uses), Passive Defense (3 uses)

Actions:  (5 sanity, all actions succeed automatically.)

0. Counter-attack used (Avoided attack from Armed Zombie, countered for 1 damage)

  1. Attack x 2 (Attacked and killed Armed Zombie at 14A-23B)
  2. Move (One tile right, one tile up. 15A-23B to 14A-24B)

Frederick and his Subversors held position in the doorway of the room they and Gormaric had fled to. The raging flames made it far too hard to see what was going in the room they had left, but what little they could make out through the heat and light... it was concerning, especially paired with what they could hear from that room. It seemed that the Aligorians had made a good decision in leaving the room when they did, but the Subversors and their commander could not help but worry about their allies who had remained in that room. Frederick spoke quietly, only loud enough for the Subversors around him to clearly.

"Cynthia... if you can, brave the flames and run to this room, we will offer you what safety we can. Abandon the others if that is necessary, they must be able to fend for themselves."

The Subversors around Frederick nodded in agreement with their leader's words, and then returned their attention to maintaining their shield wall. Silence settled for around a minute, before Gormaric defeated his opponent and spoke out an order to the Aligorian elite infantry. Frederick looked at his men and women for a moment, and then nodded at them. Those facing back toward the other room pivoted to follow after Frederick and the others, as they formed a shield wall that advanced out of the doorway and further into the room. They came to a halt just a bit before Gormaric's position. The Subversors spoke incantations beneath their breaths that caused wisps of shadow to exude from their armor and shields and form a dark purple aura all around those. Frederick, meanwhile, watched the dark, purple-light emitting orb orbit around his head for a few moments, and then sent it flying forward with a gesture. It came to a stop only after bouncing off of the head of the ghoul in the hallway. There, it came to a stop and pulsated rapidly, as a loud cacophony of noise emitted forth and echoed around the ghoul's head. After Frederick deemed the ghoul to be suitably goaded and annoyed, he drew the orb back to him with a gesture. It would fly back to him, likely with the ghoul following angrily behind as the orb drew it forth into the awaiting shield wall. Hopefully, it would be enough.

After a moment, a thought came to Frederick's mind, and he barked a short order at his Subversors. Two of them turned and faced toward the room toward their rear, standing ready against any threats that might come barreling in from those flames. Perhaps it was simply paranoia, but Frederick had no desire to be caught off-guard.


Frederick York (and Subversors)

HP: 4/5

Sanity: 5/5

Normal Skills: Defend, Meditate, Taunt

Special Skills: Passive Defense (2 uses), Area Defense (3 uses)

Actions:  (5 sanity, all actions succeed automatically.)

0. Passive Defense Active

  1. Move (One tile up. 16A-23B to 15A-23B
  2. Taunt (Armed Zombie at 13A-22B)
  3. Defend

@vielle @Infernal @SelenaNichole

Edited by EpicRome23

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"Boys, I have located the enemy!" Grunt reported as the rest of the squad (save for a few engineers that got left behind in the last room) finally caught up to him.

"No shit, dumbass!" Scoot snapped, realizing they'd just walked into the middle of a trap. 

The last man through the corridor was grabbed from behind by the zombie that now moved to cut them off from the others. That poor quickly rend into much smaller, flaming pieces, thanks to the zombie-ghoul's blades. The others all grouped together, forming a semi-circle against the wall, covering all the menacing zombies that were now moving in on them.

"Ready your weapons men!" Grunt barked.

"Hey, I'm da corporal remember!" Scoot shouted, trying to retake command of the SQUAAAD now that Jessie was indisposed (she was there, but seemed to disturbed to talk right now).

"LOCK AND LOAD!" Grunt roared.

"Private, I'm tellin' ya!" Scoot protested.


"Private Doe!"


"Oh, fuck's sake Grunt!"


There was a sudden roar of gunfire, as everyone except Scoot opened up with everything they had, whatever they had. Unfortunately, the collective aim of the group was remarkably poor, and while they managed to damage all of the zombies somewhat, they soon found their weapons out of ammo without a single enemy felled. 

"See, see! 'Dis is what happens when you don't lis--GAH!" Scoot grumbled, before being pushed aside by Grunt.

"So it's come down to this." the crazed deserter shook his head, "Stand back everyone..."

He pulled out a grenade and plucked the pin and began cooking the grenade.

"COME'RE CUPCAKE!" he shouted, lifting the grenade over his head, then made to charge toward the zombies.

But just then, one of the zombies hurled its blade, which struck Grunt in the arm and caused him to drop the grenade... right in front of himself.

"Damn it."


The rest of the SQUAAAD were soon showered with shrapnel, blood and gore, causing injuries to several of the remaining members. And ultimately, doing nothing to stop the zombies.

"Weyall boys..." Chief stood up and wiped a piece of spleen off his hard hat, "It was nice knowin' ya."





Health: 3

Sanity: 4

Action 1 - Area Attack: 1 = critical failure - (-1 health)

Action 2 - Area Attack: 8= success

Action 3 - Area Attack: 4= failure - all area attacks exhausted


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Group 3: @Fierach @bfc @notmuch_23 @ChaosLord @Thotification 


5/5 [HP] === VLAD NASSAR === [SP] 5/5

The fire spurted upward from the tubes forced the group to lean closer to the wall and crawl toward the exit. There was no time to get oneself busy with the monsters, as the air was becoming far, far away from being any bearable. Vlad had to deal with the zombie himself, whether he liked that or not.

And there it was, crawling with its fiery arms stretched toward him, moaning faintly… Vlad raised the gun, trying to shove in another shell. But suddenly he twisted his body and smashed the zombie's head with gun's stock.

[SPECIAL - COUNTER-ATTACK!] - Damage negated

The manuever worked. The monster stepped back in shock, its disjointed jaw barely holding on its face. This brief pause was more that enough for Vlad to load the shell.

*shk* *chk*
"Oh no, you DON'T!"

0/3 [HP] === BURNING ZOMBIE === [??] ?/? => DEAD

Having received a devastating point-blank shot, the zombie crumbled down with no shoulders to hold arms with and no head to growl from. Satisfied with the overall result, Vlad took his time to replenish the ammo and take a short breath (Gaia, it's too hard to breathe!) before rushing through the eastern exit. He took a glance toward it and ---



A hand-like crimson tentacle was slowly approaching from the dark, lurking for something. For reasons unknown, Vlad's throat had stiffened, his eyes had popped out, his gun trembled, his heart had skipped more than a beat or two… his entire body had been petrified in primordial dread.

4/5 [HP] === VLAD NASSAR === [SP] 5/5 - lost 1 HP

Only a searing pain from behind had helped Vlad to regain his senses.

From the funneling flames of the oven, a skeleton was hissing at him. His claws were covered in blood that was already evaporating. It looked kind of feeble (a shot or two should finish it quickly) yet menacing.

"Hey!" - Vlad shouted once again. - "Could you *cough**cough**cough* move up a little?! They almost *cough* got me…!"

Vlad had less and less hopes that the group members aching for saving their own hides would ever react to his plea. Yet he had almost no time to react: the last set of fire tubes was already erecting under his feet. Should he wait for opening or deal with the skeleton and rush at that hand thing?


(Sorry for GUI absence, writing from mobile)

Vlad Nassar: HP: 4/5 SP: 5/5 AP: 3/3

Actions so far:

- Used special skill Counter-Attack to negate 1 dmg and finisb off Burning Zombie at 5A-21B - 2 uses remain

- On Hold - I still have 3 actions at my disposal, waiting for the rest of my group to proceed.


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Paint for myselfhyacinth vasilika


She comes back to herself with a sudden whoosh of air torn straight from her lungs as Selene’s body collides with hers, sending them hurtling violently into the stone wall. Stars sparkle and burst behind her eyelids, and Hyacinth blinks multiple times to try and cast off the foggy daze that has descended over her.

There is something dark and cold and ominous in the room with them, and she very carefully moves her gaze away from its direction, opting instead to feel out where the walls are leading to the doorway beyond. The smoke from the raging fire is thick, threatening to choke what little air is left in her lungs, and she isn’t very keen on finding out just how long she can survive on minimal oxygen levels within the burning stone cauldron they are now in.

Moving over the floor with what feels like flaming hot coals lancing pain up her feet, Hyacinth takes the opportunity to send a spell over her shoulder at the flaming skeleton before she continues forward through the inferno. She does not even turn around to see whether her hit has landed; she will not spend any more time within that room than is necessary.

Through the flames, she spots the Aligorian knights, and she waves her hands towards them as she nears, showing her status as a friendly party in the midst of the battlezone. “I’m here, I’m here,” she huffs, taking her place to flank the two groups.



Name: Hyacinth “Cynthia” Vasilika

Starting HP: 4 HP

Starting Sanity: 5 Sanity

Normal Skills: 

Attack, Heal, Buff

Special Skills:

Mass Rally (3 uses), Passive Defense (3 uses)


  1. Move > 2 spaces left (17A-25B to 17A-23B); -1 HP from flame damage

  2. Move > 1 spaces up (17A-23B to 16A-23B)

  3. Attack Flaming Skeleton (18A-23B; ranged attack) > successful (Sanity: 5; Flaming Skeleton = 0 HP)

  4. Move > 1 space up, 1 space right (16A-23B to 15A-24B)


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Challara is in a bad spot right now: a rfeeeeally bad spotright now: she's blocking one of the only two escapes out of the fire column room, so she gets up to try again with renewed vigor from her frustration, rushing past the armed zombie that took a swipe at Noah, spinning aorund, bringing the muzzle of her shotgun right to its face, and blasting nine lead pellets into its flaming flesh.


The empty shell flies away from the chamber, still smoking from the burnt petroleum-based propellant as another one slides up and takes its place.

The drow sends nine more lead pellets to slam into the undead walking torch with a cleaver, feeling a sense of satisfaction and a bit of vindication, before rolling the shotgun so she can shove two more shells into the mag tube. Both empty shells hit the grate in quick succession, making a plastic, rapid rattling as they bounce on one end tthen the other.


Challara Arabett

HP: 5/5

Sanity: 4/5 (again, damnit!)

Normal Skills: Atack, Meditate, Taunt

Special Skills: Area Attack 3/3, Limited Heal 1/1, Sustained Fire 4/4

Actions Attempted: Move 2 squares up, success! Attack armed burning zombie (4a, 17b), success! Twice!


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With a grunt and sheer force of will, Leo dragged himself out of the nightmare visions caused by the banshee screams. He took in the situation; everyone was in a grim place, but none so grim as the one facing the Norkortian SQUAAAD. They were the only people capable of securing the path away from the horrible buzzsaw monster, yet they were surrounded by disgusting flaming corpses. 

A quick calculation ran through his mind as he determined how he could best aid his compatriots in their survival. 

The answer, of course, was to take his shirt off. Nothing else really occurred to him. 

"Friends!" he called out to the Norkortians, "Let the beauty of Gaia inspire you!"

He struck a pose, intending to let his rippling muscles escape the bounds of his vest and bring hopefulness to the embattled soldiers. Sadly, his muscles had cooled off during his lengthy period of inaction, and he hadn't properly stretched again. 

What is this, you ask? Stretching? Does the mighty lion of the savanna take time to do stretches before it chases and pounces upon the tasty gazelle? Of course not. That's why the incidence of back and groin sprains in lions is so high.

A hot, tearing sensation laced its way across Leo's shoulder. "OW! FUCK! Seriously??" he groaned. Alas, he didn't have time to dig out his ice pack. The SQUAAD was doomed if he couldn't pull through.

Gritting his teeth against the pain, he tried again. He flexed like his life depended on it -- ignoring the searing agony in his deltoid -- and his vest shredded under the pressure of his expanding muscles. He posed, his face a stoic mask in spite of his injury, and he could see the light in the Squaaad's eyes as they beheld such an awe-inspiring spectacle and lifted their weapons with renewed vigor. 

They'd be fine. 




HP: 5/5 (-1)

Sanity: 4/5


Escape Stun - Rolled 2, expended +3 buff - 5: Success!

Buff SQUAAAAD! - Rolled 1: Critical failure, -1 HP

Buff SQUAAAAD! again - Rolled 6: Success!


SQUAAAAD! is buffed +1


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Sacrifices? Pointless. With no end in sight the loss of even one part of their forces would be crippling? To take down a powerful enemy? More just keep coming, attrition wasn't a winnable strategy. To escape? Where? Even if they could easily run eventually they would tire and die. So naturally if they couldn't keep one part of themselves alive what chance did the rest have?

At least with his insides a mess Ed felt on the level of everyone else... Still... "Some healing would really be nice right now..."

Ed has gotten the squad tagged when he'd spread his shadows out, and while with them running off the assistance he'd be able to provide would be minimal. Minimal? Yeah. Better not fuck it up. There really was no choice but to keep that effect up. He couldn't do it forever and by the looks of things he couldn't keep it up for long either and lets be honest.... they couldn't stay here with that skeleton. So everything he could send, he did. There'd be panic fire. Shadows didn't have recoil and every bullet possible needed to strike home.

".... Then follow the Norks..." Ed cut himself off with a very wet cough. That shit wasn't helping right now. "....This room is dead to us if that blows."



Hp: 3/5

Status: Internal Injuries

Sanity: 5/5

Free Action: Gave Squad +3 buff to any roll @Tyler (Separate from the +1 of the buff buff)

Action one: Area defense

Action two: Save action



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It seemed to be the end of the line. The zombies were drawing in, and each member of the Norko team was desperately trying to reload their various weapons. The slimy remnants of Grunt were dripping off many of them, and poor Private Knox was quaking in fear at an almost comical level. Yet, all was not lost just yet. The zombies were moving slowly, perhaps briefly stunned by their previous attacks against them. 

"Okay knuckleheads, I'm in change again!" Deckel declared, "Let's do dis! Load and fire!"

As if they needed him to tell them what to do. But at least at first, it appeared that their revived efforts were bearing fruit, as their repeated fire continued to slow down and weaken the sturdy zombies, most of which now looked like it would take only a single good blow to finish them off. But their looseness with their ammunition now had some of the members running dry, and requests from one man to another for a few spare rounds soon began to fly more than the lead did.

This seemed hopeless, and the Norkotians were on the verge of despair, when a voice called to them from the hallway behind them. Were they to look back, they'd see the halfling standing beyond the zombie that blocked the door, flexing his impressive muscular physique. "Let the beauty of Gaia inspire you!" were his words, though the handful of Norkos who did believe in Gaia believed in a much different one than Leo believed in, and the rest were godless heathens who had abandoned faith and morality for the sake of their own selfish ends. Even so, what was being displayed to them was a very impressive muscle-per-inch-of-height ratio, and this prompted a variety of responses from the Norkos. Some was jealousy, some was inspiration, some of the female persuasion was just a little bit of something else we won't describe here. 

But regardless of whether the emotions it evoked were negative, positive or provocative, it was what SQUAAAD needed. The men (and women) steeled themselves, those who had close range weapons drew them out, and those who didn't prepared to use their guns as clubs, or their fists in the old-fashioned way. But whether they knew it or not, another form of aid had come their way, in the form of Ed's shadows. They wrapped around the battlefield, slowing and sapping at the zombies, or curling around the arms of the Norkotians and enhancing the strength with which their blows were delivered. Rotten heads, arms and legs were hacked or bashed off, while the hot, flaming bodies were beaten down into submission. To their great surprise (and probably everyone else's too), the Norkotians found themselves to be the last ones standing, while all around them was strewn gore and ash.

Some of the Norko's were too dense to realize Ed's contribution, like Deckel who promptly began flexing (his non-existent muscles), but others did, and as the shadows retracted they traced the source back to Ed. They'd owe him a drink or fifty after this was all over. If they ever all got out of this hellish place alive, that is.




Health: 3

Sanity: 4

Action 1 - Area Attack: 8= success (+1 buff) = 9 success

Action 2 - Area Attack: 1 = critical failure (+3 buff) = 4 success



Edited by Tyler

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It was ugly but not the worst thing Sera has encountered. However, in times like this Sera knew to use her final trump card. Willing herself to move, the mad woman did the one thing no one expected of her.

"Tactical retreat, you bitches!" Sera screamed as she grabbed Khaki's hand and the two ran away from the ugly thing. 


Khak and Sera: Moves towards the Norko squad.


"Eh? I guess I better move," the Mistress spoke as she sashayed out of the danger area. There was no need for her to make haste as there are other warriors within her vicinity. It's best to let these people fight the zombies while she stays behind and cheer for them. Oh, she could also give support once in a while. Perhaps a very long while.

Her footsteps stop at a certain space but it seems someone else is already there. Seeing that this strange realm does not allow her stick close to other people she decided to move further as not to invade other people's personal space.


The Mistress: Moves one square left, four squares up. 


Edited by Thotification

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Group 3: 5A-20B

◄◄◄◄ [HP] === VLAD NASSAR === [SP] ►►►►►

It was unclear whether Vlad's plead was heard or it was just the urgency of the situation, but the white-haired woman (a younger one <@Thotification> ) had decided not to cling to wall away from fire, but to rush toward the exit. Vlad counted that as a signal and hastily followed her, leaving giant toy soldiers and the other white-haired woman behind. He had a slight worry about them, yet he manage to assure himself that they would be fine... probably. The visage of the crimson tentacle was still imprinted in his mind, and he tried to just forget about it with no avail. 

At once Vlad found himself at the narrow passageway, out from the oven mostly unharmed. The engineer was about to step aside to clear the group's only escape route, when suddenly he stumbled upon the familiar young boy <@ChaosLord>. Bleeding and barely standing on his feet, he was struggling against yet another cadaver. The only difference in its appearance was a huge blood-soaked cleave. Vlad noticed how the zombie raised the weapon, as if it was about to chop the boy's head off...

"...HANG ON!" - Vlad shouted.

*chk-shk* BOOM!

◄◄◄ [HP] === ARMED BURNING ZOMBIE === [??] ►►►

The zombie, already mutilated by someone else's shots, had crumbled with its hand still gripping the cleave. Vlad rushed toward the boy to help to get up. But he wasn't responding...

"Kid." - Vlad spoke. - "Snap out of it, kid! We'll patch you up, just hold on! Where's the hea---"

He hadn't finished the sentence, for he stood still, terror-stricken. There was another armed zombie just right ahead... and the crimson tentacle crawling toward them.

Vlad could almost hear the last tubes spitting its flames behind him. Yet he could not move away from the passageway.

Death was everywhere.


=== Vlad Nassar ===

Group C Spawn Chamber (5A-20B)| Group C | Slightly Injured Calm

HP: █ █ █ █  | 4/5
SP: █ █ █ █  | 5/5
AP:  █      | 3/3


Counter-Attack: █ █  | 2/3
Adv. Buff:      █ █ █ | 3/3
Mass Healing:   █ █ █ | 3/3


- COUNTER-ATTACK     | Negate 1 dmg & Deal 1 dmg to Burning Zombie (5A-21B)    | 0 AP + 1 special stack
                     └───── Sanity full, action is successful
                            And yeah, that zombie is toast.
                            Check previous post for mentioning my counter. 

- Move x2            | From 5A-18B to 4A-17B (2 sq left + 1 sq left & 1 sq up) | 2 AP
                     └───── Sanity full, action is successful 
- Ranged Attack      Deal 1 dmg to Burning Zombie (3A-16B)                   | 1 AP
                     └───── Sanity full, action is successful

                            That zombie won't hurt a boy anymore...
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Countered Burning Zombie (5A-21B)'s attack and killed it (saved 1 HP, took 1 HP, 2 stacks, zero zombies)
Moved from 5A-18B to 4A-17B (2 hops required)
- Attacked Burning Zombie (3A-16B) once, killed it, saved the day... I mean, the boy
- Probably became That Guy responsible for imminent death of one female knight and the entire Chinese toy store...


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