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Long Way Down (Nightmare Realm 2:2A)

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The towering monster watched soullessly as the Blackspears hurried away from it, its pitch black eyes following them out of the room. It then flicked it's dead gaze to Ed.

in less than a second, it was upon him in one power leap. It's sawed hands came forward with horrifying speed to tear him to pieces, but this did not happen. The room shook with the force its blow generated against Ed's shadowy shield, causing the ground to crack and quake with a rumble. The Suffering stumbled back, nearly losing its balance from its failed strike. The mercenary had held his own once more, Ed's injuries not stopping him from holding his ground and protecting his team.  The creature stared down at him as it ground its blades together. Was it frustrated? Or was it confused? Here was a man who was bleeding out from the inside, but he would not succumb to his own injuries. He would not allow his own suffering to be the focus of his life. He merely held his own, seemingly unafraid despite knowing he wouldn't be able to keep further pain at bay for much longer.

It's body twitched and shook as it began to grinds its blades together faster and with more force. It then raised its arms to bring them down on Ed once more, this time intending to end his life with one last, powerful blow. Its bladed, glowing-hot, arms came down on him with all the force they could muster.

Ed would feel nothing hit him.

Right before the blades could make contact, they and the rest of the monster's body transfigured into a cloud of black smoke. It wafted passed Ed harmlessly, leaving nothing where the creature once stood.

"You're like a super hero!" came the omniscient, ghostly voice of a little girl that he could not see. It echoed off the recesses of his mind. As if it were a memory not his own. "You NEVER give up fighting the bad guys no matter what happens to you! Yay! Yay, Charlie!"

The voice, although unfamiliar to him would seem to clear his senses and refresh his mind and body. The unbearable heat that had been practically roasting him alive was now gone. He felt a sensation like a cold, fluid coursing through his veins as his injuries were rectified and healed.


In the other room to the south, the Norkotian mercenaries seemed as though they about to fall to the nightmare. But then, with such vigor that it seemed as though he were glowing, Leo struck a pose and flexed his meticulously toned muscles so hard that his vest shredded from underneath. His flexing was so awe-inspiring that it even caught the attention of the ghouls right as they were about to deliver the finishing blows. They slowly turned their heads to gaze upon the wonder at the entrance of the room, some of them even shielding their eyes from the glory. Leo's mighty flexing reinvigorated the Squaad and filled them with a burning fighting spirit. They weren't done yet.

Not holding back at at Scoots pointless command, they lashed out at the surrounding ghouls with everything they had. Bullets perforated them one after another. Blades sliced them apart. Clubs and fists bludgeoned them furiously until they moved no more. By the end of the assault, all threats in the room had been eliminated. The odds had been stacked against them, but thanks to Ed and Leo's support, they'd come out victorious.

Well...except Grunt.

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 +2 HP

Internal Injuries Healed




Kingston and Selene having suddenly vanished, only Cynthia, Gormaric, and the subversors remained to fend off the advancing Decay and the armed ghouls ahead of them. Through the aid of his magical sword and his winged companion,
Gormaric was able counter the undead ghouls strike and kill it in the process. That only left the other one ahead of them, which Fred had beckoned forth. It rushed towards him and his subversors with a ferocious roar. But before it could reach him, the mass of blackness behind them all suddenly rushed forward as if it were a mighty gust of wind. Ashes and blackness assaulted them, threatening to take them off their feet and whisk them away.

As it did, they felt their minds burning. Aching, as if something were trying to force its way inside. Their bodies would shake as the ashes would begin to cover their bodies, seeking to dominate their minds. The area around them would be shrouded in darkness, not allowing them to see anything. They could strike with their magic or their weapons, but it would literally be like they were attacking a sinister gale of thick blackness. As their minds began to be pulled into the void, they would feel the unnerving sensation of figures watching them from somewhere in the dark.

"You will BURN." came the voice of a woman Hyacinth would recognize.


Hyacinth, Gormaric, Fred and his men would suddenly come to in a small circle of light. Everything outside of it would be dark, as if the space outside the circle were simply empty. The silence of it was palpable, but it was a hungry emptiness.


Shadowy, ashen figures would begin to emerge from the darkness. As they stepped into the light, the ashes that veiled them would begin to burn away. They were people, but all of their eyes were black and lifeless. They'd recognize none of them, but the burned rags they were dressed in would give them the impression that they were villagers. The pitchforks, shovels, cleavers and swords they were brandishing would also help to cement the look. They all stood around the defenders at the edge of the circle, surrounding them as they readied their weapons. There seemed to be over a hundred of them, some of them not even looking a day older than ten. Despite this, their faces were dead set and determined. Not afraid of death, only accepting it. Embracing it.

They charged.

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Vlad, Middy, and Challara would seem to be the only ones who still had the nerve to react despite their situation. The flames that jutted from the floor of the room they'd just exited would obscure their view of the Hensch Men and Sheryl. Whether or not they were dead or dying, they could not know. Nor would they have time to contemplate it.

With speed far too great to be seen with the naked eye, the tendril that had been in the room with them slung forward and grabbed Challara by the legs. It then pulled hard, causing her to fall onto her back. No matter how much she'd shoot at it or slash at it, the blood-red tendril would not release her. It then began to pull her across the floor. The floor that was suddenly beginning to slope downwards. Vlad and Middy would find it difficult to keep their footing as the room seemed to tilt in the direction the tendril had come from with a massive groan. It also began to change. The walls faded into darkness and the blood covering the floor started to stream down the slope, making it impossible to keep them from sliding down. The blood was thicker now, as if having the same viscosity of mud.

A sinister, red light could be seen at the bottom of the slope as they slid, Challara being pulled towards it by the tendril just ahead of them. If he or Middy didn't do something, she'd be taken to the light at the bottom and likely never be seen again. Or one might certainly think. Sickly blobs rose from the slope as they descended without letup, some of them lashing out with smaller tendrils to bind and drag them into into the slope of thick, cascading, blood. Even worse, they could spot some of the burning undead on the slope ahead of them, ready to slice them apart with the blades they wielded. Whether or not they'd dodge them or save Challara...was up to the three of them. And perhaps Noah, if he were to come to.

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Okay! This is but a mere flavor post! That means no game rules apply! (Except you, @Akiris ?) I'm mainly writing this to end the nightmare and give you guys a chance to post your reactions before I pull you all out of it. Have fun!

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The second ghoul roared and began to charge. Frederick and his Subversors tightened their shield wall, Gormaric drew back Shadowfang in preparation to strike, and Eri made ready to pounce...

A fell tide washed over the Aligorian knights and Cynthia before they could react. If the ghoul was still about, it was now out of sight and mind for them. Eri growled and wrapped herself closely and protectively around her master's legs. Gormaric, in turn, held Shadowfang tightly in hand as a barrier of dark power exuded from the blade, an attempt to stem the tide or at least divert it around him... to no avail.

Frederick, meanwhile, had in an instant thrown himself in front of Cynthia before he lost sight: a valiant but ultimately fruitless effort. The thoughts running through the knight-commander's mind would remain unknown, as the black tide began to assault the minds of the whole group.

Then, the feeling of being watched, and a echoing voice saying that they would burn.

Suddenly, and who knew how long it had been, their senses returned, and they found themselves within a small circle of light. Ashen figures began to step into the light, armed like villagers and of varying ages. Frederick and his Subversors formed a circle of their own around Gormaric, Eri, and Cynthia, a shield wall formed from thick, large kite shields, facing outwards and standing resolute.

Gormaric, meanwhile, laughed defiantly and pointed Shadowfang toward the approaching horde, directing his words toward them and the voice that had spoken earlier.

"Will we burn, as you have proclaimed? We shall not, for fire can not consume itself! I am the Black Flame that will cleanse Yh'mi... and if that must start here, then so be it."

Frederick couldn't but help but let a laugh loose for a moment.

"Geez, rather dramatic there, aren't ya Gormy?"

He chuckled for another few moments as the ebon knight turned a glare back toward him, then went silent before turning his gaze back toward Cynthia. He spoke to her, his tone hard to determine.

"... Well, after all of that, this may be our end... Forward of me as this may be, I must ask. May I treat you to dinner after all this, if we make it?"

Damn it all, he had fallen for a pretty face again. How his foolish heart hadn't given up after that debacle with his ex-wife, he didn't know. He just simply smiled a smile concealed beneath his helm, waiting for a response. But not for too long, as the horde began to charge. The knight-commander's attention turned outwards once again, toward the charging figures. The six resolute knights that formed this bulwark did not buckle before the approaching tide, their armor and shields holding against the approaching blows before they retaliated with thrusts and slashes from their own blades.

Within the armored circle, Gormaric held Shadowfang aloft, slashes and thrusts sailing over the heads of the Subversors to cut down the approaching 'villagers'. Eri, meanwhile, prowled about the inside of the circle, peeking over the heads of the Subversors to unleash a breath of black flame before ducking down to avoid retaliatory blows, repeating this process over and over.

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Group 3: 4A-17B

◄◄◄◄ [HP] === VLAD NASSAR === [SP] ►►►►►

The roar of a zombie closing in helped Vlad to regain his senses for a while. The armed cadaver was certainly closer than the menacing tendril, and there was still an unconscious child by his side. The engineer took a quick glance at the boy's face. He wondered what kind of business would bring such a simple, innocent person into this roller-coaster of nightmares, On the other hand, Vlad didn't knew himself the reason of him being here as well. Was it because of the Spires? Was it because of willingness to uncover what was behind Tian crisis he had endured before? Or was it because he couldn't find a better job in all Terrenus to gather his fortune? Either way, Vlad had a faint sense of responsibility for lives he had left behind there, in a full-blown furnace... and for lives he could still preserve at this very moment, in this very place.

The zombie roared again and raised his cleave above Vlad and the boy, but the engineer reacted instantly. One shot, another one - and the monster's hands dropped down with a bloody splash, along with the weapon and two empty shells. He loaded a shell and was about to take the kill shot, but his eyes suddenly shifted toward the source of loud splash coming from nearby. He looked at the woman - the swearing one - lying on the floor and covered in blood and noticed the tendril wrapped around her leg. It was pulling her toward the void... No, not the void, it's... Suddenly the reality around the survivors began to shift, walls started to fade out into nothingness. Vlad started having trouble standing straight on his feet...

"What the hell?"

As the crimson red light flickered in the distance, the floor suddenly leaned toward it, and the blood flown down in a singular stream. Vlad slipped down and fell into a muddy red liquid, forced to move along with the stream. With the red light in the background he saw some spherical things with smaller tendrils and several burning zombies, including the one he hadn't finished yet. Just between them was the victim being dragged down faster than the rest was sliding.

Vlad attempted to calculate the outcome of this situation. Alas, it was out of his comprehension, for he couldn't determine neither the crimson thing's weakness nor wherever the red light might be leading to. It would be probably not the camp, wouldn't it? And trying to save the woman on a surface like that is a pure suicide. Even if he manage to grab her, he had no means of stopping their descent... Unless...

Vlad lowered his hand toward the slope and sensed a few barely distinguishable slits. Not deep enough for fingers to grab onto, but deep enough for the spear to latch into! 

The engineer pulled the Spiral Spear from his back and quickly maneuver himself toward the boy's body. Then he pushed it toward the white-haired companion and shouted to her: "Here! Take the kid and drag those monsters on yourself! I'll try to pull her out!".

Revealing himself from a yet living burden, Vlad stretched his body straight to increase his sliding speed. He held the spear close to his hip in the left hand, while he kept the grip onto his gun in the right hand. As he got close to the dragged woman, one of the cadavers from the "meeting party" suddenly jumped at Vlad. He barely rose the gun and pulled the trigger. The monster had been thrown away by shot's kinetic force and smashed into one of the blobs nearby. Unfortunately, Vlad couldn't hold the weapon due to recoil and the slippery liquid beneath his fingers. And so his gun slid into the abyss along with the monster and the blob... 

"Shit!" - Vlad mumbled. - "Murray's gonna have my ass for that gun..." Yet there was no captain Murray here. There were only him, the woman, the tendril and the light in the end...

At last, Vlad got close to her up to the length of a stretched arm. He reached out to her with now free right hand and exclaimed: "Give me the hand!" She might be busy trying to dispose of a tendril and could not hear Vlad's plea. But as the red light was getting closer, she might not get a second chance.

"I said, GIVE ME THE HAND!!!"

@Thotification @notmuch_23

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