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Title:  Heavy Burdens 

Link: https://www.valucre.com/topic/27603-heavy-burdens/

Summary: This thread explains the beginning relationship between Skacharm and Queen Nylam.  It also explains how the Spy Academy works.  A spy from the other side has been found by a character named Lord Ryrick, and the Spy Academy has to deal with that, namely Kaylia.  The thread ended with the understanding of a beginning relationship that effects the future of the kingdom.  

Those involved in the thread - Mickey Flash, @butterz, @Darth Nobody


Title: A Hunt for Hidden Daggers - 1x1 with Mickey Flash

Link: https://www.valucre.com/topic/27930-a-hunt-for-hidden-daggers-1x1-with-mickey-flash/

Summary: This thread is a continuation of the questioning of a spy from the thread Heavy Burdens.  The characters Lord Ryrick and Kaylia do what is necessary to get the information needed.  The thread ended with Spy Academy magic being performed.  

Those involved in the thread - Mickey Flash. @Darth Nobody


Title:  [Lothrei] The Festival of Seven: The Mage Duel

Link: https://www.valucre.com/topic/31725-lothrei-the-festival-of-seven-the-mage-duel/

Summary:  In the capitol of Elendaron, Dashkanchay, there was a great celebration.  This celebration required many events, including a duel between mages.  This was a quest of magical proportions.  Each opponent was required to battle with magic in order to win.  The battle ended with a draw, rendering no winners and no losers.... but the quest was finished.  The only requirement was to battle with magic to the finish. 

Those involved in the thread - @TheWilySpookster, @P.N.See, @DmitriNoir


Title: The Festival of Seven

Link: https://www.valucre.com/topic/31826-the-festival-of-seven/

Summary:  This event would have been a regular event, like all those of no import.  Except that this is the place where the Rainbow Bridge's adviser, Skacharm, learned that they had left Elendaron.  The leader and his main group left back to Earth.  This left Elendaron temporarily leaderless.  The problem would soon be solved though, as hinted by the thread. 

Those involved in the thread - Mickey Flash, @cloakedHacker, @Csl, @Sereken, @Syncopy, @The Hummingbird, @lilypetals, @-Lilium-, @The Dualist, @paradigm


Title: Royal Birth Day

Link: https://www.valucre.com/topic/38136-royal-birth-day/

Summary:  After a couple of years in hiding, the queen has decided to make an appearance on her birthday.  She threw a coming out birthday ball.  Many important people attended.  During the event, one of the guard's weapons misfired, causing a little damage.  The rest of the event included two assassination attempts, and a group of party crashers.  The first attempt consisted of poison metal projectiles, that was stopped by the party crashers.  The second attempt was secretly placed in a Lady in Waiting for the queen, someone she thought she could trust.  Shadows came to life and killed quite a few of those attending.  The queen managed to fight off the shadows with her own abilities, and her bond with the Lady in Waiting.  The queen then later gave a speech to her people to bring hope to them, and show her strength of endurance.  It was later established that both assassins found ways to escape by different means. 

Those involved in the thread - Mickey Flash, @Warlock, @SixShots22, @Tyler, @FenrirLoki, @LikelyMissFortune, @Naralia, @EpicRome23, @Stumbler, @Velinquish, @Twitterpated, @Chappu

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