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Curmudgeonly poodle-lady wants her money back. Now.

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Esteemed academy administrator Lady Bontavia seeks someone to convince her horrid nephew to repay a substantial 'business' loan by any means...


Genre: Modern/Fantasy

Location: Mageside City

Ideal Candidates: Low-level magic users looking for clout with the academy tenure.



The Lady has amicably agreed to allow the successful party to keep 50% of all recovered funds.

Low-level mage participants will be rewarded with free training primarily in illusion and alteration magic. You’ll learn to cast an animate spell which will allow the caster to bind wayward spirits to nearby objects and even themselves for a short time, generously increasing magical protection and/or power.

If your character has no interest in magical training, professional high-level enchantment of a single piece armor or a weapon of your choice is an option.

Bonus, if you're able to recover ALL of Bontavia’s funds and you realize her nephew’s true fate, participants will receive a small amount of a rare mixture of gold powder and incense which is known to attract legendary Kelpie (horse-like flesh eating water spirits). It also doubles as a powerful yet pleasant glittery perfume.

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Aww that's sweet of you to offer :3 

It's wrong of me to say I'll never use. It's really a matter of "will this information help or hinder a readers perception of this character?"

And for that answer I think I'll just have to test it out and see.

I'm winging it, don't-cha-know!

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