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A Time for hunting

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Exodyus was a city that led to a Mach wider world, and even worlds. 

  People from for away places had been picking up disturbances from Valucre. And as such this needed to be explored and explained. 


  Months of preparations and caution were put into place by several different factions. 

  Exodyus was found and the odd and strange nature of the place was exploited by some, deemed a threat by others, and become a base for the most distant of the groups. 


   So it all boiled down to three odd people meeting in a room to talk about how to best deal with this situation. One of which was a magical construct. The other a odd woman, and the third was the one who contacted both.


 Kyle who fancies himself a leader. Found he had sway over weak willed people. He pulled his cap low as he waited for the doors to open. 

“ hopefully they’ll be here soon.”



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