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Vito the Marauder

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Vito, Marauder and Drug Trafficker



Born in Blairville, Eli was brought up in life of a gypsie trader. He was raised with a loving family, who frequently traded and traveled on the open roads. It was basic, but they made a good living. At the age of 10, both his parents passed away in large scale fire at a trade market in Casper, leaving Eli orphaned. Fortunately, his uncle Augustus was willing to adopt him. This brought him into the life of a marauder, a man who raids the raider. Augustus was a member of an unnamed raider gang, a somewhat more moral groups of pirates. They were known for primarily targeting, but had no problem targeting larger ships owned by the rich.

This was unfortunately their downfall. At the age of 24, Eli was returning from a raid. As he entered the base, he came back to singed corpses and burning structures. A rich group of nobles and well known pirates combined forces to end the group, reducing them to nothing more than ashes. Eli, the last standing member, continues the traditions of the group. 

Years of surviving in the wild and ouread have given Vito an expert level understanding of herbalism, along with his obtained knowledge of drug production has made him a master alchemist. Currently partnered with Caden, Vito pursues his goals of expanding his newly established drug empire.




Wanderer - Shattered - Tale of the Forgotten Kingdom 

Given Name: Eli Amsen
Alias/Assumed Name: Vito 
Actual Age: 26
Physical Age: 26
Mental Age: 26 
Gender: Male
Gender Role/Expression: Masculine
Species: Fae Cursed Human
Hometown: Blairville



Hair: Blonde
Eyes: White
Facial Features: Nothing of distinction.
Physical Impairments: None.
Build: Tall and lean.
Clothing: Light padded leather armor.
Accessories: Bone Mask, selection of enchanted rings and multiple pouches.


EUR.jpgEnchanted uru ring ~ Soul linked: An enchanted uru ring created at the Three Heart Smithy, blessed by Scrilly, personally enchanted by King Fafnir himself and worn by Vito. Linked to an enchanted uru sphere, the ring provides Vito a link to whatever life form is bonded to the sphere. Giving him and the bound life form multiple abilities such as sensory scrying, whilst also providing immunity to telepathic abilities and soul manipulation. 
Origin ~ Link


il_794xN.1781056579_nkff.jpgChimera pelt cloak ~ A fine cloak made from the pelt of a chimera that provides resistance to fire, poison, petrifaction and disease.
Origin ~ Link






il_fullxfull.1387584841_4vix.jpg Enchanted uru bracelet ~ An enchanted uru bracelet created at the Three Heart Smithy, blessed by Scrilly, personally enchanted by King Fafnir himself and worn by Vito. The bracelet grants Vito a connection with the beasts he masters, allowing him to share in their abilities. (This does not extend to biological factors.)
Origin ~ Link


CWA.jpgDragon bone clockwork arm (Right) ~ A replacement arm made from the bones of a dragon, the biological replacement features enchanted clockwork mechanism that provide the user with enhanced physical capabilities. 
Origin ~ Link

Weapons -



Vito-039-s-weapon.pngCast from his prior weapon and modified to his liking, Vito personally created the crude looking sentient sword in the confines of his abode. The proto-uru sword is a mixture of iron, uru and dragon glands. Containing the mind of the slain god Leo, it only furthers his elemental control. It glows with veins of red, the heat of the sword enough to scorch the hands of those that try to wield it. The handle is wrapped in thin chimera pelt.  
Origin ~ Link

Secondary: Bowie Knife
Power/Abilities: Earth manipulation, fae blooded, 
Other: Spear, javelins, siege crossbow, silver bolts, vakar bolts, steel bolts, Smoke bombs, throwing knives, throwing nets.


Demon Fog ~ A small seed like object that when crushed allows the user to 'teleport'. Distance and accuracy is dependent upon the willpower of the user, a lack of will may result in unwanted results.


Companions and Alias -

~ Iohmar - Companion
~ Jorahel - Companion
Floki the Drake - Companion and mount
~ Caden - Partner in crime.
~ Cookie - Summon
~ Shaka - Summon
~ Odd - Summon



Caiman - Airship


Personality -

Top Three Defining Strengths: Patience, willpower and agility.
Top Three Defining Flaws: Sadistic, stubbornness, slow learner.
Material Fears: Large insects.
Emotional Fears: Being captured.
Abstract Fears: None.
Material Desires: Treasure (Amulets, coins, etc.)
Emotional Desires: Restart his old raiding group.
Abstract Desires: None.
Large-Scale Aim: Establish a base and restart his old group
Small-Scale Aim: Raid and loot.

Inventory - 
~ Demon horn
~ Demon blood
~ Dragon bone
~ Dragon scale
~ Dragon membrane
~ Giants blood
~ Giant bone

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Vito's Drug List

1 ~ Hazen Root
(Palm sized root, smells like vodka.)

Ingredients: Korenia root, lunar hood, odium and vodka
Description: The root of the korenua plant soaked in lunar hood and vodka, user slowly munches on the root to create a relaxing 'out of body' experience.


2 ~ Black Stardust
(Black powder, stored in a wooden box.)

Ingredients: Baneweed, golden falserod, odium and ash
Description: A mixture of ground up herbs and ash, black stardust is by far the cheapest to make and arguable the most dangerous. Once inhaled or consumed it creates extreme hallucinations, potentially lasting hours depending on quantity taken. Results may be dangerous for consumers or those around.


3 ~ Odin's Haze 
(Large red berry, stored in a leather pouch always marked with a gold X.)

Ingredients: Creeping charlies, golden falserod, odinberry and dragons ash 
Description: Named after the ruler of Terrenus, whether that be an insult or compliment, Odin's Haze is the strongest and most expensive drug currently produced by Vito. The user ignites the crystalline drug and inhales the fumes. This results in a long lasting trance, survivors of which describe as seeing all but remembering nothing. So far the drug only has a 3% survival rate as most will die via heart failure, so consider this a one way trip.


4 ~ Smores
Looks like regular smore with herbs in the center.)

Ingredients: Horehound or shoofly, baneweed, odium, marshmallows and biscuits
Description: The lightest drug currently produced, a smore with added hallucinogenic plants. The sticky properties brought on by the horehound/shoofly causes the smore to bind to the inside of the users mouth, prolonging the hallucinations. A relatively mild and relaxing drug, popular for is cheap price and ease to hide. 


5 ~ Necro
(VIal of black liquid, stored in a leather pouch always marked with a black X)

Ingredients: Visionplant, zoe lily, odium and photas
Description: An extremely dangerous drug taken via eye drops, the drug causes extreme hallucinogens which has been known to cause death by seizures. Users claim to see the dead walking around, trying to talk to them and even attacking them. Long term users experience necrosis of the eyes and blindness, but claim to still be able to see the dead when drug is used.


6 ~ Courage  
(Tablets, stored in white plastic tablet packaging.)

Ingredients: Snap dragon, blackbrush, baneweed and golden falserod.
Description: A basic stimulant to help improve focus, reduce stress, general disorders, etc. Courage can be bought cheap and unless taken in dramatic amounts will cause little to no harm, making it popular amongst the more common folk. The drug is most commonly taken in form of a tablet, however some idiots will surely find more dangerous ways to use it.


7 ~ Courage+ 
(Tablets, stored in blue plastic tablet packaging.)

Ingredients: Snap dragon, blackbrush, baneweed, golden falserod, bog bean and hype agaric.
Description: The fat daddy of courage, courage+ is a stronger and more variable form. Doing everything courage does, whilst also enhancing physical capabilities. Reducing joint pains, muscle fatigue, increase energy, etc are a few examples. However, these added benefits come at the cost of more dangers. Excessive consumption will result in paralysis, kidney damage and heart failure. Taken in tablet form.


8 ~ The Infernal
(Red liquid, stored in potion bottle.)

Ingredients: Dragon tongue, baneweed, hype agaric, opium, manamoss, carnivora, odium and baneweed. 
Description: The Infernal is a hallucinogenic drug designed to create a berserker like state in its user, the user will perceive any and all living (and in some cases non-living) as threats. The drug induces an aggressive euphoric emotional state, the length of which is heavily dependent on numerous factors such as species and amount consumed. What the users sees is depended upon them, with each user perceiving something different. The drug simultaneously boosts strength, stamina, healing, mana regeneration and alertness. Over consumption may result in heart attacks and brain damage. 


9 ~ Maestro
(Blood that gives of a sulfur smell, stored within a fancy glass bottle.)

Ingredients: Demon blood, odium, baneweed and korenia root.
Description: Maestro, a drug newly developed for vampyres, is a drug similar to hazen root. The drinking of Maestro causes a relaxing out of body experience. Plants go through heavy distillation and filtering before being used in the final production, to ensure the full digestion and absorption of material can be complete.


10 ~ Fae Silver
(Kept in small silver capsules.) 

Ingredients: Fae blood, odium, silver, mercury and creeping charlies.
Description: A light pink drink, fae blood gives the user a few minutes of pain relief and emotional ease. With a 0% survival rate, the drink is often used by those with dying relatives trying to bring peace to their loved ones.


11 ~ Viking's Moonshine
(Moonshine bottle, XXX)

Ingredients: Water, maize, datura, yeast, snap dragon and golden falserod.
Description: An alternative moonshine directed at those looking to drink, whilst travelling long distance. Viking's Moonshine is a healing beverage and energy stimulant, perfect for those looking to get drunk on the road.


12 ~ Honey Moonshine
(Moonshine bottle, XXXX)

Ingredients: Water, maize, datura, yeast, honey and odium
Description: What it says on the label, moonshine with a hint of honey.


13 ~ Mossbark Moonshine
(Moonshine bottle, XXXXX)

Ingredients: Water, maize, datura, yeast, moss bark, odium and golden falserod.
Description: A brand of moonshine straight from Taen, brewed within the moss forest. The brew will provide the user with a natural connection to wild beasts, tho this has been shown to be selective with the species. Hallucinations and euphoria are a side affect of the brew, so caution is always advised. 


14 ~ Treerbusx
(Red and green petals, no standard storage.)

Ingredients: Treerbusx, water and odium.
Description: A lethal plant grown only in the moss forest of Taen, the petal are often used by witch covens for rituals and potions. When fresh it is lethal to most species. However, when dried and processed can produce powerful hallucinations and power euphoria. 


15 ~ Kyuc
(Green wax like ball with a red hue, stored in a leather pouch always marked with a emerald green X)

Ingredients: Treerbusx, zoe lily, odium, ash, dragon tongue, vision plant and photas. 
Description: Kyuc appears as a green wax like ball with a red hue, soft and easily moldable. The wax when lit will smolder, releasing red humes, that when inhaled will produce extremely potent hallucinations. These visions are said to be omens, the nature of which will vary with users. 

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Creature Name - Drake Glider Mount
Nickname - Floki
Creator - Chinafel
Owner - Eli Amsen

Basic Description - 

The drake glider is a medium to large draconic creature, approximately 3.5 meters in length and 1.3 meters high. The summon seems primarily drake in nature, with a few augmented features. It's body is primarily covered in dark green scales, with a few hues of other colors. It's underbelly has softer scales, which are light green in color. It features a leathery membrane between it's front and rear legs, allowing it to glide over medium distances. This membrane seamlessly integrates into the summon, almost unnoticeable when not in use. It's legs are long and muscular, ending with large claws on it's feet. Giving it great climbing abilities. It is surprisingly light, helping with it's gliding ability. It wields a large lengthy tail, nearly as long as the rest of it's body. It's face is covered with noticeably thicker scales, getting larger as they go along the neck. It boasts very large teeth, some of with protrude out the mouth. Along it's spine is a fine like structure, its use is unknown. 

Characteristics -

It is very bashful in nature, preferring to avoid noisy and crowded situations. It prefers to be living in small groups, or solitary conditions all together. The drake glider has a keen intellect and good problem solving skills, by beast standard. It prefers forests and other green areas, typically enjoying the comfort of being shrouded in the overgrowth. 

Combat Description -

The drake glider is an avid user of hit and run tactic when engaged in combat, only confronting enemies when forced to. Often striking from the air, or striking it's target and running away. It will often stalk it's target for hours, and will flee if it feels the threat it to large. The drake glider has the ability to spit a cloud of venom, which has both toxic and sleeping properties. This venom will slowly damage a combatants skin whilst also causing them to feel drowsy, potentially forcing them into a sleeping state. It can utilize it's teeth, claws and tail if the time arises.

Strengths -

Speed and Agility - It's light frame and long legs give the beast great speed and agility.
Gliding - Its in the name, Drake Glider.
Venom Cloud - It's ability to spit a venomous cloud often catch enemies off guard, making it extremely lethal.
Close Combat - It's long claws, teeth and tail make for deadly melee weapons.

Weakness -

Soft Underbelly - The soft underbelly is the easiest way to cause damage to any draconic creature.
Membrane - It's membrane is not weak, but it is an easy target whilst the drake is gliding and can be used to take it out the sky. 
Light Frame - The light frame of the drake glider means it's durability is rather low. 

Materials used for Summon -

  1. ~Elemental stones
  2. ~Draconic Scale                          
  3. ~Korenia Root                         
  4. ~Copper Ore
  5. ~Manamoss
  6. ~Lavaweed
  7. ~Creeping Charlies
  8. ~Photas
  9. ~Membrane
  10. ~Dragon Ash

Creation Story-

Part 1
Part 2 
Part 3 - Only first section.

Other - The Drake Glider is a mount used by it's owner Eli.

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Creature Name - Odd-Eye
Nickname - Odd
Creator - Eli Amsen
Owner - Eli Amsen

The creature resembles an eye with tentacles emerging from various areas around its ‘body’, each tentacle ends with spiked mouth like objects. The mouth like objects act as suction devices, whilst the spikes suck blood. The odd eye has a rough diameter of 1ft, the tentacles reaching 3ft. The skin is light pink, its eye red. It hovers above the ground, but able to use its levitation to seemingly fly.  

Extremely curious, the odd-eye will spend most of its time exploring and staring at pretty much anything. It’ll often approach interesting looking creatures, following them around in order to learn. Easily distracted, this has lead to issues in the past.

Combat description-
Not designed for combat, the odd-eye will not engage with most foes. It’ll simply teleport away or phase through objects. If the foe is weak or in a sleeping state, it’ll use its psionic abilities or suck the victims blood.

Teleportation - Ability to teleport long distances, as well as teleport others.
Phase - Turning its body into a state of black mist, odd-eye will gain the ability to pass through objects. Immune to all forms of physical damage whilst in this state.
Psionic - Light basic psionic abilities. Examples are mind manipulation, sensory and force projections.

Durability - Extremely weak, odd-eye can be easily overpowered in physical confrontations. 
Deaf - Does not have the sense of hearing. 

Materials used for summon-

  1. Odin berry
  2. Dragon tongue 
  3. Pseudo cyclops eye
  4. Demons blood
  5. Ash
  6. Gem
  7. vision plant
  8. manamoss

Creation Story - Link

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Owl Griffin Color Design By RobTheDoodler
Creature Name - Scowl peryton
Nickname - Cookie
Creator - Chinafel
Owner - Vito

Physical Description - 
The Scowl peryton is essentially the hybrid of a sabrecat and owl, fused through the use of charm magic. The summon is a bipedal owl like creature, the same size as typical house cat. The colorations are similar to that of a barn owl, with predominantly more white. Its ears are much larger than in comparison to the head than that of a sabrecat, reason for this development is unknown. The eyes are large, following the typical trait of most owls. The wings of the scowl peryton expand to great length, with a wingspan of roughly 190cm. Despite having the paws of a typical feline, the claws are owl like. Longer talons than most creatures, it's amazing that they can be sheathed. 

It's curiosity and friendliness make this summon quite the extrovert. Playful and nosy, this companion will require a good bit of stimulus to get rid of pent up energy, not meeting these requirements may result in destroyed property. Whether that be your own or someone else's, you have been warned. Despite this energy, it greatly enjoys sleeping.

Combat Description-
This summon is good for taking on smaller and faster prey, but will struggle with bigger foes. It small frame and light build give it low durability, stronger attacks could easily take it out. However, if use properly then it can be effective. It's flight, speed and great talons could become lethal. Used to blind, mane or even slit the throats of enemies. However, it is only recommend for smaller faster foes. The Scowl possesses amazing hearing, sight and smell. Great as a watcher or hunting companion.

Strengths -
Speed and Agility - Possessing the speed of an owl and agility of a cat, the two traits make it a great hunter.
Talons - The primary weapon of the scowl is its great talons, a grand total of 18 talons for effective cutting.
Senses - It's primary senses are smell, hearing and sight which are far more enhanced than most creatures.
Trainable- Due to behavioral factors and high enough intelligence, the Scowl Peryton can be trained.

Weaknesses -
Light Frame and Build- The light frame and build of the scowl give it low durability.
Weather Dependent - Due to not being its feathers not being water and lighter weight, the scowl may struggle to fly in rain and strong winds. 

Materials used for Summon -

  1. Sabrecat Hide
  2. Owl Feather
  3. Owl Eyes
  4. Jewel
  5. Manamoss
  6. Visionplant

Creation Story-

Part 1

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Creature Name - Copper Dragon Mount
Nickname - Aeris
Creator - Eli Amsen
Owner - Eli Amsen

A small-medium draconic creature that physically resembles a classic dragon, a quadrupedal winged reptile. The main unique feature about this beast is its copper scales, the dull metallic scales reduce armor but lighten it. The dragons stands at roughly 17ft tall and 50ft, with a wingspan of 40ft.

Calm, cunning and highly intelligent. The dragon is able to learn basic language and converse, utilizing it for various means. Tho its language is limited, it enjoys long conversations. Often conversing with local villagers, seemingly about the most random things.

Combat description-
The dragon primarily utilizes its impressive traverse terrain and manipulate it when in combat. Its ability to fly at high speeds, maneuverability, cunning, earth manipulation and fire breathing make it formidable when engaged in rocky terrains.

Earth manipulation - Ability to manipulate earth.
Fire  breathing - Classical dragon fire breathing.
Cunning - Will be able to make tactical decisions without assistance.

Light armor - Copper infused scales has reduced its defensive capabilities.
Light frame - Despite its size its frame is light, reducing it close combat capabilities. 

Material used-

  1. dragon scales
  2. Dragon bones
  3. Odin berry
  4. Dragon tongue 
  5. Membrane
  6. Copper
  7. Dragon blood
  8. Gland
  9. Gem
  10. vision plant
  11. manamoss

Creations story- Link

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Image - Link
Creature Name -  Homunculus
Nickname - Bellicose
Creator - Vito
Owner - Vito

Physical Description - 
The creature has similar physical features to a dragon, with features that would not usually occur on a typical dragon. The beast has no eyes, fur growing along its back and a rather short snout. It features black and grey scales, covered in a rough white fur coating along its back and neck. It has two large horns, protruding outwards. It can manipulate its own size, anywhere from the size of a house cat to a bull. Having two enormous wings, the span of which is easily the size of several humans.


Being young, its nature is similar to that of a young well behaved teen. Not having the consciousness to reason at a higher level, but willing to listen and learn. Bellicose is social, enjoying to engage in any activity in which it can better itself. 

Combat Description-
It'll often resort to ranged attacks, flying high or attacking from a small hidden space.

Strengths -

Size manipulation // Power to change its own size at will, anywhere from the size of a house cat to a bull
Fire breathing // Its primary weapon is the ability to breath fire, the heat of which is extreme even by draconian standards.
Flight // Ability to fly.
Phase // Body forms a cloud of black mist that give immunity to physical attacks, but increase damage done by magic.
Heightened // Born without eyes, its other senses are extremely attuned.

Weaknesses -

Blind // Unable to see.
Juvenile // Young and lacking any veteran experience. 


Materials used for Summon -

  1. Assorted Fossils 
  2. Iron 
  3. Demon horn 
  4. Demon blood 
  5. Fae blood 
  6. Wurm blood 
  7. Wurm bone 
  8. Wurm Scale 
  9. Vito’s blood 
  10. Uru 
  11. Leo’s Emotion
  12. Vakar collar
  13. Dragon blood 
  14. Dragon horn 
  15. Dragon bone 
  16. Dragon scale 
  17. Dragon heart 
  18. Dragon glands 
  19. Dragon membrane 
  20. Giants blood 
  21. Giant bone 
  22. Pseudo cyclops brain 
  23. Pseudo cyclops eye 
  24. Leo's blood 
  25. Leo's pelt 
  26. Leo’s bones 
  27. Leo Materia Shard [tier 1 fire manipulation] 
  28. Half of Vito's prior swordstaff

Creation Story-
Gathering stories - Link / Link / Link / Link / Link
Creation Story - Link

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