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Summoned Companion - Floki the Drake

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Creature Name - Drake Glider Mount
Nickname - Floki
Creator - Chinafel
Owner - Eli Amsen

Basic Description

The drake glider is a medium to large draconic creature, approximately 3.5 meters in length and 1.3 meters high. The summon seems primarily drake in nature, with a few augmented features. It's body is primarily covered in dark green scales, with a few hues of other colors. It's underbelly has softer scales, which are light green in color. It features a leathery membrane between it's front and rear legs, allowing it to glide over medium distances. This membrane seamlessly integrates into the summon, almost unnoticeable when not in use. It's legs are long and muscular, ending with large claws on it's feet. Giving it great climbing abilities. It is surprisingly light, helping with it's gliding ability. It wields a large lengthy tail, nearly as long as the rest of it's body. It's face is covered with noticeably thicker scales, getting larger as they go along the neck. It boasts very large teeth, some of with protrude out the mouth. Along it's spine is a fine like structure, its use is unknown. 

Characteristics -

It is very bashful in nature, preferring to avoid noisy and crowded situations. It prefers to be living in small groups, or solitary conditions all together. The drake glider has a keen intellect and good problem solving skills, by beast standard. It prefers forests and other green areas, typically enjoying the comfort of being shrouded in the overgrowth. 

Combat Description -

The drake glider is an avid user of hit and run tactic when engaged in combat, only confronting enemies when forced to. Often striking from the air, or striking it's target and running away. It will often stalk it's target for hours, and will flee if it feels the threat it to large. The drake glider has the ability to spit a cloud of venom, which has both toxic and sleeping properties. This venom will slowly damage a combatants skin whilst also causing them to feel drowsy, potentially forcing them into a sleeping state. It can utilize it's teeth, claws and tail if the time arises.

Strengths -

Speed and Agility- It's light frame and long legs give the beast great speed and agility.
Gliding - Its in the name, Drake Glider.
Venom Cloud - It's ability to spit a venomous cloud often catch enemies off guard, making it extremely lethal.
Close Combat - It's long claws, teeth and tail make for deadly melee weapons.

Weakness -

Soft Underbelly - The soft underbelly is the easiest way to cause damage to any draconic creature.
Membrane - It's membrane is not weak, but it is an easy target whilst the drake is gliding and can be used to take it out the sky. 
Light Frame - The light frame of the drake glider means it's durability is rather low. 

Materials used for Summon -

  1. ~Elemental stones
  2. ~Draconic Scale                          
  3. ~Korenia Root                         
  4. ~Copper Ore
  5. ~Manamoss
  6. ~Lavaweed
  7. ~Creeping Charlies
  8. ~Photas
  9. ~Membrane
  10. ~Dragon Ash

Creation Story-

Part 1
Part 2 
Part 3 - Only first section.

Other - The Drake Glider is a mount used by it's owner Eli.


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