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[Relic] Inveniam viam aut faciam

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Brief: Investigate if Kadian settlements have managed to survive the Harrowing, and if there are any forces of Corruption residing in them
Item: Personal All Terrain Vehicle
 A small ship of Kadian design, used for exploration and scouting by both soldiers and the civilian Kadian settlers--who are cultivating the land deep into the island. These ships are incredibly mobile and cover ground far more quickly than horses. Capable of suborbital, and limited orbital flight, and can easily be modified with weapons. Soldiers and civilians alike take to holding recreational races, much to the chagrin of high command.
Class: C
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"I shall either find a way, or make one."

It was the motto of those who served upon the Imperator Bellum, the Belisarius-Sinistrum class frigate of the Order of Force Majeure. The Custodes on the vessel, both Militant and Auxiliary alike, served with honor and pride. They were the ones who went into the Maelstrom, who breached the Harrowing and helped spearhead Kadia's salvation. They were the ones who fought desperate battles against impossible odds for a chance of a shining dawn upon a nation to which they did not belong.

And now in the exhausted aftermath, they helped pick up the pieces.

There was much work to be done still. Even as the stalwart Kadians held joyous celebrations at the lifting of the Harrowing, the Force Majeure set out to help where they could. Many smaller towns and fortifications were overrun, to say nothing of minor settlements and unluckier. Airships of the Kadian battlefleets had been laid low, and their armies bloodied. They made their way now to a junction of settlements in the western half of the nation, a location formerly known for their excellent artisans and craftsman, especially when it came to glasswork. There had been a small military convoy reported in the area during the time of the Harrowing, and their last orders were that they had been evacuating the citizenry to a safer locale. Now, only the faint signal of a distress beacon remained, to draw those who would suffer the truth of the matter. 

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The very air hissed as it was split by a sword of inordinate size. Built for use by the power-armored Greatswords, the superb elite heavy assault troops of the Order of Force Majeure Custodes Militant, the weapon currently in James Eredas's hand was absurdly large, as if built for a demigod instead of a mortal man.

A matching blade was in his other hand. Both were vibroweapons of great destructive capability, and each were nearly as large as he was. Not that the difference in proportions seemed to slow the Daemonslayer down in the slightest, as he executed the same two styles of cuts over and over again. There was a look of intense focus on his face as he listened to the hiss of air grow sharper. It was weight training, endurance training, the fine-tuning of muscle control, and honing of muscle memory all at once. James Eredas was one of the deadliest combatants across the realms, a reputation that came not from his innate talent, but from having the sort of combat experience no amount of training could match, and then the Daemonslayer kept rigorous with his combat drills anyway. Thusly, he passed the time, whilst his presence was not needed on the bridge, and whilst others assembled. They would reach their destination soon enough.

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