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Added @Maverick's Shirokawa Tsuyu and @The Rabbit Emperor's Yagyushi no Teppu to the Clan!

We're growing slowly and steadily! ❤️ This should be very fun and engaging; I can't wait to dive into your characters' stories ? If any ideas for plots or stories come to you that aren't already listed, please do let me or @Animal know so we can help with enacting them!

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3 minutes ago, Twitterpated said:

Remember to keep your allies in mind btw!

I would hope some of this overthrowing the Kaminari would entail help from the Owari. 

Assuming they are in the Yanaihara's pocket. ?

of course! ? looking to establish and develop ties with the other clans soon after we get up and running ??

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Okay everyone, we're getting set for the establishment thread and starting other individual threads with you guys so we can properly kickstart things ? let's get things going! I'm very much in favor of not only having present-day threads, but threads set in the past as well to establish individual characters and the like, so we will most likely create a timeline of Yanaihara events so threads set in the past can meld with events in the present ? all good fun!

I know I've also been in talks with a fair number of people about joining the Yanaihara Clan and who have still not submitted any characters for me—which is all well and good, no need to rush things!—but I'd like to know whether you are still on for this thang or not, just for my personal documentation ? y'all know who you are~ ?

Also, I'd like to know how people would like to communicate with each other for Yanaihara plots! @Twitterpated has a Datsuzoku Discord group we could all join up in, but I was wondering if people would rather have it here on Val as a group PM or as an OOC thread? Another option would be Twitter's Datsuzoku Club as well ? any thoughts on the matter, anyone?

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