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Legacy of the Void OOC

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Just a short post from me today. ? 

Take this posting cycle for your characters to get their bearings and prep for the journey. We can have a peaceful exit, or a more interesting one if you guys want. I'm willing to be more exploratory! ? 

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Hey guys. 

Sorry for not posting for the past week and a half. I truly apologise for not doing so as I'm currently bogged down by multiple fast-paced threads. Add on to the fact that my wife is pregnant with twins and I have to spend time at home taking care of her has drained me as well. This leads me to the issue of this thread: 

So far I have noticed that most of us require more than 3 days to make a post (including myself), in contrast to the rules that I have put up. Suffice to say, the story has been slow-going and therefore our characters haven't even left Lirrey yet. Of course,  the blame lies with myself for not posting when it is supposed to be my turn. 

Thus, I want to know if everyone is still comfortable with the "3-days to post per turn" limit, or does everyone feel that they need more than 3 days to post? I'm open to discussions, so please let me know what you think. 

In the meantime, I will post within 24 hours so we can continue the story. 

Again, I sincerely apologise for not following up and I promise to keep this thread up. It is my sincerest wish to see this story through to the end and for our characters to reach the Taen portal at the very least.

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On 8/11/2019 at 9:12 AM, Gloxie said:

I'm terribly sorry for taking so long with this post, my brain has been blocked a lot this week, I do have the general outline for the post though so hold tight.

That's fine. I believe a change in how this RP is managed is in order. 

Due to this RPs rocky and slow start, it is my opinion that instead of constricting everyone here to "1 post & 3 days limit", I think it would be best for everyone to abolish this rule and keep the limit open. 

Thus, we will still follow the posting order but there will be no limit as to how long one has to take before posting. If you think your turn needs to be skipped, please say it here in the OOC thread so the next person in line can continue the story.

If you feel that you can post, go right on ahead and take however much time you need to post. 

It's better to have quality posts than a quantity of short ones. 

Please let me know if you guys are alright with it or have any suggestions. 

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