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Legacy of the Void OOC

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I wonder what ways Luna could suffer mentally throughout this. To the point of almost losing her sanity, or something else just as severe. Any ways to get that to happen? 

Edit: I also want her to become stronger due to it, or at least gain something from it.

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Just a quick announcement: 

Due to Voldemort's hectic schedule as a new resident doctor at a hospital, he will be unable to continue participating in this thread. 

Adding onto the fact that @Damnatus will not be joining until at another unspecified time and Shamash's apparent disappearance, plus the fact that I'm having less time for Valucre due to the imminent birth of my wife's twin daughters...

I am (shockingly even to myself) considering halting this thread. My own incompetence as this RP's leader (I cannot apologise enough for this) also makes me feel that I have let everyone down and I don't wish to continue simply to fall off the map when my children are born. 

So if anyone has any ideas on how to save this RP or maybe I can hear your opinions would be great. 

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