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Letter to Terrenus P.E.T.A.L Division Concerning Void Magic Expedition

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(The following letter sent to Terrenus Military Headquarters, P.E.T.A.L division.)

To Whom It May Concern:

This is Undir Valenson. You may recall that I was a former member of P.E.T.A.L. having left after some... unfortunate occurrences concerning the spire and mists that appeared in Blairville. 

It has recently come to my attention that a research expedition into Ym'hs investigating a spike in void magic signals is being undertaken soon. As you may know, we are in desperate need of more information on the nature of void magic and how it can be controlled. Being in Ym'hs, this expedition has relevancy to P.E.T.A.L, not to mention the likely possibility that this spike of void energy originated from some kind of ancient ruin or structure. 

I am willing to work towards Terrenus military interests on this expedition and turn over any and all findings contingent upon my being reinstated into P.E.T.A.L and promotion to the rank of corporal when the expedition has been completed.

If these terms are acceptable, consider me under your command and give me my orders. 

Gaia's Blessings,

Undir Valenson

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Pvt. Valenson,

You were listed as AWOL / Missing Persons. I am delighted beyond words to find that you are alive and that you did not simply defect and abandon your post in these constantly trying times; considering your contact with the SAM event (Spires and Mist), all the more so to find your sanity intact.  

Upon receiving your notice from the Office of Personnel, I sent word to R&D to let them know one of their agents is back from the cold. I have been authorized to inform you that YES, the military is interested in funding an expedition into Yh'mi's arena, and YES, doing so will be part of your commission and will advance your rank and paygrade upon return. Check in at the nearest Office on your way to Yh'mi for a full briefing/debriefing, as needed. 

Remember that Yh'mi is little mapped, little understood, and rife with enemies of all kind, not just enemies to Terrenus but enemies to thinking, feeling, living beings.

Go with Gaia's blessings,


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