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@supernal I want to have an event of sorts as a send off for my 14 year old OC.  I haven't been able to write much lately due to a bad mental stigma associated with it, but recently I was given an idea and its been churning in my mind for weeks.


Basically, need to make sure this would be approved (You have given me permission to state in my posts before that my character possessed a means with which to cross universes/worlds using portals created by his goddess), But essentially I would like to have a massive, cursed clocktower be ripped from its normal location of Gaia Prime and dumped out somewhere in the Terrenus wilds or near Predator's Keep.  The tower itself recreates events and memories for anyone standing upon the moving gears at the tower's highest level, behind the clock's face.  My character, tormented by his past, returned to the tower to try and relive memories he had long buried, but the goddess who torments him twists the magic of the clocktower and forces Vince and whoever else may be in the vicinity to physically relive those events, the events themselves being corrupted recreations of Vince's actual memories in order to drive him further off the edge.  

I have another OC who is related to Vince, which I would use to kickstart the thread/event and lead people into the clocktower after its sudden appearance, his goal/intent to find out why the clocktower was now in Valucre [having also been familiar with the clocktower.], and why his adopted father was using his [suspected] innate magic to twist the cursed sorcery even farther.  


The event would have participants relive moments that I find important/of signifcant history to the character, culminating with a send-off of sorts.  Is this something that you would allow me to do?  Willing to work with you on the details some to fit in with Valucre lores/rules if any of that bends them.

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While I obviously don't speak for Supernal, I think you are missing a key point of information and that is intent.

So, is your intent to have a standalone event that would only exist within the personal canon of your characters and the participants?

Or is your intent to have the thread canonized and incorporated into the lore?

If yes to the last one, are you looking for the clocktower to become a significant and permanent landmark in the world?


If you are just looking to have a big RP event with no impacts on existing canon/lore it is pretty much a none issue.

You can RP a three headed teleporting reality warping blackhole creating god, and so long as you aren't pissing other people off or trying to canonize the RP, it isn't a problem.

If you are specifically looking to have a new landmark added to Val, the contents of your RP don't seems like a big deal. However, there will be post counts that need to be met.

So I think the question isn't, can you do it? Because one way or another yes you can. Rather, it is how much work do you need to do to get your desired level of canonization?


Check here for further details. 

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I mean, at the very least, I want it to be canon for my character and anyone who participates in it, but having it canonized site wide and added into the lore would be better; it leaves a mark and footprint saying that Vince's end was here and how it happened.  As far as the tower itself becoming a landmark, that would be up to you guys; I could care less either way.


Off the top of my head I can think of 4-5 different ways that I could destroy or remove the tower at the end of the event, or if people like the idea/feel of it, leave it around.  I'm aware that there would need to be post counts met during something like this to have it officially canonized, which is fine because if I get the go ahead and everything sorted, I'm hoping to get several people to participate.  


Also for what I have planned, it would have to be a fairly meaty and lengthy thread/event to begin with.  


It's early and I've barely slept, but hopefully that answers your questions and concerns.  @Praetorian

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That sounds very viable 

It doesn't sound like it has anything particularly game-breaking involved but anything that does toe the line we can rationalize by making the extent of its powers limited to its own confines

Chaining off of Praetorian's comments above:

1) it's definitely fine for personal canon
2) it's fine to have the event be canonized as a historical note on the respective lore page 
3) as to whether it becomes a persistent landmark/hotspot, we can review this at the end of the event so I have a better idea of how much effort went into it and what it means for it to be a permanent fixture, but this 'after the fact' review shouldn't interfere with your ability to pursue items 1 or 2 

footnote - this is speaking for lore pages for the Wilds; if for PK you would need to pose the same question to the PK people (akako, fierach, twitterpated)

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Honestly doesn't matter much to me.  I will probably drop Fie and Akako a message later and ask them if it's something they would like to have done within PK territory, since both of them know and have had IC interactions with the character before.  


I'll get a rough write-up of everything some time later today/tonight and go ahead and post a full interest check for it.  

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