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Come Together (Shokan)

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Character design for a friend's project (1/2) by Arasdel


Today was an important day.

It was on this day that Benjamin Shawcross would disappear from the public; to be replaced with Shokan Eiji. The notion that he would live the rest of his life under a name other than that which he'd been born with was still a strange one. Of course, this was really just a formality. He had already forsaken his old life when he had accepted the roll of Zen of the Omagatoki; a squad of elite warriors known only to the Emperor. Besides, it wasn't like there was much he was leaving behind. He had never settled down anywhere, and while he had done plenty of mercenary work, he wasn't so well known that anyone would question his vanishing. 

Now he sat inside a decrepit old tea house in the city of Jigoku, waiting for his soon-to-be comrades to arrive. The building had been abandoned for some time, but he had plans for the land, and had been happy to pay the pittance the owner had asked. Builders were standing by to begin work on the estate that would take the place of the current building. He just hoped his guests could see the same potential that he did. 

Eiji had invited all of them personally after learning all he could about them. There was more information on some then others; but all were top tier talent that he had desperately wanted to join his clan. Their membership was still not formalized, so all were free to go their separate ways if they decided they were unsatisfied with what he had to say. 

All he could do now was wait, and hope.

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So because Clan Shokan was not founded from a preexisting group, and are basically being built from scratch, I wanna do a few threads building it up. Basically, this thread will be where the clan is formally established. Then I would like to do a thread with each of you, sort of a meet and greet thing IC wise. Then we get down to business! I can't wait to write with you guys. Let's have some fun!



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D_violet.png?m=1484632796awn. The enigmatic vagrant awoke that morning as they would have any other, and departed before any eyes could know where they had gone. The once mendacious maverick of mysterious origins seemed to command balance beneath his foot-long geta made to accommodate the giant's feet. It was impossible to tell how long had passed since he abandoned the precepts of the Baxian. Beneath thick aquamarine robes trimmed with rose gold the faceless man seemed to amble endlessly with no destination in sight, seen seldom along a pathway then not at all. As meticulous as the giant of a man was he made no attempts to hide his journey. Standing just shy of seven feet his presence was massive, but oft misunderstood: which was common of one with no home or no direction. Overtime however this changed. No one could say when or how, but the strongest warrior of Tiandi Wushu folklore, The Blind Salamander, appeared before Jigoku with a smile of calm. Hundreds walked every which way around the robed man who stood still, capturing the world and the city he was meant to enter. The sun shined resplendently, the insects buzzing, children playing loudly along the sides of the road and within, and as such tranquility seemed contagious. There was no heightened intensity of war or battle, and as such nothing for the sage to raise an incipient eyebrow to.

His smile would remain when he began walking once more, weaving through the general populace with an occasional "pardon me" and "good day sir/ma'am" along the congested roads that would bring him to his destination. There were other far less tedious methods of arriving to the meeting place of his new allies, but So Chan as they called the bronze-skinned man of ivory hair was taught to never reveal his hand too early, even on a full draw. Besides, it wouldn't take long for him to arrive at the dilapidated tea house plotted on disgruntled land. 

When his glassed eyes opened they were desiccate, and scarred beyond remission: no pupils to view, merely mystical white that seemed to have collided within and been frozen by time itself. Stepping forward carefully on the uneven ground he stepped forward and the door to the tea house slid open slowly. 

"HmmHMMMM...no housekeeping? What lord would do this to his elite journeymen?!" So called out childishly, shaking his massive left hand in jest, while stepping forward and using his right to lower himself upon entering. As a man of considerable size he would have to watch himself. 

"I trust there's no booze or food here either?" So called out Eiji, not having given a formal greeting proper. 


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The sun was high and it's rays cast down upon the whole of creation; gracing the lands with a day of beautiful respite. Aegis reaching JIgoku without too much trouble, with the small correspondence he had received on the road, making it to the city where many went about their daily business; Few taking stock of the man passing through town. He found it preferable to remain unnoticed. The light of day exposing a Ronin to his failures no matter how he may try and obfuscate it's irrefutable rays. It took some time and a few directions before he found the tea house in question. It didn't look like much, but he figured this was a project still being nurtured. His eyes following a gargantuan figure entering the same location. It seemed more had been recruited than just he. Aegis taking a moment to himself and gripping a small pendent that hung from his katana' handle. Was this the right move? He had lost all sense of direction for quite some time, and traveled with the winds these days. He lowered himself to the ground, resting on his knees and lacing his fingers around the jade pendent. 

"Sky above me...earth below me...fire within me...

These are more than words my son, they are The Rishagi Way. They are how we remain vigilant against the tides of change. The skies represents the change time has on all things, while Earth is the ground we were born upon and use to keep us upright...but the fire that comes from within...that fire can either rage against the winds of change or extinguish in the face of immovable earth...but if we change with the winds and remain strong on our feet. That fire will burn it's brightest. That fire is our hearts, our hopes, our dreams...our duty. Do you understand? Your duty is to safeguard the heart of this clan, while mine is...well getting you to school before your mother upends us both!

Aegis opening his eyes and looking toward the sun, quickly standing up after his minor meditation. Change was in itself a force of nature that he wasn't going to let pass him by; not this time. The Ronin entering the tea house and removing his hat out of respect. The two men already inside seeing a weathered human enter. His hair pulled back in a loose ponytail and looking at them with A seafoam gaze, trailing along the edges of the room with a distrusting gait as he sat down in an available seat that kept them in view with his back against the wall "A Ronin is not sought after for even demeaning mockery So why does this Shokan have such an interest in one" His voice fluid and firm, to the point. He could feel an opportunity here, but that didn't dissuade the necessity for answers. The Shattered Swordsman was barely a local legend to those who have witnessed Aegis fight. This was a capable gatherer of information. 


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Shi glissades along the road as he negotiates the weaving streets of Jigoku. A mop of black hair lazily sways across his face, partially concealing an apathy defined visage. Dead and depthless eyes inanely drift, wantonly devouring the ambient details of the environment. Somewhere in the volumes of information ingested there is a plethora of significant and relevant details… however they are all lost to him due to the sheer breadth of observable facts. And so, instead of moving with a sense of purpose while successfully navigating crowds, instead inefficiently wanders, constantly in the wrong place, always in someone else’s way, never picking the right path to expedite his travels from point A to B.

It’s for the above reason that this unremarkable and comparatively short man of average stature is the second to last to arrive at the teahouse. In many ways the tea house reminds him of himself, it is unimposing and easy to look over, a perfect hole to hide in, right under everyone’s nose.

Pressing his palm into the door, he breaches the threshold with a few slow steps before stopping to assess the situation.

Tall paranoid guy, taller guy, midget giant overconfident guy.

Tall paranoid guy opted for a back to the wall approach, which at a glance always seemed like a safe bet but the truth was that the positioning restricts mobility. Someone backed against a wall is more likely to get hit by the surprise attack, because even if you think everyone is the enemy, you simply don’t know what you don’t know.

The midget by giant standards guy positioned himself as the center of attention, and also showed a general disregard for social etiquette, usually an excellent indicator of overconfidence. Shi circumnavigates him and heads toward the taller than tall but not as tall as a midget giant, guy. He is clearly the most reasonable, and with any luck the one in charge of it all.

“Greetings, I’m Shi.” The comment is made as he both bows and cants his head to size up the others again. “Clearly subtlety and inconspicuousness are not necessary qualities.”

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Was she late? Perhaps. The raven-haired woman was never one to let others wait for her much less arrive late herself. Punctuality has always been a policy of hers and it would give a bad impression if an individual such as her would break it especially on such a clandestine gathering. 

Her used zori sandals clicked and clacked with every hastened step she makes, and it amused her that she can move so loudly in public. She was so used to acting more covert and inconspicuous as was expected of her but this newfound occasion was also quite fascinating. Has it been too long since she had lived a more normal and carefree life? Perhaps. 

The rich silky kimono that wrapped around her slender figure seemed to flutter as the occasional eastern wind passed by. She had to remind herself that is was just wind and not the swooshing air brought by unseen foes. Now she's starting to regret going to this congregation. Was she ready to turn over a new leaf?

Regret was perhaps an understatement. The man who personally asked her participation was her dear Benny himself, someone she had both fought against, fought with and even bedded, an act that she had been regretting ever since. She knew from the start what the man wanted from her and she was perhaps too naive and gave her assent. All this merely led her to finish the last few steps, closing the final distance towards her destination and entering the doorway to a brand new beginning.

And enter she did but not before lighting her ever-present kiseru, the old pipe her foster-sister Fuki had once gifted her. The smoke trailed after her as she took a position on the wall near the entryway, arms crossing while her dark eyes regarded everyone present. She would wait, and listen then only after that will she give Ben her answer.

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So the Salamander was the first to arrive. It was somewhat of a surprise to Eiji, as the mans reputation indicated that he tended to show up when and if he chose to do so. He hadn't discounted the notion that the man might skip this meeting entirely; and instead seek him out in private. Just from his entrance the Clan Leader could tell that he was something of an eccentric; but if his skills lived up to the rumors, then he would gladly tolerate them. At the mans inquiry about refreshments, Eiji retrieved a bottle of sake from under the table and placed it on the tabletop with five cups.

"We have drink, but I'd like to wait for the others if it's all the same to you."

The words had scarcely left his lips when yet another of his guests arrived; the ronin known as Aegis Rishagi. From the way the man spoke, he was clearly suspicious of his invitation, and Ben couldn't blame him. He hadn't gone into great detail in his invitations. But the other mans skill as a warrior spoke for itself; but his status as a ronin kept him from being welcomed into a more reputable house. Clan Shokan however valued ability over social status, and thus would welcome all who would serve.

"You are here because of your talent in your vocation. The same reason you all are here."

Shi was a man who could hide his keen mind behind a mask of apathy. Everything about his appearance was aggressively average; purposely constructed to appear as the kind of person you saw every day and never gave a second thought. As he came into the room, Eiji could see him sizing him and the others up. It didn't take him long to settle on him as the man in charge; and then dispense a witty remark.

"We aren't trying to hide."

Last to arrive was Saki, an old rival/friend from his old life, and perhaps the biggest wild card in this whole enterprise. Their relationship was a complicated one. At various times, they had fought against and with each other, and even been lovers on occasion. If she wanted to, she could blow his cover, which would cause him a great deal of trouble. On the other hand, few had a gift for persuasion and manipulation than her. He nodded to her as she came in, and then poured the sake into the five cups, and slid them towards his guests.

"Thank you all for coming. I'll try to keep this brief, and concise," he began, "I have been given authority by the Emperor to create a clan. You are all here because you are the best in your fields. My clan cares little for social status, or anything of the sort. Ability is most important. No matter what your past, if you are willing to serve, you are welcome in Clan Shokan."

Eiji leaned forward to bow on his hands and knees, "I ask that you join me in founding this clan, and guiding it as it grows."

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Aegis had opted many times to keep his back against the wall when faced with strangers who posed any threat; It was how A Ronin lived. His eyes roaming from the larger than life figure to A new arrival entering; His eyes matching his own in their distrusting nature toward new faces. Rishagi standing only to give a proper bow in return as shi greets them, sitting back down with as it seemed there were still more to arrive. In the case of Aegis, Shi was right to judge his capacity for subtlety and stealth. He was not one to become shadow or hide in the absent fears of one's peripheral...if confrontation was had, shadows only promoted lies and deceit. The very reasons he had been stripped of his honor.  Aegis standing once again and giving a formal bow as A gorgeous woman entered, mysterious in the illustrious smoke of he pipe as her gaze swept across him like a scythe harvesting grain. Rishagi resting once more in his cornered chair as Eiji gave his answer to The Ronin. They were admirable for if there was anything lost in the potential of Aegis, Eiji would know that due to the terrible losses of the Rishagi clan following Aegis' banishment. He had been one of the last to master his family's Iado, and become a true Iaidokan. 

The Ronin taking the offering of Sake with a nod and resting it on his lap, withholding from drinking until he saw the man himself take a drink, listening to Eiji begin his explanation. He must be someone of high esteem to get such permission from the emperor, especially if it supersedes the exile of the last remaining Rishagi. He didn't care about such things, and it seemed that skill was his only prerequisite and while he knew his own limitation. The others in the room must possess their own skills that piqued Eiji' interest. The man himself on hands and knees as he asked them to join in building this clan, and seeing it through. It was a gregarious request. Aegis eventually drinking from his cup as he mulled the proposition over. It was important as it would shape his foreseeable future. 

"There is much promise in your words, but I only worry of the danger my reputation will bring a clan just emerging. I respect that you must be an influential figure, but I could not allow the kingdoms of Genesaris themselves to look upon your clan in dishonor solely for allowing the likes of A Ronin to enlist." He said as he knocked back his glass. He could only hope that even divulging such information to the other potential members here that he hadn't just made additional enemies. 

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heheheheh.pngS_violet.png?m=1484632832o-chan was a closed book to those who tried to read him. While his fierce appearance and unnatural aura often intimidated others, his carefree demeanor contradicted the notion that he was a threat at all. Lurching over his right arm exposed with enigmatic tribal tattoos reached to his back and from one of his many inventories did he reveal a leather flask that he brought to his lips as Eiji was speaking. Ambling forward thereafter, he took in the dilapidated meeting grounds for a moment before taking a crouch in the corner where he awaited the arrival of the others. He wasn't one to actually make an appearance to such events, though with the other business he had within the city, everything seemed to align in convenience for him. 

First was Aegis

A Ronin is not sought after for even demeaning mockery So why does this Shokan have such an interest in one.

So immediately choked on his sake, spitting some of it up on the chipped wood beside him. Who was this man? While his eyes never opened, his observational abilities focused themselves intently on the ronin that entered behind him, analyzing him inquisitively. Were his blade of the sharpness that his tongue were then he was sure that he would prove a useful resource whether as a member of Shokan or one of his many network of allies he had fostered over the years as a rogue. However, more often than not such wasn't the case. Arrogance is what led to the destruction of Tiandi Wushu. It's what also led to the corruption of The Tianlong Gate. How the world had a habit of reminding him of history could be seen as an irritance but So was thankful. It reminded him to never be too comfortable with his own power.

Lifting the charcoal bangle along his right hand to wipe the traces of alcohol away he chuckled lightly for a moment before continuing to drink, just as another entered. Shi he called himself, he seemed calculating and unremarkable at a glance but something told So that there was more to him than his appearance dared reveal. Time would tell as strangers became allies, but So was not one to overlook any minute detail. In-fact, as each of them entered, he was creating mental dossiers of his first impressions to them all, and what they may be capable of. 

Then there was the last to join the party, S—...what was her name again? He had no idea. For now she was the cute, late chick. While he inspected her the same way as he would the others, the parameters were albeit...different

“...her bust size leaves much to be desired...” he muttered aloud, placing his flask back to his lips. Unfortunately there was no sake left in it, but that was probably for the best. 

“Thank you all for coming. I'll try to keep this brief, and concise,” Eiji started, and immediately grabbed his attention, although his head didn't cant towards Eiji as such, rather instead he shook his flash and groaned in disappointment that he had drank the last of his stash for the day and it had only just begun. 

“I have been given authority by the Emperor to create a clan. You are all here because you are the best in your fields. My clan cares little for social status, or anything of the sort. Ability is most important. No matter what your past, if you are willing to serve, you are welcome in Clan Shokan.”

Interesting. Something about this felt awfully familiar, and that alone made So smile genuinely. It had been a long time since he had swore allegiance to a cause or clan, and there was great reason why. The ashes of Tiandi Wushu were somewhat related to the subject, but the truth went deeper into a time where The Kitakokou practically ruled Izral and the sting of betrayal had cost him one of his many lives. Eiji's words felt genuine though. Could the Emperor be trusted? The answer was likely no, but he felt that Eiji had only requested them out of necessity...so it left So with a few moments of deliberation before Aegis once again stole the spotlight. 

And when he did, So was quick to intervene. 

“Are you some fool or do you just enjoy hearing yourself speak with unearned arrogance?” So began, his bare feet already discarded of his geta using the leverage of the worn wood to stand to his feet. The giant of a man shook himself of his drinking stupor to address what he figured was the elephant in the room. “Your reputation is the reason you were chosen to be here. If you're going to decline the invitation, atleast give a reason that makes a lick of sense. You don't think the rest of us have our own demons chasing us from other continents? Don't make me laugh old man...”

His ferocious snarl that followed was one of a beast ready to strike. The tension in the room was palpable from everywhere around and between the ten or so feet that separated the two. “If you're going to walk and talk with that prideful scorn of yours you'd better be ready to prove you deserve that right.”

So's disposition was amplified by the potency of the sake he had consumed, but nothing he said wasn't what he or others had probably been thinking, atleast from his jaded perspective anyways. What would his, or the reactions of the others present be? Would Shokan become a clan mentioned through history as one of legend, or a haphazard event where blood would be spilled? 

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“Hide, no. But standout? That’s a dangerous thing. The most powerful people should be indistinguishable from the weakest.” Shi’s retort is deadpan and dispassionate at best. For him, it is an obvious observation. However, it is undeniable that obvious to him is anything but to most. “A difference in perspective, I suppose.”  The minor concession is made as he rounds the table and drops into a seat of his own.

Dropping his chin into his palm, he quizzical looks at Eiji.

Presumed leader bows out of respect at disrespectful hooligans. Desperate? Appeasing egos because he is more concerned with harnessing power than social norms and traditional hierarchies? It’s admirable.

Shi intrinsically appreciates the choice to not demand respect. However, it is a fool’s choice nonetheless. The arrogant and overconfident neither respect those that assume to be their better nor those that they perceive as their lesser. And while he might be able to temporarily ally with someone like So, it will be fleeting and uneasy. From what little Shi can observe, So will come and go on whimsy and be an unreliable resource at best. At worst, his own ambitions and Eiji’s inability to command respect will end in disaster.

“Pretending to be intoxicated to help justify your mock anger?” Shi’s external musing drifts across the room as he watches the confrontation between So and Aegis unfold. Big personalities are both a curse and a godsend. Inherently self-righteous and egocentric, they have to be proactively managed. But by god did they make for the best distractions.

“Although I find the theatrics unnecessary, I am inclined to agree. Good or bed, a reputation is a powerful asset to be leveraged. What you see as a disability, is just another weapon. You just have to find the proper situation to use it.”

So many swords, and not a single swordsman to wield them.

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The woman had always found it amusing to see men sizing each other up. In the past, she had deemed a valuable source of quality entertainment. In the present, her opinion stayed the same.

Heh! Boys will be boys, no matter the situation.

Inhaling rather deeply off her pipe, Saki languidly glanced towards each and every other man on the table. She had heard stories about each and every one of them but they all pale in comparison to the kneeling man before her, Jiji-chan. Despite their past conflicts, Saki still has a soft spot for the man. This is why she accepted his invitation. 

Seeing him grovel before my very eyes is already enough to persuade me. You never fail to amuse me, Jiji-chan.

The other's might look down on Jiji because of his current position but Saki knew that there was a time when this kneeling man had a different name, led a different life. Thankfully, now is not the time to explore such dark histories. What Saki needed at the moment is to make a decision.

To drink or not to drink.

In the end, Saki can no longer resist the temptation and thus she brought the cup to her lips. Once again, she had fallen for Jiji-chan's ploys. 

"Very well, Jjii-chan," Saki spoke as she finished her drink, "I'll join."

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Before Eiji could even begin to reply to the ronin's question, So Chan was on his feet, laying into him for his perceived arrogance. His behavior had been provocative from the moment he'd barged in; but now he had become outright confrontational. Shi wasn't as boisterous as So, but he wasn't exactly helping the situation either. Through all the tension he ha barely noticed Saki agreeing to ally with him. He gave her a quick nod before turning his attention back to the escalating situation. It seemed to him that a show of authority was in order. 


He didn't shout the word, nor did he even really raise his voice; but he didn't need to. Eiji spoke with the calm, firm air of authority of a man who expected, nay, demanded to be listened to. When the room quieted down, he pointedly drained his cup of sake before he addressed his potential clan members.

"While I appreciate your desire not to bring trouble upon this clan, I do not require you to concern yourself with such things. I already told you that Shokan cares nothing for the reputations of its members, and yours is no exception. If indeed your past did put the clan into harms way, than it would simply be your job to remove that threat. We all must face our demons at some point, but together we can crush them beneath our feet."

Next he turned to So, "As for you, So-sama, while I appreciate your spirit, I can't have one of my Branch Heads picking drunken fights. Such things reflect poorly on the clan, and on me."

He poured more sake into his cup and took another drink, "Please understand that this clan will thrive. If anyone gets in our way, we will break them move on to the next one. We will serve the Emperor, strike down his enemies, and see his power grow. To those ends, we will do whatever is necessary."

This time Eiji did not bow when he asked, "Now I say again; are you with me?"



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Aegis listened to So' uproarious claims, demanding that their reputations were all a danger in some way or another; Arrogance and pride believed to be his driving force for such worry. Shi believing that it was to be used as an asset...A weapon when none was afforded. Aegis absorbing these claims as he watched them both yell, and converse at him in distinctive manners. While Arrogance and pride had long since left his bones in a far younger time in his life, they were both still verily right. It was foolish to presume the men and woman couldn't handle the demons of others, let alone their own. It was why they were all here...why he was here. So that perhaps together. They stood a chance of rising above their own conscience. Eiji bringing his own council to the matter and silencing any further arguements that may occur, Rishagi having no words to combat with regardless. The ronin stroking his patchy beard in contemplation as he listened to what Eiji's words. If he believed that they could rise above their reputation, and slay any demons of their past that dare show themselves to the life. 

The samurai standing from his seat in the corner and put a fist to his heart before bowing greatly before Eiji "Your words are wise, Forgive me making such brash assumptions. I did not intend to create such a provocation. It was wrong of me to assume that we are not all being chased by the shadows of our past in some regard. My scars should be no more important. You are right" He said, looking at So fiercely. "I have a great deal to prove to you, and everyone here if we are to be a clan" his eyes flicking toward their leader

"I accept your offer and wish to lend my skills, I pledge my Tengoku and Tenshi to Shokan for the chance to return honor to The Rishagi name" He said; he had made up his decision long before entering this building. A ronin a hard blemish to cover up in any society. Aegis moving toward the table and pouring a cup of sake before offering to So with both hands. His expression stern against So' own,

"A great man once told me that we must change with the winds, and the ever moving earth beneath our feet...as the leaves change...so too...do we" 


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S_violet.png?m=1484632832o didn't expect what followed but then again he didn't exactly engage Aegis with a conclusion in mind. It was unusual behavior to say the least. The man's response was composed and empathetic, which left the tipsy predator alone on the dance floor of mediocrity. It had all been downhill since then. Figured. Rather than pressing the issue he let the others dialogue drown out the intimidating disposition he'd manufactured in the blink of an eye and before any of them knew it he was...gone. Well not entirely. Only someone entirely focused on him throughout the conversation would have noticed him flicker out of existence, disappearing from the room they stood in and appearing outside of the rickety establishment in a mysterious transparent blur. Where he'd been standing was a note he had written before he'd arrived, one that ensured he would join their ranks on his own accord, detailing confidential information to Eiji regarding a few things within the surrounding lands and beyond. Some fresh air...yeah that's what he needed. The calm breeze of the town dissolved the sweat dripping from his forehead, and the flask in his left hand shook for a moment to check his reserves. 

There were other matters to attend to and he was already low on booze. It was going to be a long week. One step and then another and the unorthodox giant seemed to blend in with the crowd as if a pedestrian like any other. Just like that, he was gone. 

Show me what you've got old man...

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If Shi had noticed So leave, nothing about his demeanor reveals it. In fact, the sudden disappearance of such a behemoth of a man isn’t something that can go unnoticed… and yet he appears blissfully unaware. Instead, his attention is caught somewhere between the sake and the Saki.

Jiji-chan? Curious.

The one-off comment is added to his growing dossier of potential leverage. Stored away with trivial facts that may eventually prove useful, such as the ronin’s obsession with his own status and reputation. However, unlike previous tidbits, this one proves to be extra juicy. The implications are immense and its applicability is double. He can’t put an exact value on it just yet, but the knowledge this brief interaction brings is marked as valuable and relevant.

“It’ll be exciting to see how this all plays out, don’t you think, obaasan?” The soft-spoken words lazily drift across the table toward Saki. “How long do you think until there is an internal revolt and someone tries to take control of the clan?” His head cants to the left, his cheek coming to rest against an exposed palm. On contact, the illusionary face ripples and for the slightest of seconds the white mask beneath is visible. “I give it a month, tops.”

Angling his head ever so slightly to look back at Eiji, Shi pokes at the cup in front of him, nudging it into a spin with the tip of his forefinger. “Other than no one bothering to introduce themselves, what is the order of business for this meeting?”

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Saki-san nodded at Eiji-san's words. She had expected as much from the man. She would have been disappointed if he acted differently. 

Jiji-chan was always quite the intense man.

Oddly, enough the thought made her snicker. It would have been a good opportunity to mock and make fun of her former lover but Saki was not that low of a person. Or is she? 

Her attention soon drifted towards Shi, the rather outspoken youth. At least, he is capable of showing respect. She would have like him too? But his words of chaos in the clan did not amuse Saki.

"I would hope that no revolt would happen soon. I don't want blood on my hands anytime soon."

Shrugging, Saki returned once more to her smoking while she waited for Eiji to speak.

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