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The Ouread Cargo Raid

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Character - Vito
Summon - Floki
Background Ambience (If you so choose) - Link
Quest - The Ouread Cargo Raid

The Ouread was a well known mountain range, it's crescent landscape scattered with caves and other yet to be discovered mysteries. The day was gloomy, the sky letting out a gentle rainfall. The sound of the rain echoed throughout the mountain range, complimenting the beautiful scenery. In between the two mountain ranges was a small lake, providing water to whatever life manages to survive the harsh landscape. A strong wind rippled it's surface and blew debris around, sending a shiver down his spine. He sat at one of the many peaks, waiting. Despite what surrounded Vito, he wasn't here for the scenery. A raid was about to take place.

'They should've already made their way through here an hour ago, typical lazy smugglers' He pat his mount of the back, even Floki was growing bored. 

The vessel was an airship that traveled through the mountain ranges, the course of which Vito had been monitoring for a while. The airship was used to transport cargo between Blairville and Norkotia, the contents of which are questionable. Vito had learned from members of the gypsies market that the contents included illegal narcotics, and potentially may also include smuggled criminals. While these maybe rumors, the suspicious flight path seemed to reinforce these accusations. No legitimate business practice would use such a dangerous method of transport, unless it had something to hide.  The plan was simple. Board the ship, kill the crew, steal the ship and sell its contents. A simple mission which boasted the possession of a new vessel and potentially the acquiring of illegal goods, something that would sell well on the black market. 

"Where are you guys? I grow impatient, bring me the goods." The raider whispered to himself, clenching his fist in anticipation. Suddenly, a small vessel appeared around the corner. A wooden bow peering into sight. A small chant was just audible over the winds, three crew member stood on the top deck singing and drinking. A lovely sight to most, but an easy target for Vito. He brought his mount out of sight, ensuring the ship would not be able to see him. He lay waiting for the ship to come into sight, ready to pounce on his prey from above.

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The airship slowly approached, careful of the high winds and jagged mountain edge. Vito remained motionless, the ship creeped into sight. The men still singing. Vito tapped his feet against Floki's sides, signaling the attack. His mount lunged forward, gliding into action. It bottle-nosed down, speeding towards the deck. As it closed in, it released it's membrane before spitting a poison cloud. Floki and Vito proceeded to glide off to the opposite mountain range, observing the damage.

'Three down, fuck knows how many more to go'

Vito watched as the three men flailed in pain, struggling to stand. Floki's venom was a nasty weapon, causing simultaneously sleepiness and baring toxic properties. Slowly killing its victims whilst putting them to rest. The men dropped to the deck, their fates sealed. The venom cloud slowly dispersed, clearing Vito for his landing. He signaled for for the second drop, but this time landing on the deck. Dismounting, Vito quickly dispatched the men, not caring whether they were did or somehow still living. He looked across the ship deck, nothing. The strong breeze shook his cloak, holding his spear at the ready. A quick dash could be seen from the stern cockpit, ducking behind one of the containers. 

'Captain oh captain, where have you gone?'

Vito slowly approached the cockpit, his summon following closely behind. Opening the door, he signaled Floki to flood the room. Without hesitation, his mount unleashed a venom cloud into the cockpit before Vito shut the door. After a couple seconds and two loud thuds, he re-opened the door to let it air out. Inside lay what appear to be and elderly couple, who quickly met the fate of their fellow crewmen. He looked at the control panel, switching the ships thrusters off and leaving it to hover. With five of the crew dispatched, he made his way to the final area. Opening the hatch to the hold, light poured from the portholes. The hold was packed with wooden boxes, the layers of dust been blown around by a sudden gust. 

'Hmm, quiet and untouched. Clearly an under used area'

This confused the raider, why would a frequent cargo ship look so under used. The carefully lowered himself down, scanning his surroundings. He noticed a table lit up by a single candle, a chair stood near by with an arm dangling down from whoever sat upon it. Edging closer, Vito noticed the man was already dead. His mouth hung open, vomit spewed from the side. Various narcotics, from hazen root to black stardust, littered both the table and floor. Several alcohol bottles were placed around, a dangerous combination.

'You live like an idiot, you die like one too. Oh well!'

He made his way to what appeared to be the crews rest, several hammocks stung from the ships frames, blankets and pillows sat atop them. Random lockers and bags scattered the floor, a single teddy bear lay in a pool of spilt rum. At the very back of the room was a large wooden door, its surface faded and tattered. The smell of smoke and herbs became stronger as Vito go closer, almost unbearable as his hand reached the door. With a heavy shove he burst in, spear pointed forward. The old man fell back in fear, soiling himself in the process. He'd entered the engine room, which also hosted multiple alchemy and brewing stations. 

"So, my theory was correct. There are some worthy goods aboard this ship. Not living within the law are we, sir?" He slowly inches his spear closer the the old mans throat, taunting him with a painful death.



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"P-p-p-please, I'm just the maker. Alright? I don't know what they owe you, but I can make it back by working for you can't I?" The shaking old man was clearly not in the right state, mentally or physically. His hair was reduced to nothing more than tufts of grey, his outfit makeshift. One thing was for certain, his state was brought on by his previous bosses. A wave of guilt swept over the raider, something very unusual considering his normal willingness to kill. Something about him hit Vito, maybe his desperate nature or just his situation. 

'Make me stuff? Doesn't sound bad having a fixed income, please don't come back to bite me.'

"Okay, work for me and you can live. But first, let us get you some new clothes." Vito sheathed his spear, but kept his hand on the hilt of his bowie. The smell was unbearable, urine and B/O was never a good combo.

"REALLY! Oh god thank you, it's been forever since I've been out this room." He ran out, looking around like a barbarian in a weapons shop. 

"Take what you want, just let me keep track of what you take. Under my authority you'll be treated a lot better than before, but I still expect to be kept up to date." Vito took a seat on a wooden box, watching the man looking lost for words before scavenging around the dead pirates goods. 

"I'll take this and this and this and..." His scavenging carried on for a while, he seemed to be only interest in necessities. Ignoring the gold, alcohol and other luxuries. Instead opting for items such as clothing, sanitary products and books. After a couple more minutes he turns to meet his new boss, slowly walking over trying not to drop all of his new found treasures. "Thank you, thank you very much" His grin got wider and he tried to juggle all the items.

"So, what's your name. I think I should get to know my new ship mate."

"Mate? We are mates? Yes, we are mates. I'm Ye, Ye Fiddy"


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