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Aster Ghyle Highglenn

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Basic Information


Name: Aster Ghyle Highglenn

Nicknames/pseudonyms: Ash, Glenn

Title(s): N/a currently

Age: 24yrs

 Apparent Age: Somewhere in her mid-twenties

Race: Satyr / Faun


Gender: Woman (She/Her)

Sexuality: Pansexual

Marital Status: Unwed

Birthplace: Small, secretive forest village

Alignment: Lawful Neutral




Physical and Appearance


Weight: 100ish pounds, give or take

Height: 4'11

Physique: Rounded and soft but physically agile

Eyes: Hazel with human pupils

Hair: Light brown

Complexion: Tanned and heavily freckled

Voice: Higher tone but she's generally got a pretty quiet speaking voice

Tattoos/markings: No tattoos, but she's still growing out of her childhood fawn spots

Unique traits: Furred light brown goat legs; Velvety goat ears; Two small horns growing out of her forehead pointing back

Typical Attire: Loose fitting white renaissance-esq shirt with flared cuffs fastened down on her wrists using small black buttons. Puffy, equally loose brown pants tailored specifically for her more unique stature. A red and white striped bandanna, either wrapped around her head or tied around her neck depending on how sunny the day is. A dark leather belt and holster around her waist is also normally visible.



Makeshift ref of Aster drawn by me / Asphodel



Psychological Information                                        

Demeanor: Cheerful; Realistic; Eager to please

 Strengths: Determined; Hardworking; Independent; capable

Weaknesses: Desperate for praise; Can quickly become overwhelmed; Easily manipulated; Unwilling to give up on specific tasks/goals, but much more willing to give up on interpersonal relationships

Quirks: Compulsively starts counting things when in a high-stress environment; Messes with her ears/horns when embarrassed

Likes: Cities; Getting a bit tipsy but not enough to get fully drunk; The ocean and all the life contained within; Sheepdogs, specifically sheepdogs

 Dislikes: Small towns; Traveling by wagon; The party lifestyle; Kids in general; Rich people who flaunt their wealth





·        One small brass oil lantern

·        A small journal filled with a log of her travels

·        A leather canteen filled with drinkable water



·        Two small silver daggers, kept in a holster around her waist (Visible to any onlookers)



·        N/A for now


Skills & Deficiencies




 ·         + Skill – Gardening; Baking & Cooking; Woodcarving; Sewing; Identifying Fauna and Flora


·         - Deficiency – Socially Inept; Has trouble learning new academic skills (ex: learning how to speak and write the local language, learning advanced mathematics, etc); Not musically inclined, can't hold a beat to save her life




·         + Advantage/Skill – Physically fit; Quick-witted; Inclined to use the environment to her advantage


·         - Deficiency – Untrained; Unwilling to take the final blow, so to say (Will not knowingly kill a sentient creature in a fight); Vulnerable to ranged attacks



Aster was born in the small village of Hadleigh, nestled deep in a forest commonly thought to be dangerous due to high fey activity in the area; these rumors of danger kept Hadleigh secret when kingdoms rose and fell around them. Aster was born to Ghyle Kegg Highglenn and Veris Roc Highglenn; Aster was a planned child, and her parents had married two years prior to her birth.


Aster spent her childhood helping her father herd their small flock of sheep, and learning useful skills from her mother who brought in money as a seamstress. Aster always had trouble connecting to the other young satyrs of the town; she was too serious and collected for the other kids, who paraded their youth joyously. She learnt basic math from her parents and learned to read and write as well, though her academic troubles and impoverished situation meant further education was impossible for her to obtain. Still, she learned any other skills her homesteader parents could teach.


As she hit adulthood, there was immediate pressure for her to marry and bring in wealth and extra hands to help on the farm. Aster pushed back again her parents expectations, not wanting to settle down and become a housewife and hating all the available age-appropriate boys in the village. Eventually she snapped and had a huge fight with her father, and afterwards she packed her things and left Hadleigh for good.


Her journey continues; for now her biggest motivation is traveling in order to find adventure, meet new people, and discover new places she could only dream of in her youth.

Edited by Asphodel

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