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A Reluctant Return

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Genesaris. He never thought he would be returning to the continent again. A wild and prosperous land full of beasts and magestorms, living was a daily challenge for the denizens who called Genesaris home. Soap MacTavish had called Shrine City his place of belonging once, a land shrouded in darkness from the lack of technology and geographic location, until the crowning of the Emperor brought in necessary resources and raised the era to one of enlightenment. Although proud of Shrine Cities progress, Soap would not be returning home anytime soon.

Nah. Instead the Artificer headed toward the Carmine Dominion in search of work and somewhere to call home. A funny word, home. The definition in the dictionary describes the word as somewhere a person belonged, where they can relax and feel comfortable. He exhaled, transforming it into the rough shape of laughter while his hand raked through his orange hair.

"Fucking unbelievable. A place to belong. I have never found such a place before in all my years of searching, and I doubt I will find it here."


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Home was a people, or so Annora Elford thought. Home was where one could be surrounded by work and people they love, and truly be happy. As she stepped out of her small house she sighed, looking around at the unfamiliar neighbors and cold demeanors of everyone around her. This wasn’t home. This was simply her living space.

She could feel her legs shake with every step she took. She hadn’t set a foot outside in two weeks, but her food was scarce and bills were soon to piling. She needed a job, and she couldn’t rely on her mothers rotting corpse, nor her own. She anxiously walked past the crowds in Umbra before slowly coming to a stop.

“I’m quite sure walking around aimlessly is not the right way to get a job..”

Annora was hopeless, her purpose for living was rotting in soil a few miles north and here she was, hopelessly searching for a new purpose. She let herself slump against a wall, head down. She wasn’t gonna find that purpose anytime soon, was she?

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