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Feast of Blades Tournament (Canon Restrictions Removed)

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Given popular request, and from viewing the current status of your fights. You will all be given two weeks more to finish them, until Oct 30th.

Also I'll probably revamp and rework Wildblade and reintroduce that as an event later on since there seems to be no interest whatsoever.

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Alrighty! Thank you all for participating in the first round of Feast of Blades, Trueblade. Round 2 brackets will be going up by this weekend, and dates for that fight immediately after. Your characters will have a day's rest IC and will be tended to by any amount of healers, doctors, armourers needed to make sure that they will be in top shape for the rest. You're welcome to make closing posts in your fights if you still need to. 

There shall continue to be lots of food the second day, and I highly advise people to interact more and poke around the Dawn Komturie in the First Feast thread. If you need a reference for the place, here is the OFM link, and the details on the Komturie are.... all the way down there... gonna have to fix that and clean up the whole thing sometime. Oh well.


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Commentary toward Fierach’s Iron Cage conclusion post—

I admittedly don’t really get sold on ‘arena elements’ like moving walls or pitfalls or timed water sprays so I subconsciously neglected making use of ours in the Iron Cage arena, regardless of how much it might have benefited me. I naturally lean toward ‘my opponent and I and keep your walls where they are’ but if these things should be an expectation going forward into other Trueblade rounds then I’ll have to pay more attention and use them.


After experiencing and experimenting with the halberd, and learning what to do and what not to do with this kind of weapon, and receiving input from someone who is familiar with the halberd IRL, I’m in agreement that the halberd is a particular beast of a weapon.

Whether that means that the halberd if not polearms in general should be voided from hereon out is of course the tourney head’s decision and I see the pros and cons either way. My understanding is that IRL it generally isn’t a good idea to bring a sword to a halberd fight, except where the sword is secondary, but for us really any weapon is lethal in the right hands and I didn’t really have the right hands since I was admittedly winging it with the halberd. 

I mean, if we take polearms out of the game, what are we standardizing? I know that the statement wasn’t made as absolute but just want to roll the thought ball. 

Edited by Die Shize

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1 hour ago, Fierach said:

Pool noodles.

Of course, you are still allowed to be fatal. Although I don't think anyone would like to go down as the person who had a character killed by a plastic, rubbery floatation device.


Further petition to rename said weapon "pool noodles" to "poodles".

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