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Feast of Blades Tournament (Canon Restrictions Removed)

Trueblade Tournament Format  

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  1. 1. Setting to the tournament bracket and seeds, but you guys have the option of:

    • Single Elimination
    • Double Elimination

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I’m a little late with my eyes but what does “canon restrictions removed” entail?

Khaedal was only my pick because I can’t recall another canon character. If I can pick anyone then I’ll do so. No character sheet so it would just be an OP name change on your part and at your leisure. 

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30 minutes ago, Fierach said:

Originally, to enter Trueblade, your character had to be "somebody", with a few canon quests or canonized threads under their belt.

Yeah so if that still applies then Khaedal can remain, but if “restrictions removed” entails that it no longer applies then I’ll just throw another character in.

Particularly given the IC premise of this tournament, Khaedal is not currently a character who would be my first choice. He’s just the only one I can think of who has been in a canonized thread.

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53 minutes ago, Fierach said:

Its still one character per event.

I might not be wording this right.

”Canon restrictions removed” seems to imply that the restrictions of joining with a ‘canon character’ no longer apply.

If they do still apply then Khaedal can be kept for Trueblade. The only reason I chose Khaedal is because he is the only ‘canon character’ I have.

If the restrictions don’t apply anymore though then I’d rather use someone else instead of Khaedal. Insert IC reasons here but that’s the gist of it.

Not two characters. One character or the other based on whether I still need to have a character who has been in a canonized thread or whatnot.

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On 9/7/2019 at 7:44 PM, Dauner Light said:

but i train on swords fighting IRL both with a single sword and double swords and it works

Oh? Could you tell me what systems you train in? I'd like to see which ones have techniques based around dual wielding.

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In the context of this competition, if a character enters the arena armed with "a sword," what type of sword should we assume said character is armed with?  I am of the opinion that we need a level of specificity beyond "a sword" to determine the qualities of weapons and attacks that rely on them.

Can characters switch weapons/armor between bouts?

Is this an elimination-style tournament or one of those tiered events where people move between brackets based on wins and losses?

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