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Ebony-Yahera, the Battle of Disasterous Catastrophe; Breaking the Heart of Hope Ch. 3

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--Continued from Ebony-Yahera, The Battle of Disasterous Catastrophe; Breaking the Heart of Hope Chapters 1&2. This is a series of War Rp to change the islands of Athentha, Lyonesse, Talia, Rowan and Allia. This will help create lore for the Black Heart Mirror Organization, The Red Blood Moon Organization and the islands themselves. This chapter will focus more on Talia. Since it needs more lore. Predates the thread Serphus Alumna; the New Platinum-Neptune but uses some lore among thus thread as well. Enjoy--

Talia, a land that had less acknowledgement and sight since its land mass came third behind Athentha and Lyonesse. And not many eyes linger on this island. And most were more invested with the ongoings with Athentha and Lyonesse. And Talia had always remained neutral with the events of all islands as they kept to themselves. Yet, that didn't mean the island did not have problems of its own.

You see, before it splintered off, the legendary heroes of Plutonium, Nebula Lapris Van Farenheit and Zachriel Sagittarius-Capricorn Absolom were able to destroy the organizations. But they could not kill them as they lacked the knoweldge of a key. But they thought they had. As this battle ended, the Red Blood Moon Organization took it stake in Athentha and the Black Heart Mirror Organization in Talia.

But neither hero knew that the slaver Esben had created both organizations. That he made this to topple the corrupt heads of Athentha at the time, and though his notions at the time were noble--he later allowed to become corrupted as did the organizations. And with this, slowly Farenheit-Abalone appeared. A strange man who came from Allia, Talia's neighbor and ally. Without ever showing his true form, he began to construct a temple. And he showered compassion and hope on these naivé, gullible people…

The slender pale hand closed the book. The figure had been reading on the scribbling broken lore of Talia. As not all facts were there and still bits and pieces were missing. Zachriel was dead, killed in the war against the cult on 4, November 1645AY. And Nebula, well she went missing a short time afterwards. Allowing the Black Heart Mirror to revive and flourish.

Since war is going on in Athentha, we cannot ask for allies. If only… The thoughts escaped as the demon fell back into her chair. It seemed she couldn't understand why the Black Heart Mirror organization splintered. Did Nebula and Zachriel's actions truly harm the organization as a whole? Ra thought but couldn't get an answer nor could think of one. As she sat there, a figure walked by but stopped near Ra. She wore the Plutonium armor, a emblem insignia of a white dragon upon it.

Ra, you look the same as ever my dear. The years haven't been kind to you. You're researching the Black Heart Mirror Organization are you not? And here I thought we destroyed it. Zachriel assured me we did. That woman--that damn woman started this whole thing!

Nebula, come out of hiding at last? What prompted this meeting? Look, we need to find a way to fin'ly stop this thing. Woman? You mean the Princess of Light, Seldeth?

Nebula nodded as she placed her arms on the small oak table. She's no princess of light. That woman is the demon of void. Anyone touched by her becomes twisted beyond their moral compass. I know this because she almost swallowed me whole as I fought her. Nebula looked down as she shook the black teal curls from her face. She looked as this event still shook her to the core. I watched Zachriel fall to her, becoming a complete demon and her knight. I barely escaped fighting to not be corrupted myself.

So, this mirror is like the Neverend beast. Wait, you said the mirror is the Princess of Talia?! And that means the land is in more danger than before? Nebula nodded as Ra sighed softly. Why would the princess do something like that to her homeland?


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 Nebula shrugged. She had no idea why. In fact since the resurface of Seldeth had complicated things more than they should have been. And the knight wanted to get down to finding the information that led to Seldeth's changes. But all those that knew something had vanished or died soon after. Nebula sighed as she leaned back into her seat. Ra was interested now since Lyonesse had gotten quiet enough for it to be taken care of by others there.

Ra then shook her head. Both women were unsure of what had happened since the resurface of the elven princess. And Garnet, he was a major player in this as he was the recent leader of the Red Blood Moon Organization. Nebula placed her arms on the table as she leaned in looking at the demon. She always wondered what Lyonesse thought of Talia.

"Ra, I have a feeling the war is a front for something more sinister, something darker that needs the seeds." Nebula said as she tossed a couple of parchment papers towards the demoness. "I recovered these from the old home of the Talian princesses. Seems their father had decided to go forth with a plan. And this plan isn't good either."

Plan? So Virga was also involved? Ra asked as she took the papers. Nebula said nothimg for a moment. The demon sighed. I wouldn't usually believe Talians since they love spewing folk tales and whatnot--you sound like you're telling the truth. But I could be wrong Nebula. However, seeing we're the only two looking into the Black Heart Mirror Organization--

Ra paused as Nebula raised an eyebrow at the demon. So she had a low like of Talia and it showed. The elf knew that the island didn't put itself into a good light by staying neutral in many issues. Nor not helping either Athentha or Lyonesse when needed. But Ra had a point, none of the townspeople of Nebula-Atlas was looking into this. As if they thought their leader was doing her job, that she was looking out for them. It wasn't the case and these two knew it.

"Virga started it. He read about the Black Heart Mirror from the texts and documents of Absolon Athentha. It's said the mirror, like the Neverend beast, wears down its vessel with mind games until they fulfill a contract. And Virga wanted wholeheartedly to save Talia at one time." Nebula spoke as Ra read the papers, listening to the knight. "He thought sacrificing Seldeth would be acceptable, that she would save Talia."

Save Talia? Why would that need to be? I heard it was prosperious. That trade was their strongest suit. Now you're telling me it's dying and that Virga destroyed his own daughter to rebuild it? Ra asked as Nebula nodded. Her eyes left the papers, as she placed them into her bag with the library books. Seldeth just went with it? Though that is possible, she always did look out for people.

Ra stood then as she let the silence grow between them. Nebula indeed was a sight for sore eyes, as she had disappeared in 1650AY because she wanted to save the land. And after the loss of her friend and companion, Zachriel, she knew the Black Heart Mirror was behind it. The forbidden old magic of Talia was interwined with the mirror itself. Nebula hated the mirror, she hated the darkness behind it.

Nebula, the land of Talia won't let you just go after its princess Seldeth. She is their Crowned Hearth and Talia is tied to her. But it doesn't feel right about her as I heard rumors the mirror wanted her as its vessel.  Ra spoke as the knight stood up.

The demoness knew that they were outnumbered, but before she could speak, there was a noise outside. The two ran outside to see the artifact Rheumial falling on his ass as Ezra had punched him in the lower jaw. Lucius's older brother had decided to get his vengeance on the man who killed his brother. And it seemed that it had to happen in front of the Yao Ji Zhen Library. Nebula eyed Ezra as she had seen him before, helping the people of the land come together--or so she thought. Ra sighed softly.

O' good another Valentina member showing their ugly mug to the land. Where's that pompous oaf Lucius? Shouldn't he be here spouting off some nonsense about pretending to save the people? I swear you idiots are the same--

Ezra chuckled. It seems Ra was the same as ever and she knew as he did Lucius was an idiot. Nebula crossed her arms against her chest as Rheumial stood up. The knight felt that things weren't going well; that Ezra was here for a reason besides kicking the artifact's ass. And she didn't like the thoughts creeping up in her head.

Well Lucius did enjoy being pretentious and look where it got him. Dead. Ezra replied looking at Nebula and pointed his right index finger at her. You, however, are whom I am looking for. You see it was your order of knights, the Plutonium knights, that were investigating the city of Atlas-Nebula.

"So what?" Nebula asked as she looked at Ezra. She wasn't afraid of him. "The Gilchrist family of templars have done the same--in the same time period as the Plutonium knights. Doesn't mean I'm involved."

Ezra shook his head as he eyed Ra. She was silent, complancent as he and Nebula spoke. And she had recently witnessed things happening in Talia even if keeping a low profile. If his sister, Cassandra was here, she'd get the information out of them with ease. But Ezra wasn't that tactical.

Yes, I know. Dear ol' Ferghas isn't free of blame either. Do you know what your troupe of knights were investigating at all Nebula? A certain artifact hidden among--

Please just shut up. Ra spoke in annoyance. She shook her head as she looked at Nebula. He's obiviously trying to goad you into a fight. I mean he's not even that good. And we have more important matters to attend to than--than a measly unimportant Valentina.

Rheumial eyed the three. He listened to Ezra's words as he tried to figure out what he meant. It couldn't be the Neverend beast since no fool went near that cave. It couldn't be the mirror since it had gotten its vessel, the elven princess Seldeth. Whom could the knights be investigating? What could it be? It puzzled the artifact before Ezra took a step forward.

You know this is important. It is linked to the mirror and a powerful key in freeing Talia from it. Though if the mirror did grasp this key, we'd be out of luck. And you're going to hate me but the key is of Valentina blood. Ezra spoke as Nebula raised a brow.

"You don't mean Wendelin do you? I heard that she's been hiding since the first battle of the mirror. That Seldeth almost perverted her to--" Nebula paused as she shook her head as she forced the thought from her head. "That cunning vixen. She cannot be alive. She would have shown up by now."

Wendelin is alive. I saw her in the outskirts of Abysmal-Abyss. And she had avoided the mirror knowing of her existence because I've been helping her. She is the target of the mirror because of her bloodline. Unlike you worthless Valentinas, she has the knowledge of old forbidden power.

Nebula sighed. Wendelin had not been seen since the battle of the mirror and the seeds. The fox demon had made sure to keep herself hidden well so that she wouldn't be a target. Only keeping in contact with Ra when needed. She had given herself a code name to be called so Seldeth and her followers wouldn't find her.

She and I have kept in contact since that battle. And I know that we cannot call her by her real name otherwise it will complicate our mission. Her code name is Salsa. It was always her favorite dance.

Ezra groaned. He knew that Wendelin would pick something as dumb as that. Ra shrugged as she walked by him and he grabbed her by the arm. The demoness glared at him as she wanted to find the key and form a plan. She didn't want to stand here and chat.

And how can I trust you aren't going to go feed her to the Neverend beast? You never shown a care towards Talia or its people before Ra. Now you want to help us take down a mirror? What's your agenda? Ezra asked as he didn't trust Ra at all. And he had a point not to.

"Ezra's got a point. You are known to lead people to their doom and to the Neverend demon. If Salsa is important than we have to make sure we can trust you." Nebula added.

Ra sighed as she tried to rustle her arm out of  grasp without answering them. It was no business of theirs to know if she could be trusted or not. Things were going to hell in Talia and there was no time to waste chattering. Ra knew that they would have to find Wendelin and the artifact in Abysmal-Abyss, the Sagittarius Kaleidoscope. This sword and shield was the weapon that could aid in their battle against Seldeth and the mirror.

You want to free these people and save Talia from its corrupted Crown Hearth? Then you'll just have to believe me that is my mission. At the moment we are uselessly chatting someone else could be getting that sword and shield. Now let go and let's go to Abysmal-Abyss.

Ezra, Rheumial and Nebula sighed. Ra was right as he let her go and they all walked down the dirt path to Abysmal-Abyss, the city that housed the Sagittarius Kaleidoscope sword and shield. Ra hoped it wasn't too late.


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But that didn't mean the others would just blindly follow her. Ra wasn't stupid to believe such especially because of her actions. The things she did were unethical, yet just as she wanted to build stronger humes to be able to battle the mirror. She didn't want to see more fall to the disease. Of course, not all made it out from their interactions with the Neverend beast and it was to be expected.

But who could say Ezra or Rheumial could be trusted? And what of Nebula? She said it herself, that she had been near Seldeth. Almost perverted by the mirror's influence and could she be trusted? Was she not corrupted? Ra inspected Nebula's armor to see if there was any odd corrode effects to it. Ra knew that in order to do this they'd have to trust one another. She sighed.

Look, at this point and time, I don't give a damn what you idiots did in your past. If we are to acquire--if I or Nebula are to acquire the Sagittarius Kaleidoscope, we need to work together. Trust each other. Without letting things get out of--

What do you mean you or Nebula? Ezra asked as he rose a brow. Why not me or Rheumial? Why do you assume it will pick you or the rejected knight over there over us? Ra you got a lot of nerve assuming such.

"Why are you being such a baby Ezra?" Nebula asked as they walked. "It's just a weapon, it doesn't mean we are greater than anyone else here. And Ra's right, we need to trust each other and not quabble over things like this. Talia needs us to come together."

You're all forgetting one thing. Rheumial spoke up as they looked at him. Besides the agents of the Black Heart Mirror coming after us, there is a few others that desire us to fail. And that means we have more to worry about than our group falling apart.

What do you mean Rheumial?Ra asked as they reached the road towards Abysmal-Abyss. Whom else would come after this meager band of travelers besides the Black Heart Mirror and its idiotic servants?

The Plutonium knights whom were corrupted.Rheumial spoke as he glared at Ra. It's knight commander and those that consumed the mirror shards. And anyone in your pasts that hold a grudge, especially--especially the Valentina house.

Ezra said nothing as he listened to the group. It was weird hearing someone other than him mention the house of Valentina. He thought only a few members were left, mostly just him, Cassandra, Lucius and Wendelin. Well, Lucius now being dead left three or so he thought. Nebula shook her head, not knowing whom could want to aid such a disease. The Black Heart Mirror Organization was something that needed to be stopped.

And what of you Rheumial? You have someone who'd want to stop us from gaining the key to stopping the organization? Ezra asked sternly, as he eyed the artifact.

Of course you moron.Rheumy sneered. Garnet. He's a problem should he be compromised. He crossed his arms against his chest. He didn't like Ezra at all. I never said I didn't either before you judge me. But of course we all do, don't we? Even the knight and Ra.

I do. Ra spoke up as she looked at the signs. She rathered a coach or carriage came but for now they had to walk. But that's neither here or there at the moment since it's been eons--eons since we've seen each other.

"And of course, I do." Nebula piped up. "Possibly more than any of you. But we still need to come together and stop bickering. It doesn't matter who the blade picks, all that matters is we stop the Black Heart Mirror from spreading more."

Ra sighed as she looked at the sign marker still. She wondered about those things from the past as they didn't end well. And it was her fault, she wasn't a saint nor claimed to be one. But it bugged her that she was here now trying to correct a mistake like Rheumial was. The artifact was here to help save the same people he had been feeding to the organization. The silence grew among the group as the wind breezed through the area as neither knew what to do.

The Black Heart Mirror was not just something to sneeze at. Unlike the Red Blood Moon Organization, it was a threat to Talia. And that was because it's leader, the Crowned Hearth, was the heart of the organization. It meant a bit more because without its leader, Talia would crumble.

Ra? You in there? Ezra called as he noticed as they talked among each other, the demoness had remained silent. Lost in her thoughts. You float away or something? You've been staring at the sign for minutes now.

I'm fine. I was trying to recall which way to go to Abysmal-Abyss. Last time it was in a carriage and didn't need to know the way. But seeing there's none and we have to walk, was trying to think before you bellowed at me.

Ra was irritated. She didn't like being in groups because they were attacked easier as the others didn't keep look out like she did. And Ezra just got on her nerves for all the shit he pulled with Lucius. But Ra hoped Wendelin hadn't fallen to the mirror yet. She was the key they needed to fight back the mirror.

The only hope Ra had left.

"Couldn't we just wait for a carriage?" Nebula asked as she eyed the others. "I'm sure it won't take that long and besides we're the only ones who know the Sagittarius Kaleidoscope is even in Abysmal-Abyss."

Nebula's got a point. Rheumial chimed in. The coaches at least are still running according to the little sign under the route marker. So in ten minutes or so, we have an easier time to get there Ra.

Ra shook her head but didn't speak as she gave up trying to knock some sense into these fools at the moment. Ezra noticed but didn't confront the demoness at this time. Ra was bothered by more than just the whereabouts of the organization and the sword set. Nebula was trying to play peace keeper so that the group had a bigger chance to succeed. And Rheumial didn't want the damn thing.

So they waited.

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Well, it wasn't long that they did. It was about five minutes before a coach was coming down the dirt road. Ra wasn't pleased as she remained ever wary that this could be a trap. A fine damn good one indeed. Ra thought as she eyed the coach. Esben likes to pop out of those now and then. She shook her head as Nebula placed her hand on her shoulder.

"Don't be so tense Ra, I'm sure Esben isn't in the coach. It's probably just a merchant heading towards--"

Don't patronize me Nebula. I'm not some stupid hume. You also fail to realize, should the princess intercept Garnet we are at a huge disadvantage. Ra sneered as the coach got closer. You have no idea the tense nation and it's blind leadership to its Crowned Hearth. But-- Ra paused as she sighed softly.

Ezra said nothing as the coach stopped in front of them. Rheumial was also silent as he attached himself to Nebula's belt as the artifact he was. The three watched the door open and Ra was glad it wasn't Esben. The elf warily looked at the travelers as she tilted her head; unsure why they were walking. Most people used a coach or carriage.

"I'm not sure why you are traveling on foot. But then again only a few do so at times to hide from the monsters. But you don't look like regular travelers." The elf replied as she tilted her head. "Would you like a ride to Abysmal-Abyss? I'm on my way there to shop for supplies."

"We'd appreciate the ride." Nebula spoke up for the others. Ra shrugged and Ezra nodded. "And we are headed exactly there as well. If you don't mind us tagging along that is."

"I don't mind at all."

And so, the three climbed into the medium sized carriage as it rode off to their destination. Ra placed her arm against the windowsill, her head resting against it. They did look weird together, an elf traveling with a human and demon. Maybe this what caught the elf maiden off guard. Of course Nebula thought nothing more of it. As it was a means to end to save Talia. Actually save it this time, unlike everyone else.

But could they? Nebula wondered this as she recalled the battle against Seldeth. It wasn't going well from the start as her companions were getting eaten. Zachriel had kept the demon off them well for several rounds. Each blow he delivered radiananced off the blade of the villain. Nebula had held her own as well, trained under Manah respectively. The knights around them twisted to mirror servants fallen to the ground, swords and arrows hitting them with a precise mark.

The archer, standing on the inner wall of the cathedral the battle called upon. Maveus. She was something else, unable to be corrupted by the mirror shards. The elf muttered as she raised the bow to fling the arrow into another corrupted soldier.

Nebula looked up from the flying arrow. She was surprised to see the elf at all. In their last meeting, she thought the girl would go home to Abysmal-Abyss. Maveus growled low, as she fired another arrow that hit Seldeth's left arm by accident. It was a nice distraction--if only for a moment. Zachriel had time to make a beautiful devastating sword attack into her torso, ripping the wound open.

Nebula was pushed down by the blowback, yet in truth she hadn't at all. Maveus had jumped down at the last second to land beside her and push her down before the shards hit the knight. Zachriel however, wasn't so lucky…

You in there knight? Ra's voice called her back. You've been spacing out for five minutes now. Get lost in a memory? Nebula sighed as Ra stared her down. Silence filled once more between them.

"You could say that. I was rememberimg my last battle with a lost comrade. Went by the name Maveus. Never learned her true name." Nebula replied truthfully.

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The knight went silent as she placed her hands in her lap. Nebula knew that she didn't see how the battle ended, but Maveus wasn't there when she woke up. Neither was Seldeth. It bothered her as she gripped the ends of her shirt. Ezra noticed as he sat on the other side of the knight. He was still silent as he was the odd one out here. He was a Valentina after all, and the reputation of the house wasn't a good one at all.

"I'm sorry to hear, but I'm sure that the agents of the monster hasn't gotten her. Nor has the slaver from Athentha." The elf replied before changing the subject to something lighter. "It's quite weird to see a bunch of different races group together these days. Most humes don't care much about elf or demon struggles, problems, I mean. But you three must share something that--"

We don't. Ra interjected, cutting the elf girl off. Ezra sighed softly. That man is here bevause his idiot brother was attacking an artifact. Nebula and I were unfortunate to run into him leaving the library.

The elf looked back at Nebula. It was troubling that the knight had a past that she was trying to forget. Even the people within it, but the elf didn't know as she couldn't read minds. Looking out the window, Nebula became lost in her thoughts again as the elf decided to let her be for now. She returned to Ezra and Ra for the moment.

"Are elves and demons always so hostile like that one over there?" Ezra asked as he pointed to Ra. "It's been nonstop since I ran into her, like I'm supposed to be responsible for all the things my brother does. I'm not. We all know he was an arrogant idiot, I won't argue that but kind of getting sick of it. Being roped into things I didn't do, I mean."

Maybe if you helped him not to do those things, the world wouldn't be giving you grief for your mistakes. Ra replied sneering at him. He's your blood, you should have reign it in and made sure he didn't do what he did. He helped Esben acquire more test subjects. Aided in his research while preaching it was for the good of the people and--

Ra bit her tongue as she shook her head and went silent. She rested her head on the arm leaning against the windowsill as the elf had watched this interaction yet remained silent at the same time. An odd group indeed heading to Abysmal-Abyss. That grabbed her curiosity as well.

"Excuse me, but can I ask why you're heading to the north, the city of Abysmal-Abyss? You don't have to answer but I was just wondering since you clearly don't like each other. Doesn't make sense you'd be traveling together but I'm not one to judge." Amaranth asked. She tilted her head at them. She was wondering if they were trying to destroy the monster. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to pry. I was just hoping it had something to do with stopping the mirror."

Funny you asked. Ra said as she looked at Amaranth. Her eyes tired but half open as she wondered why she brought up that. But she let it pass for now. It's exactly why we are heading there. The three of us idiots screwed up and now we're trying to fix it.

Amaranth nodded. Though she was an artifact like Rheumial, she did hope that things could be better for the land she had come to love. And though she was an artifact, she had been rogue since the battle against the Athenthian princess. Hiding you would call it. Ezra was wary though as he didn't want to give information to a complete stranger they knew nothing about. It could lead to their downfall like the others before them.

"Ra, don't go spilling all our secrets now. We still don't know if we can trust this woman. And we don't want to hinder ourselves." Ezra was blunt to say. And it was true, she hadn't provided even a name to give them. "I don't mean to be rude, I'm just being safe."

Ra shrugged as she sat back against the coach seat. She didn't like being around people too much, it made her anxious as she couldn't really trust them. Ezra sighed again as the demoness didn't answer him. Amaranth chuckled as she watched them, as they seemed like an old couple. Even though the two weren't at all.

"Oh, it's quite alright. I don't think it's wise to deluge information to people you just met either. You can call me Amaranth." The elf said as the coach reached the road to Abysmal-Abyss. It would be another ten miles to the city. "The knight however concerns me. She seems to know something more than she's telling us."

Ra looked up as she noticed Amaranth picked up on Nebula's disposition. It made her think about what she had said earlier. And it bothered her more as she thought about it. Ezra shook his head as he spoke.

"You mean about this Maveus character?" Ezra asked as Amaranth nodded. He placed a hand to his head. "Well don't you ask her about it? I mean it's probably an interesting story nonetheless."

"It's not." Nebula spoke as her hands clasped into fists. It took a moment before she unclasped them and took a breath. "It's a terrible account of whomever let the mirror take over the Crowned Hearth. And all those lost--eaten by the mirror beast. Torn asunder to hideous forms."

Well isn't that fantastic. Ra replied as Nebula placed her hands in her lap. Well, you should tell us this tale. Though if you're not up to it then you shouldn't tell us. But I'd like to know what happened.


17, August, 1632AY

Jasper-Avalanche Malachite, Talia

12 Days After The Rebirth of the Black Heart Mirror Crowned Hearth

Tuesday, 10 A.M

The rain fell hard as the Plutonium knights stood there at the camp built at Jasper-Avalanche Malachite. The knight commander, Capris Caprice Zephyr-Opal was looking at the map. She had eyed many of the enemy troops lingered among the smaller camps around the city. Capris sighed as Zachriel watched her a bit nervous.

Nebula stood there as she was second in command of the knights. Zachriel looked between the two women before Maveus leaned herself against Nebula. The elf had come for one reason, to keep her beloved knight safe. She cared not for the other knights. Nebula and her had met two weeks before, as the knight had asked out Maveus. They went to Nebula's house and the elf had prepared a marelous dinner of steak, potatoes au gratin and green beans. The dessert was the best part, a fresh made apple pie.

After that night, the two went on more dates, they went to the movies, the zoo and even Maveus made her a dinner or two. They were inseparable after that point. And as Maveus got to know Nebula throughout her ticks and other ways, she liked her even more. Then cane the day Maveus had visited Nebula's home, to meet her parents. Thoughout everything, both were glad they had been childhood friends.

Nebula had grown up in a happy life. Her parents were in noble standings. Her father was the knight commander of the Peridot Knights. Her mother was the high priestess of the Twin Moon Temple. Nebula's gifts had come with ease since her birth. A gifted swordswoman, who could use magic with ease. A compassionate woman who knew the world and how to bring it to a better place.

Maveus however hadn't grown up the same way. Her parents were killed while helping others in Farenheit-Abalone. They were doctors who could heal anyone, skilled beyond recognition. But her life changed when Nebula's family took her in. That was the second time she met her parents, kind people willing to give her chance. And she took it...

Nebula rubbed her temples as Capris looked at her.  Her mind wandering from the thoughts that came and went, trailing off from the memory. It wasn't time to daydream and rescinise about better, happier times. They were going after a monster.

"Something the matter Nebula?" Capris's cold words hitting her ears and made her look up. "I mean if I am not doing a good job, please tell me how to approach our situation. I am all ears dear knight."

"Better drop your tone knight commander." Maveus spoke as her gaze gathered upon Capris. She was not afraid of the knight commander at all. "You don't need the attitude as we all know what's going on. Seldeth has given into the mirror. A desperate move actually. She believes wholeheartedly it will save Talia."

"A desperate move…" Nebula repeated. "Talia was cracked, falling apart at its seams. The people crumbling, surviving as best as they could. But Seldeth, she betrayed us." Capris and Maveus looked at her. Maveus crossed her arms. "She could have done it on her own but she was too weak! Too blind to see the manipulation of the mirror as it took over her and erased her. She must be stopped."

And how do we possibly do that?" Maveus asked Nebula, a bit trying to understand that logic of hers. At times it didn't make sense at all. "The knights of Peridot were quickly taken over when your father died Nebula. And the Plutonium knights aren't faring well either. It's just us and the Sagittarius knights."

"We have two tools to combat her. The Sagittarius Kaleidoscope and the Capricorn LionHeart." Nebula said. "The enemy only knows little of the Sagittarius Kaleidoscope but they do not know about the Capricorn LionHeart. That is our advantage."

Maveus smiled. Well, it seemed the knight had thought this out while looking at the map Capris had on the table. The knight commander rubbed her chin in thought as she let herself allow Nebula's words to help her debate over this. It was true no one knew about the Capricorn LionHeart. In fact it could be beneficial to them if they could acquire one or the other.

They didn't really need both. Did they? None of them knew bur they wanted to know. Wanted to figure out why they needed either sword and shield to begin with as the mirror couldn't be that strong yet.


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So Ezra, since we're all telling past stories, how about you? The Valentina house. Why is it a big deal to Talia? Ra asked as she looked at him. It was something that bothered her for a while now. And is there any other hidden members left that you're keeping from us?

Well, besides holding up a small territory in Lyonesse that Grant Lyon will never claim, it's the second biggest house. It commands a lot of business deals and whatnot. Ezra explained as Ra raised an eyebrow. Of course, just in case the others died or were compromised. One though. The elf called Jupiter.

Amaranth listened in as she was interested in what these three were talking about. So, the events of Talia had proceeded as predicted. That no matter how she tried Seldeth had allowed herself to falter. And allowed herself to fail because she wasn't strong enough. And Amaranth knew the rewards by Libra were sweet enough to captivate anyone. And she knew the Black Heart Mirror Sun wanted to return again, angry by Virga's deception and locked away in the Farenheit-Abalone temple.

But not as long as they thought it. Nebula's fist hit the seat as the three looked at her. She was frustrated and upset about all of this. That she wasn't strong enough to keep the mirror from taking Seldeth. Ra tilted her head as she looked at Nebula.

"I feel to blame in all this. It was mine and Zachriel's job to imprison Libra." Nebula replied. She looked down at her hands in her lap as she sighed softly. "And she knew how to get inside Zachriel's head. She can see inside, everything you don't show. Your secrets, your desires, even your sins."

So it seems that Libra used her ways to gain the young princess. It works like the Neverend beast as in mind games. And that means we're gonna need the four swords. Ra said as she sat up in her seat as she shook her head. Malachite's Heart, Sagittarius Kaleidoscope, Capricorn LionHeart and Neptune-Mercury. These can return the princess back to normal and reverse the effects of the black heart mirror.

Amaranth tilted her head as she knew that two of their agents, Maveus and Malachite were already hunting for the two swords Malachite Heart and Neptune-Mercury. So their task was to acquire the other two. Ra was right though as these swords were legendary and able to reverse any effect of the mirror. However in the wrong hands, the effects could be amplified to help the mirror in her agendas.

"It's not going to be easy to acquire the four legendary swords." Amaranth replied. "And we don't even know if your companion can't be corrupted or used. The mirror could give her something she truly desires."

"I know but I'm not giving up." Nebula said.

The carriage arrived in Abysmal-Abyss then. The area housed such dark creatures since the arrival of the mirror. And the group would have to find Wendelin, and traverse the city carefully.



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