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Ebony-Yahera, the Battle of Disasterous Catastrophe; Breaking the Heart of Hope Ch. 3

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Upon feeling the shard opening like an eye that also exploded inside him with a tremendous force, he groaned with his teeth grinted "Ouch." He said with a not so thrilled tone as it was literally the feeling of bones breaking inside oneself, which did not happen...well hopefully...but the feeling was still there. As he planted his feet very sturdy on the ground it seemingly almost cracking from the force, not what he was expecting but sacrifices had to be made.

The shard's next words made Jack burst into a slight laughter as he heard that. "I was never arrogant." Jack said. "Even so if I was prideful it was with good reason. After all I was still powerful with or without you...but sure if you insist." He said delightfully,

It didn't go for one second unnoticed that the Shard was starting to consume every fiber of his being, though what was there to consume anyway? He killed so many people before, he can hardly be called pure of heart or anything into those lines. He was also after all a Half Demon, only Half but still that Half was his most important Half but the more he thought about it the more it made sense.

Maybe the Shard wasn't trying to consume his Demon side but rather his Human one but even so, he could tell that as a Human he wasn't anything special and for from being pure of heart. However, whatever the Shard was doing he let it while keeping a close eye or thought on it, he didn't want to turn like a mindless zombie all the sudden.

But as much as he loved his inner mental thought monologues, he came back into reality when he saw a sudden familiar face stand and charge besides him. How refreshing was that and to see Salsa changing into a such fine Demonic beauty, he may needed to be careful now or he may fall in love.

"Well, well.." Jack said as he looked at Salsa. "Look who decided to finally show up in their all Demonic glory and presence." He definitely smirked to that as he turned his view straight forward as his light grey eyes targeted Luna..

Though he couldn't shake the feeling that she had the same desires as he did but how and why? Wasn't what he gave her enough already? He should have calculated that as a Demon she may want more than she already has, a easy mistake to make then again, who would think that it wouldn't have satisfied her anyway? Well not Jack as it seemed.

He saw how the sword she threw combined with the scythe were coming straight forward charging towards Luna's back, she seemed like she didn't had enough time to reach as she crumbled down on the ground as her form was hit by the combined forces of the two Demons that were hunting her down like a dog.

Jack then stopped and looked at Salsa giving her a smirk and slight nod of his head. "Not bad." He said as he walked towards Luna's body and then he heard the Shard speaking again, whispering in this thoughts that he should consider turning Salsa into a Blackhheart Mirror Demon as well with the power that the Shard gave it to him but he was skeptical because he didn't know if the power will go up to Salsa's head and try to overthrow him or actually kill him and take his powers...which will never happen but there was still the effort and he didn't want to waste someone fine as her.

With his own thoughts he talked to the Shard. "While you make a valid point...I don't think you know how the nature of Demon's are and we don't know if the power will go over Salsa's head and actually try to kill me whenever she gets the chance.." He looked at Salsa for a moment as he spoke through his thoughts with the Shard.

"I literally see myself in the mirror right now." He said. "She craves power as much as I do and since when did she had the same goal as I did?" He asked. "If I remember correctly all she wanted I gave it to her and now...she is seeking for more. If she truly proves to be a Demon such as I am.."

He paused for a second there. "I need to be cautious about how I deal with things because if I give her too much power now who knows what she will do next." He said. "If anything I can take her under my apprenticeship and slowly but surely give her more information and power but not too much. To satisfy her and to let her crave on..I'm no stupid Demon and only a fool would make someone equal to their own...that is if we are even equals..

He shook his head when he heard that the Shard had a crush on Selsa. "Well she is a beautiful woman that is for sure and she may prove to be even more powerful with another boost in her powers but I need to stay cautious about all of this..

He then looked at Luna's lying on the floor body as he grasped the end of the scythe. "But for what am I even trippin for?" He asked. "I am more powerful that Salsa will ever be with her being a Blackheart Mirror Demon or not.." He then pulled the Scythe from Luna's back. "Unless you provide me with a solid argument and evidence...I won't be considering it." He said to the Shard before taking the sword.

"Thanks for the asist." Jack threw the sword at Salsa for her to catch it before looking back down at Luna, he touched her shoulder and turned her around to see if she was alive and still kicking, he suddenly sighed.

"Well another Demon to the slaughtering of my own kin list..." He said. "But before I finish you off...what is Ra's plans?" He asked.  "Where is Ra?" He demanded to know. "Answer me and I'll grant you a quick painless death." For that much he was honest and a Demon of his word. 



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Luna didn't speak at the moment as she wondered why Salsa was betraying her own kin. Why become a demon at all? What were her motives since she was a part of a powerful house? The girl said nothing still as she eyed both knowing she couldn't just give away information. 

The shard spoke inside him then. You know nothing about a power you desire and have let yourself be consumed by. The shard chuckled as it consumed more of him, though he couldn't tell just by standing there. She won't be able to overthrow, kill or even think of doing anything to you. O' you noticed her change?

The shard picked up, interested in luring another soul to the mirror. Salsa caught the sword, sheathing it on her hip with her own blade. Her rainbow eyes peering at this meager demon Ra had sent. 

You realise that Salsa hid more than her confession. Besides once I completely consume and take over, you'll see how right I am to keep her around. Plus, she won't be doing anything if you put a shard in her, I'll make sure of it.

Luna looked down as she was pinned. These demons had come to claim what was hers. That the demoness Ra told her she'd not encounter such danger. However, Salsa tilted her head, clicking her tongue as she knew the answer. 

I know where Ra is. And her plans. Salsa replied. Luna's eyes widened as she looked at the demon. She sent this lower demon to find the sword and shield for her and return back to Allia with it. Her plans… boy are they a doozy. In fact…

Salsa paused as the shard listened. It seemed she wanted to bargin the information for something. It was the knight that knew of the Black Heart Mirror, how it left remnants about to help people become their true selves. That immense power ebbed from them and gave them what their hearts desired. She wanted that to show the Valentina family that she was valuable--that she could go toe to toe with Wendelin herself.

"How do you know about Ra and her plans? She told no one of any of it but me and another associate." Luna replied fearfully as Salsa smirked. "You--why do you betray your own kin, house?" She yelled at Salsa. 

The truth? Because they're all full of themselves. That they didn't care how strong I was, that I could be useful. They only cared about them, their power and how to be used to stop Talia from being destroyed. Salsa spoke as she shrugged. I came to find a remnant of the mirror.

The shard opened more as it lingered against the organs and tissues of Jack's inner body. Ah, so she has information we can trade for. Though I'd rather keep her around since we can learn more about her and that former company she kept. On my honor, you make her a mirror demon and I'll make sure she won't betray you. Besides you, and I are going to become the same man soon enough.


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"Fine if you don't want to speak...I'll use other bloodier methods to make you talk." Jack said as he may have not been the one that used torture as his way of finding answers the option was there and time to time he made a few exceptions to use it. 

His scythe rested on his shoulder as he looked at Luna, feeling how shocked she felt and how she was also extremely afraid. "Oh you'll find that I know a thing or two about power." Jack spoke to the Shard inside his mind. "Since when Demons have become even remotely close to being trustworthy?" He asked the Shard. "Depending on how she can handle madness...she will turn into nothing more but that what she can't handle." He said.

"She isn't like me...Salsa that is." He said while looking at Luna as he also contemplated what he should do to her, torture the information out of her or simply end her right then and there. "She didn't kill her own Kin or innocent people like I did for money. She didn't bring down a country and slept like a baby and used the agonizing screams as a personal lullaby.

He chuckled. "Of course, I noticed her change." He said as if that was even needed to be a question. "Not doing so would only be ignorant of me...if I wasn't as perceptive as I am right now. I wouldn't be known as the Notorious Bounty Hunter I am now known for today."  

Jack was more than sceptical at best as he didn't quite knew the intentions of the Shard or Salsa's which made it even worse for him to decide because while she is a Demon what stopped her from turning into a power lusting madful Demon? From what he knew nothing really, though there might be more than meets the eye with Salsa. It was worth proceeding more investigations after.

"Completely take over?" Jack asked with a slight edge in his voice. "What do you mean completely take over?...if you plan on taking over my body I will end it right here and now." He said. "What made it even worse now is if she has a Shard inside of her, who's to say that she is in my control but yours?" He asked. "I'm not so keen on having you being the one that controls my body and I won't let you so easily have it. I would be stupid if I did.

Before this internal conversation could continue he turned towards Salsa as she spoke, saying that she knew where Ra was and what her plans were. Finally someone who shade some light in the grand scheme of things. "Then if you know where she is.." He looked at Luna. "There is no point in me keeping you alive." He said towards Luna as he stood up on his feet, not this lower Demoness could give him anything special or be of use to him and while he realized that he could use her as a spy, he wasn't willing to take a risk.

While Salsa and Luna had their back and forth he was contemplating what he should do with this Demoness, she was weak, definitely, she may have been in it for maybe money? Perhaps because such power as what he was holding and the Sword and Shield would be too much for her. To have power it required to have a certain will and ideology, not letting power control you but rather you controlling it because if it wasn't like that, what was the point honestly?

Luna needed to die but he also listened to what Salsa had to say about her reasoning on why she came here in the first place. It was definitely the more than meets the eye with them, first off thinking that Ra was there and that Salsa was a pure hearted woman but now he saw her true intentions, she came because of the power and now she had it because of him. She could now easily prove to the other Valentinas how she easily overpowers them in every way of the word and aspect. 

He found it mildly amusing because now he realized that after all everyone came here so that whatever lied here could preserve their internal personal goals that they have been meaning to accomplish since they started just like Jack wanted to become all powerful, they weren't as different as they liked themselves to be after all. 

As the Shard spoke once again he had made his decision, he took the Scythe in his hands and then swung a fast and devastating cutting blow towards Luna's throat, decapitating her head from her body and in doing so killing her off for good. He let the scythe disappear into the pocket dimension his other weapons and artifacts were hidden. 

"From what you told me. It's a definitely maybe." Jack said to the Shard. "I won't start trading until Salsa has more information to give and I'll only turn her into a Mirror Demon when she asks me to." He said. "I will not play ignorant and let everyone have a certain amount of power which may drive someone crazy. I am different than most but Salsa is not me and I fear for her consequences because I don't want to deal with her and probably kill her in the end.

"And I won't let that soon enough be the definitive ultimatum for me. We'll never be the same man for obvious reasons." He said before chuckling slightly. "You are an Artifact of Darkness how can I take your so called honor for granted?" He asked. "Since when things like you ever had honor?" He shook his head. "If anything I'll think about it."

Jack then looked at Salsa. "Come, we have a Sword and Shield to take." He said as he walked down the hallway towards them. "So tell me, Salsa.." He looked at her. "How does it feel to be a demon?" He asked despite knowing her physical appearance making her a lustful bunch to look at. 

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This would have been an easy grasp if not for one more being. Rheumial stretched as he had decided for some unknown reason to appear. The artifact had seen all go down and glad that everything had gone to plan so far. Nebula and Ra were never truly here, as a demon and elf had played their role so well. Almost un-nervingly well. Though Annabelle showing up, he'd deal with later as he had go after--well, something bad.

The artifact followed the pair, eyeing the dead demon on the ground, realising Luna had failed. He didn't care too greatly for her but felt bad she met the fate she did. Rheumy was more afraid of what occurred to Salsa as they were friends, and counterparts. But they couldn't aid the mirror nor get that sword and shield. 

Salsa shrugged as she stopped walking for a moment. I'm not entirely sure. It feels great to have so much power yet at the same time I feel the same as before. The demon said as she sighed softly. I do hope to find a remnant of the mirror here, I've heard fantastic stories about it. How though you become it yourself after time and sometimes even loose your past self.

Salsa shook her head as she heard footsteps coming their way. Who would be following them now? Clearly Annabelle cared not for what was happening so who? She looked over her shoulder to see the artifact standing there, as he had finally found them. 

You know this wasn't very fun to watch. That elf and demon we sent didn't need to die.  Rheumial replied as he eyed Jack, the mirror piece still resonating within, taking more of him. And Salsa--you didn't need to corrupt my friend. Look, we can just leave, forget about the tainted sword and regroup to find another--

Rheumial lost his train of thought as he looked Salsa more over. Her form had changed so drastically, that even her knight armor was tainted. He couldn't believe she allowed this to happen--allowing this man to turn her and even let the mirror in. 

You're still going through with that plan? Rheumial asked Salsa and she nodded. I don't understand why you would. You'll never get what you want from the mirror. 

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Jack continued to run but had it not been for Salsa he would have continued to do so. After all weren't women supposed to be multitasking capable? Curse those evolutionary rats to the pit, at least that's what he thought when he stopped running and turned over to face Salsa, listening to her.

"The reason you feel this great power within you and at the same time don't feel different is because your body is still adapting." He said. "The Demon body is totally different than that of a human one, we are supernatural beings with a supernatural body and genetic makeup. In other words, we are far complex than the human body to say the least."

He looked around for a bit, the only thing he noticed besides them actually having a clear passage towards the Sword and Shield was that in fact, the Shard had stopped talking with him. Maybe it stopped trying to corrupt him or completely take over or maybe it just got tired or in another case scenario, it was still doing its own thing but didn't bother Jack anymore, it surely did make his mind much clearer.

He smiled slightly as he brought his right hand up and held her cheek with a gentle touch for a moment. "I promise that you'll have what you want, Salsa." He said. "But in due time. Becoming a Demon in itself is a great deal now trying to aim for more power while your body is still recovering and adapting to its new form...would simply be too much." It would be best for her to aid his advise, he was after all centuries old with life experience.

However, he kept in mind her last words about becoming the shard itself but losing your past self. He didn't had any problem with forgetting the past, after all Jack was a being who lived the moment and made decisions with the flow of things. Making it mostly impossible to predict his next move as he drastically adapted a unorthodox style, using the unpredictable as his key advantage.

"What is it?" Jack asked as he arched an eyebrow at her shaking her head, he withdraw his hand and he suddenly heard the upcoming footsteps in their way, great minds think alike, and it seemingly was the case as Jack thought what Salsa did, who was following them now? Annabelle couldn't have been and they got rid of the impostores Luna, maybe someone else who they forgot in the chemical mixture?

And then it seemed Jack would have his answer to his questions after all as when Rheumial spoke and eyed Jack, he returned the mutual feeling and eyed him back. Whoever this being was that he did not know of, would immediately feel a drastic shift in the power scales as if Jack's aura even glowed outside the spiritual reality into the human one.

He smirked as Rheumial spoke about the elf and demon, that they did not need to die but Jack himself couldn't care less. "They served no purpose to me after they supposed valid information was snuffed out of them." He said. "But if it's any comfort. Be sure that I granted them a swift, quick and painless death."

Now this was mostly interesting, he really hoped that this Rheumial was here or else he would snap and destroy this place instantly. Though his grin couldn't help but break into a fit of laughter as Rheumial spoked about that he did not need to corrupt his so called friend, talking so much about friendship, luckily for him he had a few things to say about it.

"Yeah right." He said instantly after he stopped talking. "You call her your friend yet you weren't there for her. You didn't grant her the needs she was needing. You just used her like everybody else." He said. "If you truly cared about her, you wouldn't have send imposters instead of her real supposed friends." He placed his right hand on his hip.

"I hear so much talk about friendship, yet when I first came here, everybody had their own goals to achieve. Everybody wanted a piece of this incredible power that is awaiting as now as we speak." He said. "Instead of doing it together you opt to trick each other. Probably because you don't trust each other, so why even bother?" He asked. "Out of Salsa I blame everyone of you. If you want this power so badly then come get it yourself!" His tone echoed through the hallway.

His light grey eyes were glowing, glowing like white pure silver, seemingly being on fire even as he laughed for a brief moment. "I got some news flash for you. Salsa isn't your friend anymore, and we certainly did not came this far to let the sword go to waste." He said. "I granted her wishes, I made her a Demon and gave her the power to make any one of you fools bow down before her and give her the proper warship like a Queen!

More than ever he thought about the Shard's request and he certainly did not want for Salsa to betray him, not when he was going to tell her something to do while he dealt with this Rhuemial. "Hey, Shard...I'm thinking about this request of yours. I'm going to send Salsa to take the sword and you will make sure she will not betray me. If you do this, I will give what you desire and that is my full humanity." He mentally talked towards the Shard as he looked at Salsa.

"Listen to me, Salsa.." He said. "Go and take the Sword and once I'm done with him. We'll rendezvous and once we do that.." He had a slight smirk. "I will give you a shard and make you into a Mirror Demon." He said and if Salsa was trying to make out if he was lying or not, she would sense that he was telling the truth.

"I made you into this...what is going to make me betray you with false lies and promises?" He asked. "Well nothing..unless you ought to betray me, which we both know. That is not going to happen anytime soon.He then looked at Rheumial. "Go now, Salsa!" He ordered her to do so, his tone held no argument against it. If it was about if he could handle this being or not, it was not in the question. He more than had the backbone to deal with this being  

Jack wanted to deal with Rhuemial as fast as possible and so he took out his Alblack sword, the strongest weapon he had without boosting it up. "Today is your lucky day." His smirk only grew. "Let's see how powerful you are and if you are lucky..." He paused. "I may just take you seriously.." He suddenly charged towards Rhuemial with a speed that he has never seen before as he slashed the blade towards Rhuemial's abdomen...

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The shard grinned, liking--no, loving the deal just made. It would agree to this term, knowing Jack would be his. Salsa said nothing as she nodded, it was as if the sword and shield called her. Inside, her mind was changing. Her thoughts turning from old ones to new ones made her tingle. 

If she wasn't demon before, she was now. She wondered what Rheumial meant back there, about friendship. Were they? He wasn't there when the fake Ra and Nebula turned into demons. He appeared after everything and she stopped walking. 

Annabelle slithered and wrapped herself around Salsa. She smiled as her lips rested against her ear as she spoke. You finally realised didn't you? That we were always one. I haven't existed at all, just something to play pretend. But now that you're freed, changed--you can clearly see can't you?

Yes. These so called friends only wanted me to do their bidding. Their pawn… Salsa whispered as she made her way down the corridor. It's time to be something they fear. Something to take back the Valentina namesake. 

She made her way more down the corridor towards the area of the sword and shield. Resigning herself from these people who pretended to be on her side. 


Really now? Using that tactic against me? Rheumial asked as he combated the scythe with the oar. It was made of diamond metal so it couldn't be broken easily. I don't need to hold her hand. But yes, she was my friend. Besides, your high winded talk doesn't make you any better. Selling your life to a shard. 

He's going to realise it was the best decision once he becomes a mirror demon. Coated in those nightmarish secrets. Whispered the shard chuckling knowing it was winning. It began to ebb, unleashing power into Jack's form. 

Rheumy shook his head. Though fighting an artifact is foolish. You cannot harm me that easily. Nor win easily either. The artifact muttered as he eyed Jack. Sliding back as the shard's power was stronger. You're a fool for believing it. 

The artifact unlocked his oar from the scythe and swung it hard at Jack's torso. However it didn't do much making Rheumial tilt his head, unsure of if the shard had taken over him. 

And Salsa, what are your plans with her?! You won't make her like you. I won't let you. She's not like you--

Of course not. Whispered the shard. She's special. Hiding a darkness that festers like you, Jack. And she isn't betraying you as finding the sword will come. Trust me. 

It laughed then as if it already won.

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Jack arched an eyebrow as the scythe and oar clided against each other, Rheumial would feel a tremoundes force from his scythe being combated by the oar, noticing the metal it was made out of. He smirked at his words. "I'm not selling my life to anyone or anything." He said. 

"And certainly it is none of your business." He unlocked the scythe and slashed out of the lock before swinging it towards Rheumial's shoulder, feeling the power the Shard was giving him. But Rhuemial seemed not to be that powerful, maybe it was ignorance that was speaking or the truth but he didn't want to use all of his powers against a nobody in his eyes. 

He scoffed towards Rhuemial's next set of words. "And you're foolish for fighting against a Demon." He said. "And don't worry about that, I have 3000 years of experience. I know how to deal with your kind." His left hand started to glow in black flames before throwing at Rheumial a big black firebomb towards him.

As the firebomb went towards Rheumial's straight forward direction he dodged to the side and and swung the scythe towards his left thigh before turning around and swinging it towards his abdomen, if the hits landed they would cause tremoundes damage.

"I don't know about you but there is usually not this much talk during a fight." Jack growled at him before taking the kit from the oar, it didn't do much if at all. Probably because of the shard of because of Jack's power, whatever was true it did not matter now.

He kinda felt disappointed that Rheumial didn't pose much of a fight now as he laughed suddenly. "Oh my plans for Salsa, you ask?" He had a smirk on his face. "I plan to make her my girl and a powerful Demon." He said it half ironically as he dashed towards Rheumial and swung the Scythe towards his neck to get a clean cut through his throat, in intention to decapitate him.

"Good." Jack said to the shard through their mind link. "While I deal with this nobody here, Salsa will get the sword and shield." He said. "Seemingly I effortlessly hit two birds with one stone, wouldn't you say?" He half heartedly joke towards the Shard. 

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Rheumy muttered low as he eyed the copy of himself get destroyed. He tilted his head before the scythe came for his neck. He clanged the oar against the scythe to make sure it would do little damage. Of course he wasn't using his full strength. He saw no need to. Not yet anyways as it wasn't a dire fight. 

Pushing the scythe away from him, Rheumial looked at Jack, glaring almost as he planned to turn Salsa into a monster. There were enough of them running around that there didn't need to be any more. He ran at Jack then as the artifact slammed his palm into the man, as fire exploded from his palms. Not an ordinary fire either as it held a magical property of old magic. 

You're a fool. Rheumial breathed as he then threw a punch at Jack's face, his oar now flying at his torso. Again. You really think you'll have free will to do all that?

The artifact slinked back as he did not know if his attacks had hit or not. But he wanted to save Salsa at least. But that would not happen here. For nothing happened in the heroes favor in this land. 


Salsa entered the tomb that held the sword and shield. It was silent yet guarded by a symbol of the old families. However it was a symbol that belonged to her own. As she pulled out an old ring, she placed it on the altar. As the ground shook it unlocked the area. 

Walking up to the altar, Salsa pulled out the sword and shield as she smiled to herself. Soon she'd have everything she wanted. Taking the set, she walked back to where the two were as she heard an explosion of magic and swords.

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Jack withdraws his scythe back as when Rheumial slammed his palm against Jack's it would most likely hurt more Rhuemial than Jack would because he used flammes of darkness, something which in itself can corrupt someone. "Yeah, I do." He said casually dodging the punch sent by Rheumial as he slammed his knee into his abdomen while blocking the oar with the blade of his scythe.

"And the funny thing will be.." He said getting in a chance to slash his Scythe towards Rheumial's shoulder with a incredible fast strike. "You won't be even able to stop us..let alone pose a threat to us..then again.." He chuckled darkly. "Even now you don't stand a chance." And it was so as his arrogance did not spoke.

He arched an eyebrow when Rheumial dashd back away from Jack. "Y'know if you don't plan on actually wanting to finish this fight..I'll do it with a motion of my hand." He said frowning his eyebrows as the blade of the scythe screaced the ground.

There were two priorities that needed to be on his mind. One: The way he spoke about Salsa and the way he made out to be that they were friends, Rheumial would be the type of guy who will die trying to get Salsa back which Jack cannot allow. Two: He needed to get rid of Rheumial very quickly because he was hindering his plans.

"Yeah, okay I see you want to stall..." He said as he slashed the Scythe on the ground around, creating a fine lining crack that erupted with some purple energy, the ground continued to crack as it came straight towards Rheumial and when it got close it would explode up in his face with purple energy as Jack jumped in the air and slashed the Scythe at him three times, letting out darkness flames with a purple tint to them before throwing the Scythe it self towards Rheumial like a boomerang the only difference was that this was a sharp, faster than a speeding bullet boomerang.


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You underestimate me greatly. It's not stalling at all. Well, mostly not stalling-- Rheumial replied as he shook his head, sidestepping the scythe just barely. You let that foolish choice go to your head. Like your entire life. 

The artifact looked at his arm then, the scythe had scratched it as black blood streamed down it. He stared at it for a moment but as he looked up, he eyed Salsa holding the sword and shield. Her form leaning against the wall, bruised and wounded from the fight back, the trial was a bit harsh. 

I think you were stalling. Salsa said as she eyed the two still fighting. But I find it fascinating that you were made, immortal and unbreakable--well, unless you knew how to do such action. But just admit you lost artifact so we can go home.

Rheumy muttered low then as he looked at her annoyed that she was helping the enemy. In his anger and frustration he ran at her, oar raised slamming it down hard on her torso…. 

Just die...

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"I think you are the one who is underestimating me, Artifact." He said suddenly as he maintained his fighting stance, not letting his guard down for one second as he eyed him. "If it wasn't stalling then you are either holding back, or you simply don't have the power to overtake me with one blow." He smirked as Rheumial's attempt to hurt him with those words didn't even phase him. "Ouch that should have hurt right..?" He asked suddenly. "You're just the longdown road of people who are simply frauds...phonies...fakes..." He said venomously.

Jack's smirk only grew when he saw that his scythe scratched Rheumial's arm and that suddenly block blood streamed down from it. When he stared back at him he could see the sick Jack enjoying the view of it, he enjoyed battling, it was what he lived and breathed that is why he is so hard to be. Because over the past 3000 years the only thing he did was fighting, training, fighting some more and training, nothing else, that is commitment, isn't it?

But then he felt the sudden presence of another demon, it was Salsa, he turned his gaze and looked at her.
"I'll be damned..." He muttered to himself, the shard was right, Salsa did not betray him, she returned with both of the artifacts and now everything was working according to his plan, he was pleased..

While Salsa said that Jack was fighting a laughter that would prove Rheumial's effortes were nothing but in vain as he did nothing but stall and not really fight off against Jack because he was hoping for Salsa to help him out but no, she was Jack to command, she belonged to him right now. His scythe disappeared suddenly as Rheumial's gaze muttered low as if he was accepting defeat but his next course of action took him by surprise.

But he wouldn't let that get the better of them as Jack quickly summoned his Alblack sword, a legendary weapon in itself as he charged towards Rheumial, before he could even hit her with the oar he will feel a tremendous force from Jack using Alblack to slash through his left side lower abdomen up to his right shoulder.
"Don't even think about it." He said dismissively.



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Salsa who once was a beautifully coveted elf withe skill to envy those of the small city that her house owned--that once could go toe to toe with any demon stood there. Stood there as a demon, her form so voluptuous and curvy that it filled out to support her. Her eyes holding the darkest of intentions as the sword and shield she had gathered had been corrupting her since she stood there. 

Rheumial slammed his oar against the sword just in time to block most of the blow. His friend, childhood friend was being destroyed in front of his eyes. He wanted to help her by slaying her but Jack stopped him. Why? He didn't understand. But as he looked at Salsa, he saw her corrosion, that she was no longer her at all. 

It was heartbreaking. Salsa smiled, the darkness that ran throughout her as a demon, as a reborn monster made her feel like something special for once. She then stood near Jack, yes she felt something for this man. That he would--could rebuild her. A new knight from the ashes of nothingness. 

You're mine. The shard spoke as it finally and completely opened. The tendrils ripped out of it and into every part of his body. Now, to give you my end of the bargin like you will yours. It's time to create a new chapter.

Jack would feel so much pressure he'd fall to his knees. The power that oozed from the shard was so overwhelming, it was also tainted and corrupted by the shard. His form would feel this, the power he desired, the true desires that bubbled to the surface. The shard created him into a lost monster of old. A demon, but not just an demon. The demon warrior of old, Sebastian had become one with Jack. 

Gonna auto a little here but not too heavily as I need to write this part with him. Let me know if a problem, can edit.

Salsa would have said something if she had time to. Grasping her form, Jack would wrap himself around her. At first he saw nothing of this woman but a threat, someone not to be trusted. And she wasn't. But as the shard took over, he saw her as more, someone to create and turn into an ally, a partner. The shard wanted Salsa because of her prowess, that she was strong enough as a warrior herself. 

Salsa blushed as he took his left hand towards her torso. Rheumial watched in horror as he slammed a huge mirror piece into the girl. She gasped as he snickered. The artifact ran at Jack now his oar coming down hard against the pair making Salsa tumble to the ground, rolling into a tree. 

Leave her out of this you monster! You cannot--You will not take her. Rheumial yelled. 

But he was outmatched. The legendary sword and shield appeared in Jack's hand. It claimed him as its owner, as it started to corrupt and corrode his mind. However, the artifact knew that this was just the beginning. His eyes looked over at Salsa as she pushed herself up. Slowly she sat there.

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Jack's eyes narrowed as his Alblack sword was blocked by this oar, clearly Rheumial is stronger than he gave him credit for. Maybe he did really underestimated him but Jack didn't unleash his full power either. But then the Shard suddenly spoke saying that he belonged to the Shard as it finished spreading its corruption throughout his body and completely opened, he could feel the tendrils that ripped out go in and out into every part of his body as it said that it was time to give its end of the bargain.

His knees were starting to shake, as if Titan Atlas had a problem with supporting the weight of the heavens, his power colliding against the Shards but eventually he fell on his knees as if a Titan fell on the sky as the ground cracked upon his knees hitting the ground.

"Sebastian the Demon of Old!" He spoke out as his widened eyes were shaking greatly from the overwhelming power, he had no idea that this shard had a Demon of Old inside of it. He remembered that his Father spoke about these Demon of Old and how powerful they truly are, as powerful as he craves himself to be. "I had no idea...you were him.." He said grinding his teeth from the pressure he was fighting to stand up.

As Jack wrapped himself around her, his right arm wrapped around her waist as his he could literally breath against her ear, closing himself on her from behind. Thinking that he saw nothing of this woman but a threat and possibly someone who could betray him but she proved otherwise and with her battle prowess she could become a formidable warrior. He suddenly chuckled. "Well isn't this romantic.." Salsa could feel his breath stain her ear.

When Jack took Salsa's left hand towards her torso he looked mischievously towards Rheumial as he watched in horror and so he slammed a huge mirror piece into Salsa, and in doing so transforming her but Jack was quick to react and he blocked the oar that came slamming down over him, staggering slightly back.

"Oh an what are you going to do about?" He asked as Rheumial was breaking down in front of him. Suddenly Jack felt the legendary sword and shield into his own hands, claiming him as their owner. He could feel the corruption and corrodeness spread through his body and mind, giving a look to Salsa if she was okay, as she pushed herself up and slowly sat there.

Jack had a smirk on his lips as he suddenly charged towards Rheumial with one leap with the legendary sword ready to slash through the Artifact's body. "I'm going to end this! Right here! Right now!" Suddenly the Legendary Sword would be engulfed with black and purple flames, bursting out of energy as Jack gave half of his true powers into this one strike towards Rheumial's body, the overwhelming force would have a concussive and destructive impact behind it, probably too much for him to handle..


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A deafening silence loomed over the three in the cave. It was here that Sebastian had taken over Jack successfully and became one with him. That the shard had taken another soul Rheumial was trying to save. The artifact looked over towards Salsa as she sat up, the last attack wounding her but before--before she had been in his arms, chosen to be a part of the old Talia demon lineage. 

Rheumial slid back as his oar once more as the legendary sword came for him again. It seemed the odds were against the artifact, that he couldn't save Salsa. He would deal with that whole mess of emotions and guilt later. But what he saw of his friend then ran chills through his body. 

Salsa's form was half slumped as she stood there. It was even more voluptuous than before, the silks upon her barely covered her. She stood in all her glory as the shard created a full demon out of the old warrior. Her heart beat slowly as Salsa breathed softly. Her rainbow eyes staring at the artifact. The demoness was the hybrid demon artifact, Salsa

It seems it is time to end this game. Wouldn't you agree Sebastian? I know exactly how to do such as I was created for that purpose. Created to break the artifacts. 

Rheumial's eyes widened in fear as she spoke. He watched as she held an oar, the legendary oar known as Catalyst's Tear. Running at the artifact she slammed her oar into his form, knocking the air out of him. She came at him again swinging the oar with such force, his skin cracked. 

Salsa then looked down as her body heaved, the shard had opened within her as she looked in pain. But this was what the girl wanted. And Salsa had no regrets. She made the pact, giving herself over to the shard and the man before her. Her oar hitting the artifact one more time before he broke. 

It was over. 

The legends say the demons of old resided on a sixth floating island. They had no name for it. It is time for us to go there and begin rebirthing our lineage of the old demons. I--

Her voice caught in her throat as she fell to her knees. The oar dropping to her side as Salsa took in a few more breaths before she stood and approached Jack. 

Such a beautiful girl of deadly power. The shard grinned. Of course we cannot let her keep her mind and will, otherwise she might get ideas. The shard then heard Jack speak and laughed. You never asked. You just took me in because we are the same. But she is right, it's time to go to the six island. Begin our plans….

Salsa eyed Jack as she knew this was her fate, that she desired the power. But it wasn't the way they would want it to be. But for now one obstacle was out of the way.


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Jack looked at Salsa, noticing her shape becoming even more voluptuous than before and that the silks were barely covering her. When she stood up he arched an eyebrow, was she ready to fight? What would she say? What would she do? She was a Demon alright, that much Jack knew by sensing her aura, he stood there and watched before having a smirk on lips when she started talking.

When Salsa finally defeated Rheumial, finally putting an end to him by killing him. His shoulders relaxed and he let out a sigh of relief as his Alblack sword disappeared in the pocket dimension.
"Finally, we're over with this." He said as he placed his hands on his hips.

Though when she spoke again about a legend that said the demons of old resided on a sixth floating island that they unfortunately gave no name to it, it was time for them to go there and rebirth their lineage of the old demons. Jack arched an eyebrow and he felt he had a nut stuck inside his throat as he was thinking about the word rebirth, so where they gonna...?

"I see..." He finally managed to speak as he slowly walked towards her, having the legendary sword and shield holstered on his back. He was about to help Salsa stand up but after a few more breaths of her own she managed to pull herself up and approached him. Well not that she had to walk very far, he was right next to her. "An island you say, huh?" He asked, tilting his hip to the right side and placing his right hand on it, very sassy for a Demon of his caliber.

He wasn't so sure about just controlling Salsa, though he had other ways in having her loyalty. If they became lovers she'll be forever loyal to him. "Yeah, we'll have to talk about that...a bit later." He said towards the shard. "If she falls in love with me...I'll have her loyalty Sebastian." He suggested. "Much better than simply controlling her mind." He had a point, it would have been boring to have a mindless demon doing what he wanted.

When Sebastian said that he hadn't asked he was right, a sudden twitching grin appeared on his lips. "I thought of them as bedtime stories. Well looks like they're real." He said one more time to the Shard before he took Salsa's hand. "Come." He motioned to her with his hand at the exit. "Let's go to this Island you mentioned.." He had a certain soft tone before he turned around and held her hand as he walked towards the exit. "You feeling well so far?" He asked her. "If you're too tired I can carry you." He offered as he looked at her with a sly glance for a moment. 


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