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I Cannot Bear It Any Longer [completed]

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The faun flitted around for a few moments, noticing Quinn emerging from underneath the bear's belly and moving to help push the mass of fur off of the vampire, though she doubted she helped much in comparison to Quinn's otherworldly strength. She took a gulping breath, glancing towards Ira and pointing a tired, relieved smile at him. Ira was alive, Aidan was alive, Quinn was... Moving? All in all it was a rousing success. She plopped down onto the ground, chest heaving so much she didn't mind the freezing earth underneath her.

"You want to move this thing tonight?" Aster couldn't help the words as they burst out, looking up at Ira incredulously. She opened her mouth to argue none of them were in the state to drag a giant bear back to town, and then closed it again when she remembered the situation with Quinn; they were technically on a time limit, it was possible they couldn't wait until morning to move it. "Okay, just give me a minute." Aster mumbled, brushing any stray hairs out of her face. She took a deep breath and stood up again, wobbling a bit on her hooves as she used the thought of a warm bed at the end of the night to keep her standing.

"We might be able to lash together a sled to drag it, anybody got rope?" Aster questioned, heading back towards the beaver dam to examine the logs and branches knocked loose by the bear's earlier rampage.

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Quin didn’t miss Ira’s raising of his axe, the increase in his heart rate, the intent to harm her pouring off of him. Whether it was better judgement or something else, he lowered it, heart rate decreasing with it. She turned to look directly at Ira, eyebrow quirked and lip curled at him. A pearly white fang gleamed in the darkness at him as she lowered her lip with a menacing growl. 

“And here I was fully prepared to heal the three of you -“ She said in a low voice, “But you have to go and think about hitting me when my back is turned.... with a silver axe no less.” 

She tutted, not feeling the bitter heartbreak she expected to experience at the betrayal. 

“My Sire isn’t all too far away you know.” She said darkly, “He never is. I would think you would like to avoid another fight with him, the one in lantern way didn’t really go in your favor...... I wont interfere this time either. The Harrowing Gallows wont stop with killing just you either.” 

She wasn’t making an idle threat, he was lurking close by and if Ira harmed Quin, all three of those air breathers would be dead. She let it drop however, harboring the hurt deep inside. It didn’t matter if Ira hated her now, nothing really mattered, humanity was a mirage. 

The Fawn talking about bringing the bear into town confused her, did they have to turn it in? Was it promised to someone else as a bounty? Did they merely only have to show it to get some kind of reward? Regardless she was determined to get that bear and bring it home to the chateau - she would just have to navigate how to get it. She certainly couldn’t go with them to town - no she was far too unstable for that. 

“What do you mean bring the bear into town?” She asked, eyes narrowing curiously, “do you have to do something with it before I take it? And don’t you dare hack it to pieces Ira Chittenden - I need it in one piece...... I would offer to carry the damn thing for you, but I cannot go into town.  So if that is where you need to bring it - I need to know how to get it back from you.” 

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