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Eridianus Updates: Canon and General

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Follow this thread for a log on canonized threads, lore changes, and announcements across the board of the Eridianus region.

Visit Canonization in Eridianus for a guide on getting threads canonized

Timeline of Ursa Madeum - full record of all canonized threads in Ursa Madeum

Timeline of Taen - full record of all canonized threads in Taen


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Thread canonized: The Reverie Ball

  • December 19 - Emperor Titus hosts the first Reverie Ball in Andelusia which is attended by people from all over Valucre.

Thread canonized: The Reverie Maze

  • December 19 - After the Reverie ball, the Reverie Maze event is held. After five rounds, Luis Uldwar, Iyalon Izora, Serraida Mavajo, and Ilyana Sevryn are the first to exit the maze. Evienne Goldcourt and Rai Paige are awarded consolation prizes as well.

Below is a list of the rewards for the winners. Worldbreaker and the Shield of Rage were previously Veluriyam Artifacts, yet have been lowered to the level of canon items. The current holders are free to revise these canon items as they wish.

Danger Necklace is awarded to @Thotification

A chain necklace that points towards sources of danger that have the potential to endanger its wearer within the next hour. It has twelve hours straight usage before needing to recharge for at least a day.

Worldbreaker is awarded to @vielle

The sword is said to allow its holder to emit an aura akin to that of the Kraken. The holder is able to communicate with aquatic creatures in their vicinity and command them to a certain extent.

The blade of Worldbreaker is incredibly sharp and can cut through bone as if it were butter.

Shield of Rage is awarded to @Dolor Aeternum

The Shield of Rage becomes stronger the more damage it absorbs. With every hit it blocks, the shield's rage becomes more powerful. When it's owner decides to unleash its power, the Shield of Rage produces a surge of black fire equivalent to the damage it has absorbed in a ten-foot blast emitting from the shield's "mouth". The fire dissipates after a few seconds.

However, the shield of rage will begin to influence it's holder if it is held more than three hours straight, heightening feelings of anger and impairing their judgement.

Antimagic Sundial

The sundial can hide magic within a 20 feet diameter around it. This area is also shielded from divination. Objects or people within this sphere of influence are still visible with non-magic means. The sundial is "charged" by sunlight, with one hour in the sun equivalent to half an hour of use. (Charge it for one day, use it for 12 hours)

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Thread Canonized: Perched, and Sat, and Nothing More


March 29 The twin sons of Rozharon visit House Sheathe to investigate rumors of military expansion.

Thread Canonized: Listen For Returning Feet


May 16 Esme Hildebrand and her Lady pay a diplomatic visit to House Karradeen. House Kinclaith is reestablished as a branch house of Hildebrand.


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Thread Canonized: In Hell


March 1 - Merida Spidervalley is held captive by a pair of assassins who claim to work for Luis Uldwar.

Thread Canonized: We Have the Girl


March 4 - House Dali races to discover the whereabouts of Merida Spidervalley. 


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Thread canonized: In the beginning, there was blood

On 6/9/2019 at 4:48 AM, Infernal said:

Summary: Oscar Uldwar has been reborn into the world, and in this rebirth, he is confused and scared. In the midst of a thunderstorm, he begins to run into the nearby forest like a madman, covered in blood, but renewed by the strange magic that brought him back.

While he tries to understand who or what brought him back, Oscar is kidnapped and taken by a group of bandits. They refuse to believe him when he tells them he is Oscar Uldwar, but they do recruit him into their ranks to join them in their ways. After some time and a messy robbery turned bad, Oscar becomes leader of said group. 

While he is leader of the bandits, Oscar conceives of a plan to lure out a member of the Hildebrand group by sending them a letter detailing how they kidnapped one of their knights and wish to ransom him back to the family. Little did they know the knight in question was already dead, and Oscar was planning on murdering the knight and taking the gold for himself. Once this has been done, Oscar and his group leave the area to fight another day. 

Short summary: Oscar returns from his strange exile, bringing with him a new threat to Ursa Madeum. 

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Thread canonized: And so, it finally ends

Just now, Csl said:

Full summary: After the powers granted by him disappear, Oscar Uldwar's followers abandon him. Princes Pallas and Lenore arrive at his campsite to arrest him. Oscar requests to receive the blame for Mia Uldwar's actions on Mount Egon. The twins promise that she will receive a fair trial, shackle him, then bring him to Andelusia.

Minor summary: Oscar Uldwar is arrested by Pallas and Lenore and brought back to Andelusia.


  • A sizeable number of bandits have been left leaderless in the forests of Corinth.

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Thread canonized: The Welcoming Party

29 minutes ago, Csl said:

Full summary: Empress Rozharon and her sons track down Walter Crowley, the first Oathsworn. In disguise, they follow him to a marketplace in Andelusia. Rozharon uses her powers to disguise herself as a man named Gerald. While flaunting a false magic sword, 'Gerald' challenges the onlookers to combat. Crowley takes up the challenge with a borrowed sword, forbidding Orenmir, his Oathblade, from helping him. While Crowley initially has the upper hand, 'Gerald's prowess changes midway through the fight. When 'Gerald' manages to stab Crowley in the stomach, Orenmir reveals himself.

Orenmir's appearance scares the crowd away, and Crowley flees. Rozharon sends one of her sons to hide him from pursuit, then later locates him in an alley. She reveals herself as Gerald, heals Crowley's stab wound, then takes him to a bar. There, Rozharon offers to pardon Crowley for his crimes under Damien on the condition that he help bring back the Oathsworn as an organization independent from the Ursa Madeum government, and with a few favors on behalf of the Veluriyam Empire. Crowley agrees, and the two part ways.

Minor summary: Empress Rozharon Paralios tracks down Walter Crowley and strikes a deal, agreeing to pardoning his crimes under the Tyrant King in return for bringing back the Oathsworn and a few favors for the Veluriyam Empire.


  • The Devil, the executor of the Tyrant King's genocide against non-human genocide, has been publicly sighted in Andelusia.

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Thread Canonized: Vigilant Roads: A New Path


SUMMARY: Still reeling from recent events, Grant Knight travels to the developing city of Ylia to discuss the building of the city with the seeker Delphine. During the meeting, the two discuss their traumatic pasts, and find comfort in each other. A romance is kindled, but there is still business to discuss. After being briefed on the city, Grant gives his approval and leaves for his home. The pair agree to keep in touch through letters until they meet again.

SHORT SUMMARY: Representatives of House Senaria and House Mythal meet to discuss the building of a trade route.

OPPORTUNITIES AND CONSEQUENCES: The city of Ylia is established, Grant Knight and Delphine Mythal begin a romantic relationship, Business opportunities open up in Ylia, the Vigilant Roads project begins.



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Thread canonized: Misral on Fire

5 hours ago, Infernal said:

[Summary]: Mia Uldwar attempts to cap the top of Mt. Egon, but instead manages to awaken the spirit within, which erupts out of the mountain, causing devastation all over Misral. Heroes arrive to aid the city of Port Mars, as well as going into the wilds and confronting the volcano spirit itself. 

With mighty blows the spirit was destroyed, but not before it was able to inflict significant damage amongst the people of Misral, including the destruction of House Tankred. So many dead, there is nothing left to do now but to try and rebuild from the ashes.

[Small Summary]: Disaster strikes Misral, and the death of an Elemental triggers events far larger than any could imagine.


With the death of the volcano spirit, what will become of Misral?

How will this affect the relationship between the humans and the Bugbears of Misral?

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Thread Canonized: [Dead] Is it because of the name?


Full Summary

Cain, Esben, the Mistress, and new recruit to the Dead, Amraphensbane infiltrate Taen in a secretive carriage. Timing their arrival at a key alleyway of the city well, the group cuts off a caravan carrying the governor of Taen, Sebastian Heiliger. Most of the group goes one way, to stop the caravan, while Amraphensbane loops around to come in from behind. Cain and the Mistress pose as an old man being attacked by some kind of assailant, and stop the caravan dead in its tracks to help the man.

As guards step forward, as the city's sheriff for whom Heiliger has little connection or affection exits the governor's carriage to address the matter, the old man shifts shapes into the deviant and uses the Troll in the form of an extending tongue to worm into the sheriff's eyes and mush up his brain. Sebastian exits on the commotion, entering the fray.

Esben stays on the fringes, keeping eye out for incoming defenders. Spotting some, Esben reports his findings and absconds from the altercation. Meanwhile, Cain and the Mistress take out the guards as Cain makes his way to Sebastian. Sebastian is ready for Cain, but not Amraphensbane. Raph throws poisoned daggers, at least one of which impact Sebastian one moment before his clash with Cain, giving Cain the upperhand. Cain plunges a longsword made by the Troll up into Sebastian, capturing a droplet of his blood to use later. Sebastian is ready though, and even in his last moments strikes Cain's wrist.

Cain's wrist bears the Big O. The Big O has always been a foolish dare Cain made at the rest of the world. Do something, it said, disassemble my puppetry. It's right there. Had Sebastian dealt the blow earlier, had Cain been alone, he very well might have been captured and killed.

Losing awareness, Cain forgets the vial of Sebastian's blood. Both men survive to clash another day.


Short Summary

The Dead attempts an assassination on Sebastian Heiliger, governor of Taen. Amraphensbane is along as a new recruit, his performance a test that determines his admission to the group. The main group cuts Sebastian's caravan off while Raph goes around back, posing as an old man being attacked. Sebastian's sheriff exits Seabass's carriage to join the other guards outside as the plot is lifted and the Dead destroys Seabass's guard. Raph throws poisoned daggers at Seabass just as Cain lunges in, preventing Seabass from escaping or parrying. What Heiliger does do is almost just as devastating, though. He severs the hand of the First Officer, and in one swoop all of his puppets experience a few moments of freedom which they have never felt. Gathering the stones using his Troll, Cain wavers. But the Mistress leads the group through a portal that allows them to escape. Though there were close calls on either side, the groups survive to fight another day.


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Thread Canonized: Time will tell

4 minutes ago, Csl said:

Full summary: 

The noble houses of Ursa Madeum assemble to decide their future after the departure of the Veluriyam Empire. The issue of the Mount Egon's eruption is briefly discussed, particularly punishment for Oscar and Mia Uldwar. The reemergence of the Oathblades and their role in defeating the Egon elemental is also touched on.

When the discussion shifts to the nation's new government, several systems are proposed. Godric Uldwar proposes a monarchy with a council headed by leaders of the noble houses. Ampelos Dali proposes a technocratic republic, which Alexandros supports. Abigail Karradeen proposes a compromise between these two systems. Milorian Mythal proposes an elective monarchy with limited constitutional powers and two additional branches of the government. Karradeen's compromise wins majority vote. Varda Hildebrand announces her intention to make Hildebrand a separate queendom under her leadership.

Empress Rozharon invites both kingdoms to become members of the Allied Nations of Terrenus and proposes a set of guidelines for Oathblade wielders to abide by.

Minor summary: A meeting of Veluriyam's Empress and the Ursa Madeum nobility sets the foundations for the island's future. Milorian Mythal is elected King, serving as the chairman of a council composed of representatives chosen by the nobility. House Hildebrand becomes a separatist Queendom under the leadership of Varda Hildebrand.

Consequences and Opportunities: 

  • Ursa Madeum becomes a monarch-led semi-technocratic republic under the leadership of King Milorian Mythal. Decisions are made by a council composed of representatives chosen based on their expertise in given areas of responsibility. Representatives are chosen by the Ursa Madeum noble houses. The monarch serves as the chairman of the council, mediate disputes, break ties in terms of gridlock, and act as figurehead of government and spokesperson for times of crisis.
    • Austere Mythal replaces Milorian Mythal as head of House Mythal
  • House Hildebrand separates from the new Ursa Madeum government and becomes an independent Queendom under the leadership of Varda Hildebrand.
  • The reemergence of the Oathblades is discussed. The set of rules for Oathblade wielders to abide by is as follows:
    • The ownership of Oathblades must be kept public for accountability
    • Oathblade wielders are obligated to defend against threats to the people of Ursa Madeum as a whole, as much as it's in their capacity to do so.
    • Oathblades must not be used against other houses or to further political agendas. In the same vein, they must not be used for malicious or criminal ends.

Backdate: June 10, 597 WTA

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Thread Canonized: Silver Seas; The Rise of Vanora



Jasper Hildebrand and Merel Hildebrand oversee the birth of a new city along the shoreline south of Port Thea, as per their agreement with the Senarian presence on the island. The City of Vanora is established on the coasts of Thraece.


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Ursa Madeum lore article updated to reflect the changes in the Time Will Tell thread.

List of changes are as follows:

  • Minor revisions to intro page blurb
  • Map edits
    • included landmarks: River Symarron, Veilcrest Fell, and The Reach.
    • Hildebrand Estate changed to Cal Eteris, Ilvor added
    • Removed Faux-ton lines; added alternate map with Faux-Ton lines in Technology section of the lore
  • Links added to notable locations
    • New city lore: Ylia and Andelusia
  • Government section updated to reflect new government structure and separation of Queendom of Svanhild -- I'm calling Ursa Madeum a kingdom since it still has a king.
    • House Uldwar, House Singlance, and House Tankred removed from nobility
    • Sheathe moved to Aristocracy
    • New section: Foreign Embassies, now includes Senaria and Port Moon
  • Technology section updated; cannons no longer functional, link to Faux-ton added
  • Recent history updated

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Thread Canonized: Oathsworn (Oathblade)


SUMMARY: During an autopsy/anatomy lesson, Dr. Silas Harriden, Varda Hildebrand, and her sister and brother are interrupted by a geological event. Upon stepping outside, they find a massive stone tower jutting out of the middle of the field. Feeling compelled to enter, the Doctor and Varda go inside. The two navigate the narrow hallways until they come upon an underground forest. Following the path laid out before them, they are eventually ambushed and captured by a mysterious spirit. The spirit strips Silas of his glamour; revealing his physical and mental scars. Varda defends the doctor, asserting that his past does not define him. Inspired by her words, the Doctor commands the spirit to release them. The spirit complies, then shapes itself into it's true form, the Oathblade Abettor; offering to help him heal from his past trauma if he will help it to defend Ursa Madeum. He accepts, and later asks Varda on a date, which she accepts.

SHORT SUMMARY:  Dr. Silas Harriden and Lady Varda Hildebrand investigate a strange structure in the middle of a field. They find an Oathblade, and Silas becomes its wielder.

@Csl @Wade


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