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Custom title raffle 22

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You post, I make a numbered list off the people that post and at the deadline (or near enough, feel free to remind me if I miss it) I'l roll a random number to pick who wins the title

Post below if interested. This raffle ends June 12th

Note - if you want some user titles without having to go through the raffle think about donating to the site

Previous winners: CarrionJackal, Lacernella Rubra, Vansin, Phaedara, Better than Gore, Dolor Aeternum, Tyler, Aleksei, Diremast, Spagelo, Veloci-rapture, Laughingmad, ethela penna, alexei, zemira ywain, eternity, chaoslord, likelymissfortune, danzilla3, hurttoto, elixir, ghorroj

  1. Your unlucky raven 
  2. praetorian
  3. csl
  4. vielle
  5. oljhin
  6. monoxide 
  7. nebula
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